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242-515 AGD: 2. Genres1 Animation and Games Development 242-515, Semester 1, 2014-2015 2. Game Genres and more...

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1 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres1 Animation and Games Development 242-515, Semester 1, 2014-2015 2. Game Genres and more...

2 Overview 10. Educational Games 11. Serious Games 12. Online Games 13. Rhythm Games 14. Puzzle Games 15. Mini Games 16. Traditional Games 17. Genre Statistics 1.Action Games 2.Adventure Games 3.Role-Playing Games 4.Strategy Games 5.Simulation Games 6.God Games 7. Sports Games 8. Fighting Games 9. Casual Games A game may belong to several genres.

3 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres3 Real-time games requiring short reaction times from the user o First-person shooter (FPS) e.g. Doom, Call of Duty o Shooting games e.g. Space Invaders Fast pace with less focus on puzzle solving 1. Action Games

4 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres4 Player must have a good view of the game so he can respond quickly o the camera uses a first or third person perspective First person perspective allows fast paced action o you are the player 1.1. Perspective

5 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres5 Third person perspective o Better for action adventure games See the character you are controlling Personalise and identify with the character

6 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres6 A game level must be visually appealing and fit into the storyline. A level should organize/regulate the action and the overall flow of the game. 1.2. Level design

7 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres7 Weapons must match the setting and storyline Must be balanced against other weapons and be appropriate to the game 1.3. Weapons Energy sword Halo Call of Duty

8 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres8 Should you write your own game engine or use (license) an existing one? o Your own: time consuming and costly but will have the functionality you require o License: cheaper option (maybe) but will be feature heavy o many to choose from; see 1.4. Game engine

9 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres9 Game engine selection issues: o Cost o Ease of use o Cross-platform capabilities o Look-and-feel o Support o Availability o Extendibility

10 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres10 I'll be using the jMonkeyEngine (jME) game engine o o 3D world building, open source, written purely in Java, supports OpenGL and shaders; PC & android

11 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres11 A game character o will start weak and unskilled o grows in strength and abilities through challenges o develops to a point where any challenge can be beaten In a class, family, or clan? Character attributes? o e.g. skill or magic 1.5. Game Characters

12 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres12 World of Warcraft classes Paladin | Rogue | Priest | Hunter

13 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres13 Delivered in easy-to-understand chunks, as quests and missions o e.g. a range of short, mid and long terms quests with a final reward (the princess) Must allow a player to explore the world. Use a linear or nonlinear storyline? 1.6. Storyline

14 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres14 Nonlinear Storyline Diagram

15 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres15 Stealth o Story involves not being seen by the bad guys while on the 'mission' o Metal Gear in 1987 was one of the first o Popular modern series include Splinter Cell and Thief 1.7. Action Subtypes

16 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres16 Survival Horror o An action-adventure or first-person shooter where you fight the undead/monsters o Resident Evil is a very popular example

17 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres17 First-Person Shooter o Action game where player is “behind the eyes” of the game character o id Software’s Wolfenstein 3D and Doom are the earliest popular examples

18 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres18 Puzzle solving needed to complete the game Large complex world, interesting plot lines, many characters No time limits (not real time) Game waits for the player's actions 2. Adventure Games Myst 1993Tomb Raider

19 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres19 Each puzzle must match the game setting o e.g. be a problem set by the villain to stop the hero Should advance the story or deliver a reward Puzzles must be hard but not impossible 2.1. Puzzle Features Two Myst puzzles

20 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres20 Linear or nonlinear o the story is divided into levels/episodes A level should contain tasks/jobs that can be done in any order Player must be able to make meaningful choices o too much choice is bad Each level shoukd end with a summary 2.2. Storyline Features

21 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres21 Players should be given the chance to explore the game world (with storyline constraints) Staggered access o acts as rewards for task completion

22 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres22 Platformer o Typified by a character running and jumping in a side-scrolling playing field o Modern definition has expanded to include 3D o Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Pitfall! and Super Mario 64 are examples 2.3. Adventure Game Subtypes

23 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres23 Typically involve heroes and quests Based in large complex worlds with a dynamic storyline High level of player management of characters Characters evolve and gain skills 3. Role-Playing Games (RPGs) World of Warcraft

24 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres24 Started out as a video game version of pen and pencil games like Dungeons and Dragons. Lots of fighting to gain skills/magic or money Final Fantasy, Baldur’s Gate and Wasteland are some popular examples Non-computerized D&D

25 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres25 Collect resources, build an army, and fight another player (or the computer) e.g. Dune 2, Command and Conquer and Warcraft 4. Strategy Games Command and conquerRome: Total War

26 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres26 Focus on resource management o e.g. gold, oil, food Good AI is needed for the computer player Multiple teams o All teams should have an equal chance to win o A good player should be able to win with any team Appropriate use of cut scenes and cinematics

27 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres27 A cutscene is a game sequence over which the player has limited control. Cutscenes often occur between levels, breaking up the gameplay; also at the game's start & end Typical uses: o to advance the plot o introduces new characters o provide background information or clues 4.1. What's a Cutscene?

28 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres28 There must be a balance between defensive and offensive weapons o e.g. there must be a way to defend against any weapon 4.2. Weapon Types

29 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres29 e.g. Civilization, X-COM, Master of Orion, and Jagged Alliance 4.3. Turn-Based Strategy

30 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres30 Simulations require lots of accurate detail that matches the real world o involves lots of research by the developer 5. Simulation Games Microsoft Flight Simulator

31 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres31 The target audience determines the game's level of realism. Casual gamer o "Ease of use" is a priority Simplified controls Dedicated gamer o "Total realism" is a priority No level of detail too trivial o Must mirror real life Realism and the Audience

32 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres32 A god game is one where the user manages a world or city o the players can experiment on the world/city o no correct way to play The game uses a complex set of AI rules to determine what happens next. 6. God Games

33 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres33 A game monster may contain many "hunger" rules: o should eat when hungry, should eat villagers, should not eat children. These rules trigger an action o --> eat an adult There may be several actions possible at a time o e.g. eat a child, eat an adult, eat a smaller dinosaur The monster chooses an action, based on other AI rules. AI Rules Examples

34 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres34 Player acts as a manager or coach Game lasts for one match or season High level of accuracy needed to reproduce the real game 7. Sports Games Madden NFL 2007 FIFA 2007

35 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres35 The game may have off-field elements o training, coaching and management decisions Football Manager 2007

36 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres36 Copyright and trademarks are a big legal problem real people, stadiums, and uniforms require expensive licensing and permission to use

37 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres37 Sports games require accurate representation of motion o that means expensive motion capture, camera angles EA Fight Night 3FIFA 2007

38 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres38 Compete in a race in a vehicle Pole Position was first popular racing game Racing Games

39 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres39 The player controls a game figure which attacks opponents, and defends itself. Gameplay consists of short periods of action. Each character has unique moves. Fast-paced action requires smooth animation. 8. Fighting Games Virtual Fighter 5

40 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres40 Standard moves should be easy to master o e.g. punches, kicks and blocks Special moves, combos, and finishing moves should be harder to get right.

41 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres41 Double Dragon is a side-scroller where the player fights the computer. In Virtua Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter two players fight each other

42 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres42 Easy-to-play, short length games Little or no learning curve A player want to be able to drop into and out of the game quickly. 9. Casual Games

43 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres43 Games offered by Popcap

44 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres44 Used to teach while entertaining ( edutainment ) Generally aimed at a younger audience Content must be age-appropriate 10. Educational Games Disney Learning Adventure Maths on BBC Jam

45 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres45 Kids games must be very interactive and have instant feedback o engage emotions and include rewards The user Interface and controls must be simple to match a child's motor skills.

46 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres46 Called "serious" since they use gaming as part of non-entertainment applications o e.g. to learn business skills, medical training, military training 11. Serious Games Miniconomy Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

47 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres47 Realism more important than entertainment Often developed as a training tool. America's Army, developed by the US Army

48 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres48 Most games now include an online element Simplest use is for monthly billing, downloading game updates, and in-game ads Network lag/slowness affects the game. 12. Online Games World of Warcraft monthly billing

49 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres49 Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game o An RPG set in a virtual world populated by thousands of other players, who join/leave the shared world when they want by network links Examples: o Ultima Online (1997) was the first popular one o World of Warcraft is currently the most popularMMORPGs

50 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres50 Counter Strike o an online first person shooter game o often more than 200,000 players simultaneously EverQuest Second Life

51 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres51 World of Warcraft Stats (2012)

52 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres52 MMO Account Info (> 1 m)

53 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres53 Types of Online Games Played Most Often (2010)

54 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres54 Games based on musical rhythm/beats They sometimes require specialized controllers such as dance pads or bongo drums Examples: o Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, Guitar Hero 13. Rhythm Games

55 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres55 Games that combine pattern matching, logic, and luck with a timing element. The game is an intellectual challenge. Tetris is the big hit of this genre. 14. Puzzle Games Tetris

56 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres56 Short, simple games that exist within a larger game Mario Party and Wario Ware are popular examples. 15. Mini Games

57 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres57 Computerized versions of board, word, and card games Battle Chess and the Hoyle series are standouts of this genre 16. Traditional Games

58 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres58 From Entertainment Software Assoc. (ESA) (, for the US in 2010 72% of households play games. The average gamer is 37 years old and has been playing for 12 years. 82% of gamers are older than18 42% of players are women, Women over 18 are a fast growing group. 17. Genre Statistics

59 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres59 More women than boy gamers (< 17 years) o 37% vs 13% 29% of gamers are older than 50 65% of gamers play with others 55% of gamers play on phones or handheld devices

60 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres60 console games computer games other formats Other formats include: games sold online, mobile apps, social network games. Other formats include: games sold online, mobile apps, social network games. Money Spent

61 242-515 AGD: 2. Genres61 There isn't much reliable information on mobile app income since the stores (e.g. Apple) keep their numbers secret. Do not confuse number of downloads with income. Some income numbers for the US: o 2010 $5.1 billion o 2011 $11 - 15 billion (estimated) o 2012 $17 - 20 billion (estimated) o : o 2015 $38 billion (wild estimate) o 2016 $46 billion (another wild estimate) o According to media research groups Gartner, Inc., GetJar, Forrester Research, ABI Research, in early 2011 Mobile App Income

62 Best Sellers: Console Games

63 Best Sellers: Computer Games

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