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CSE1GDT Game Worlds Paul Taylor 2010 Games Take Place in Worlds This is separate to the Game Space – Where the game mechanics live

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2 CSE1GDT Game Worlds Paul Taylor 2010

3 Games Take Place in Worlds This is separate to the Game Space – Where the game mechanics live http://www.c- ders06292005005618AM/Images/SpaceInvade rs.jpg

4 Game Architecture: This image is from an article on why the game space is a part of the game design: Describing level design as specific application of game design Could this be fun ?????????

5 Transmedia Worlds (Schell) What is Transmedia?? Trans :- Latin across, beyond, on the opposite side Media :- Games, Movies, Books, TV Shows, Plays, Dances, Music, Art, Comics, Cartoons, Playing Cards, Board Games

6 Epic Transmedia Case #1: Star Wars The Movies The Action Figures The Games – Some great – Some embarrassing ads/Episode-3-star-wars-41384_1024_768.jpg star_wars_logosvg.png

7 Fail Transmedia Case #1 filmtv/doom_movie_picture_18.jpg C2po_MM:

8 Epic Transmedia Case #2: Pokémon The Game The Cartoon The Collecting Cards The Toys The Movies The Comics – Over $15Billion US in sales

9 Fail Transmedia Case #2 - #100 Street Fighter the Movie Mortal Kombat Mario Double Dragon Dead or Alive Wing Commander House of the Dead jpg

10 Epic Transmedia Case #3: Batman content/uploads/2009/01/batman-3-movie.jpg ts/11662orig.jpg content/uploads/2009/09/baby-batman.jpg

11 But what franchise has beaten Pokémon?

12 Mario has sold >222million units and appears in over 200 different games. Pokemon only has a few more than 43 different games, and counting...... l-edge/0510/The-Best-Selling-Video-Games- Of-All-Time.aspx,0.jpg

13 Aiming for a Successful Transmedia World This section covers features that typically make a Transmedia World successful (Schell)

14 Transmedia Worlds are Powerful The world becomes more than just a movie, or just a game to the fans. The media that players use becomes a simple access to the world

15 Was Doom a world, or a Game? Through the creation of all 6 Star Wars scripts Lucas had to envision the ‘world’ almost fully. Why do many game series change location constantly? I’ve got suspicions about the last few series of Lost....

16 Transmedia Worlds are Long Lived This is a good indication that your world is a success! Batman is 71 years old as of May 2010, With Batman #1 printed in 1940. James Bond has been winning for over 55 years Time = Money I guess we shall see Pokemon 567 in the movies during 2067! Barbie is another long-lived World, just not very successful at transcending media Mario has only been successful in some transitions...

17 Transmedia Worlds Evolve Over Time,194 0.png/250px-BatmanComicIssue1,1940.png content/uploads/2010/08/robin_batman1966. jpg content/uploads/2010/08/Batman-and- robin.jpg Does anyone remember Batman when he was Black and White? content/uploads/2010/08/batman1- 300x177.jpg

18 Transmedia Worlds Evolve Over Time Santa used to wear Green! – The Coca Cola company portrayed him in a red suit. Sherlock Holmes didn’t have a Deerstalker Cap or a Pipe! Bond’s gadgets were never written to the scale they appear in the movies

19 Transmedia Worlds are rooted in a Single Medium Most truly successful Transmedia Worlds have their roots in a single medium The world is always at its strongest when accessed through this media PokemonMarioMonsters Inc Monopoly Batman James Bond

20 Lego Multi-Media Access What do you think?

21 Transmedia Worlds are Intuitive The assumptions players make in the world hold true across mediums. The Pokemon game rules hold true(mostly) in the Pokemon Movies Where do cartoon characters live? Why do all superheroes live in the same world? – In essence these worlds avoid inner contradictions (see C. Alexander)

22 Transmedia Worlds are centred around a Creative Individual This is the key factor, all the really successful worlds were created by a single person This ties in with the vision that one person can have, without conflicts Work done by many other authors supports this view.

23 ‘The Design of Design’ (book) Asserts that almost all of humanities great achievements have been incepted by just 1 or 2 people, no more! Toby Gard (TR Creator) is currently working at Crystal Dynamics on a secret project. – TR Creator + TR licence owner == duh! Two people can behave in a very similar way as one, this ‘dyadic’ effect does not extend to three or more!

24 Transmedia Worlds Facilitate Many Stories If a world has only one real story, then its life expectancy is short The Halo Universe seems to be dying slowly (or quickly) – It was centred around a fight to save the Universe – The fight is over, we all know who won. This is where sequels become poor in comparison

25 Transmedia Worlds Make Sense through any of their gateways Barbie failed on this count! – The movies and cartoons just don’t lend the players the freedom they have enjoyed through the toys The Matrix the Game, did NOT make sense unless you had seen the movies Super Mario did not make the leap to movies too well, and Novels???

26 Transmedia Worlds Fulfil the Wishes of Many Players This is the most important of the core values of a successful world People must WANT to be there. – A perfectly balanced world based in the slums of a prison is not where players will want to live The players MUST wish they could be there, in that world. Harry Potter, James Bond

27 Assignment Amendments... How can your assignment become more of a transmedia world? How else could it be accessed?

28 The End!

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