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The Scholarship Jacket by Marta Salinas

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1 The Scholarship Jacket by Marta Salinas

2 1. What is the scholarship jacket?
It’s a jacket given to the student who has earned the highest grades for eight years.

3 2. What does Marta learn when she accidentally overhears two teachers arguing?
She learns that she might not receive the scholarship jacket even though she has the highest grades.

4 3. What does the principal tell Marta when she is called into his office the next day?
He tells her that the jacket will cost fifteen dollars this year.

5 4. What is Grandpa’s reaction when Marta asks him for the money?
Grandpa says he will not pay the fifteen dollars.

6 5. What does Marta tell the principal the next day?
She says that her grandfather won’t pay the fifteen dollars.

7 6. As the story begins, why does Marta expect to receive the jacket
6. As the story begins, why does Marta expect to receive the jacket? Why is the jacket so important to her? Marta expects to receive the jacket because she has the highest grades in school. The jacket is important because Marta has worked hard for it.

8 7. Why are Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Boone arguing. Why might Mr
7. Why are Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Boone arguing? Why might Mr. Schmidt have sounded so angry? Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Boone are arguing about who should receive the scholarship jacket. Mr. Schmidt is angry because Mr. Boone wants him to lie or falsify records.

9 8. In your opinion, why was the policy regarding the scholarship jacket changed? Explain.
Joann’s father wants his daughter to receive it. He is a powerful man on the school board. The other members of the school board do not want to make him angry, so they go along with his proposal.

10 9. What was Grandpa’s decision concerning the jacket
9. What was Grandpa’s decision concerning the jacket? What does Grandpa mean when he says, “If you pay for it, Marta, it’s not a scholarship jacket, is it?” Grandpa decides not to pay the fifteen dollars. Grandpa means that if the jacket must be bought, it is not an award.

11 10. What can you infer about the character of the principal in this story? How does his attitude about the jacket change? Explain. The principal is at first influenced by Joann’s father. Then he learns that Marta’s grandfather believes that paying for the jacket compromises its meaning. The principal agrees.

12 11. Should the jacket be so important to Marta? Why or why not?
The jacket should be important to Marta because she has worked hard for it for eight years.

13 12. Why has Marta been raised by her grandparents?
Marta has been raised by her grandparents because her parents were too poor to raise her.

14 13. Why does Marta speak to Grandpa in Spanish?
Marta speaks to her grandfather in Spanish because it is the only language he knows.

15 14. An accidental occurrence of events, ideas, or circumstances at the same time, without one causing the other coincidence

16 15. Feeling of alarm or uneasiness

17 16. To find and gather together; collect

18 17. Shy, reserved, or unsociable

19 18. Very bad; unpleasant; foul

20 Summarizing Read the selection carefully.
Look for the selection’s main ideas. Identify details that are essential to the main ideas. In your own words, write the summary, including the main ideas and essential details.

21 Summarizing Who? Did what? Where? When? Why?

22 The End

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