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Representing INTEGERS

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1 Representing INTEGERS

2 What is an Integer? An INTEGER is any negative or positive whole number: Examples: …-5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… No Fractions, No Decimals

3 Positive INTEGERS (+) “go UP” “Earn” “Rose / Rise” “Increase” “Gained”
KEY WORDS: “go UP” “Earn” “Rose / Rise” “Increase” “Gained” “In” “Ascend” “Above Zero”

4 Negative INTEGERS (-) “Down” “Spend” “Fell / Dropped” “Decrease”
KEY WORDS: “Down” “Spend” “Fell / Dropped” “Decrease” “Lost” “Out” “Descend” “Below Zero”

5 Many situations can be represented with INTEGERS
Many situations can be represented with INTEGERS. Sometimes the situation must be represented by a Positive Integer, sometimes by a Negative Integer. EXAMPLES: An elevator moves down 3 floors = -3 Sue earned $5 for babysitting = +5 The stock market fell 20 points = -20 The balloon rose 30 feet into the air = +30

6 Images can depict integers as well…

7 What integer represents the planes height
What integer represents the planes height? What about the submarine’s height?

8 Representing INTEGERS (-) or (+)
EX 1: All of the following situations below can be represented by the integer 18, except which one? The population increased by 18. Jon earned $18 by pet sitting 18 gallons of water flowed out of the water tank. The football team gained 18 yards.

9 Representing INTEGERS (-) or (+)
EX 2: A company produced 5,000 shoelaces in 5 hours on Monday. On Tuesday, it produced 5,250 shoelaces in 5 hours. Which integer represents the CHANGE in number of shoelaces produced from Monday to Tuesday? 250 25 -25 -250

10 Representing INTEGERS (-) or (+)
EX 3: A hawk flew up to a height of 46 feet and then dove 18 feet toward the ground. Which integer describes the hawk’s height now? 64 28 -28 -64

11 Representing INTEGERS (-) or (+)
EX 4: Nicole went snow skiing. When she left the slopes on Saturday, the temperature was ˚. The temperature dropped 11 degrees by the time the sun went down that evening. What was the temperature when the sun went down? -8˚ -11˚ -14˚

12 Representing INTEGERS (-) or (+)
EX 5: A submarine descended 300 feet below sea level and then descended another 800 feet. What is the final depth of the submarine? 1,100 ft 500 ft -500 ft -1,100 ft

13 Representing INTEGERS (-) or (+)
EX 6: At 6 a.m. the temperature was 4˚ below zero. By noon, the temperature had increased 10 degrees. What was the temperature at noon? - 14˚ - 4˚

14 Write the Integer Described
1. Sam lost eleven pounds after working out and dieting. 2. Sally found thirty-five seashells on the beach during her vacation. 3. Tom picked twenty-eight limes at the orchard. 4. The stock market dropped forty-one points after the bad economic news yesterday. 5. Fred grew twenty-one watermelons on his farm.

15 Ticket Out Which of these scenarios is not represented by the integer 15? Martin found fifteen dollars in the Target parking lot After 6 hours, Emilio had washed fifteen cars Cameren used fifteen gallons of gas travelling to Mississippi. Charlie sold his couch for fifteen dollars more than he paid for it.

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