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Empowering Kurds in London to exert their rights and affect change.

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1 Empowering Kurds in London to exert their rights and affect change

2  The KHRP is a registered charity that has been committed for the last fifteen years to the protection of the human rights of all persons within the Kurdish regions of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, the Caucasus and elsewhere, irrespective of race, religion, sex, political persuasion or other belief or opinion.  Activities: Publications, Advocacy, Trainings, Expert Opinion

3  100,000 Kurds live in the UK, many in the London area  Common difficulties: discrimination, criminalisation, lack of access to decision- making structures and means to contribute to post-conflict Kurdish regions  The UK Terrorism Act proscribes Kurdish groups

4  Provide the Diaspora with training and information to stimulate dialogue and promote local integration opportunities  enhance capacity of civil society actors by promoting use of international human rights mechanisms  Facilitate access to decision/policy makers  Examine the root causes for leaving the Kurdish regions

5  Conference on the Diaspora  Roundtable Discussions  Asylum and Immigration  Turkey’s accession to the EU  Integration policies/ Discrimination  Training sessions  Asylum legislation  Relevance of Human Rights Act

6  Learning about the Kurdish Diaspora in London  Look at past-KHRP trainings, adapt these for the UK Diaspora  Coordinating consultation meetings in preparation of Conference and training sessions  Coordinate training sessions

7  Research resources  Administration and project management costs  Publication fees  General Conference costs

8  Accomplishments:  clarifying the process for establishing training sessions  bringing individuals together and uniting efforts  Were the project goals met?  KHRP is always adapting to changing Diaspora issues  Next steps  schedule the training sessions  Make arrangements for new Conference date

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