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MESOPOTAMIA The Cradle of Civilization Mr. Snyder.

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1 MESOPOTAMIA The Cradle of Civilization Mr. Snyder

2 Mesopotamia* Means: “Between the Rivers” Land between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers

3 The Beginning This is the land where humans may have been first on Earth Christianity started here. As did Judaism and Islam

4 BC and AD* BC and AD is how we count years BC: Before Jesus Christ AD: Anno Domini: In the Year of our Lord Jesus Christ

5 The Laws of Hammurabi* Ruler of the Babylonian's – An ancient Empire in Iraq- around 1800 BC He passed the first laws to protect his people in recorded history – Hammurabi’s Laws sheet

6 Middle East Map In 2 minutes fill out as much as the map as possible

7 Maps of War* l-history.html l-history.html The middle East has seen a lot of empires

8 The Egyptians* 3150 – 30 BC (which is closer to AD?) Had Pharaoh's as Kings/Queens A rich nation thanks to conquest and the Nile River Built great stone works like tombs and Pyramids egypt/videos#coroners-report-king-tut egypt/videos#coroners-report-king-tut

9 Hieroglyphics*

10 The Rosetta Stone This stone allowed us to match Greek words with the hieroglyphics. Before this we never knew how to read them. It was found in 1799

11 The Pyramids* There are 138 pyramids The most famous are in Giza, outside Cairo – Egypt’s capital Khufu is the largest and the only of the 7 wonders of the world still in existence

12 Mummies* Egyptian's believed you had to mummify the body to help it into the after life So how did they do it? make-a-mummy#how-to-make-a- mummy make-a-mummy#how-to-make-a- mummy

13 Egyptian Life Entertainment Wrestle Play board Games Race Chariots Tell stories Dance/Sing Religion They were polytheistic, meaning they believed in many Gods. Here are a couple: Ra: God of the Sun Isis: Mother Goddess Pharaoh: Human God

14 Famous Pharaohs Pharaoh's were living Gods and were in charge They led battles, made heirs(babies to be king) Khafra: Built the great Pyramid and the Sphinx Sphinx means: “Terrifying one”

15 Famous Pharaohs* Ramasses II: Lived until 92, famous for building/expansion Possibly the Pharaoh in the Exodus Tutankhamen: Pharaoh at age 9 – died at 18. famous for his tomb Cleopatra: The last Pharaoh, a Queen, fought with her brother over the crown then was beaten by the Romans

16 Word Wall* Pharaoh: King/God of Egypt Polytheistic: Worships many Gods Sphinx: Terrifying one Ra: God of the Sun Isis: Mother God Heir: Person that inherits something after a death Exodus: Fleeing oppression in mass numbers

17 Egyptian Life The Nile River flooded each year providing farming land The “Vizier” helped the Pharaoh control the people The “Temples” is where people worship and they controlled the taxes/money of the government. They used Honey to stop infection, knew todays basic math skills

18 Valley of the Kings Where many of the Pharaohs, family, and royalty is buried We still do not know how many tombs are there

19 The Boy King* Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s story Please read silently

20 Map Making Draw from memory a map of the middle East and label the countries all bodies of water we looked at yesterday

21 The 7 Wonders* http://www.unmuseu http://www.unmuseu 1. Statue of Zeus at Olympia 2. Hanging gardens of Babylon 3. Lighthouse of Alexandria 4. Temple of Artemis 5. The Great Pyramid 6. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus 7. The Colossus of Rhodes


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