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April 23 - Preview HW: Read appeasement and answer all questions

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1 April 23 - Preview HW: Read appeasement and answer all questions
Quiz Thursday!

2 Size of the German Army

3 Fascist Party in Germany
The Nazi Party was the German fascist party. Glorified violence, war, and strict discipline. Very well organized. Nazi party rallies in every town. Very effective propaganda Clear hierarchy (chain of command). Everyone knew their job Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party. SS (Schutzstaffel): Hitler’s Top Men.

4 Strong NAZI Leadership
Nazi Rise to Power Treaty of Versailles German war debts Loss of German colonies Wish for Revenge Weak Government Doubts about Weimar Republic Quarrels among political Groups Wish to return to a strong leader, like the Kaiser Economic Problems Inflation Worldwide depression Unemployment Strong NAZI Leadership Use of Terror and Force Idea of a super race Shift of blame to minority groups = SCAPEGOAT

5 Hitler’s Goals Destroy his opponents in Germany and Treaty of Versailles. Make Germany the strongest country in Europe and create a new Empire (Third Reich). Wanted to expand Germany’s borders Germans needed Lebensraum (living space) “Purify” Germany (and later, Europe) of all “racial enemies”. Believed Germans were “Master Race” - Aryans Think back. Where is he going to want to expand his borders? Third Reich was going to last 1000 years. Guess how long it ended up lasting? (12)

6 Public Support for Hitler
Great Depression and Inflation made German money worthless. Hitler was a WWI hero who talked about bringing glory back to the “Fatherland” He promised to get rid of the Communist threat. Blamed Jews for Germany’s problems, especially Treaty of Versailles. SCAPEGOATS When someone is blamed for something that is not their fault Hitler was an excellent public speaker. Money was more valuable as fuel for a fire Eliminating communists got him the support of the rich

7 Hitler Trivia Born 1889 He was a vegetarian, and an animal lover
Fought in WWI ( ) Tried to be an artist : builds power of the Nazi Party 1923: tries to overthrow government, ends up in prison. 1932: Appointed Chancellor (Prime Minister) of Germany 1933: Has complete control of Parliament. Becomes absolute ruler (dictator). Born in Austria (He wasn’t German) Decorated War Hero In prison for less than a year and writes Mein Kampf

8 Getting Into Power The “Brownshirts” or SA (Stormtroopers)
SA was used to put down opposition parties Threatened and beat up Jews and anti-Nazi voters Hitler was LEGALLY appointed Chancellor! He quickly makes himself a dictator, and gives himself the title The Fuhrer (The Leader).  How is this different than how Stalin took power? Once in power, he got rid of anyone who spoke against him. If only 34% of people supported him before he became Chancellor, why did so many people cheer for him at rallies?

9 HITLER IS DICTATOR How was Hitler able to come out on top?
Why people liked Hitler *Strong Leadership. *Powerful & Convincing Public Speaker. *Gave the impression that he could solve all of Germany’s Problems. How was Hitler able to come out on top? *Political opposition was weak and disorganized. *Hitler eventually eliminated all political opposition. Things people didn’t like about Hitler *Ruled by Fear & Force *Gestapo: Nazi secret police. *Kept secret files on everyone and hunted down opponents of Nazi Rule. *Ruled streets with violence, terror, and fear. HITLER IS DICTATOR

10 Adolf Hitler is Victory
Hitler in Power Germany’s economy was improving, and people were happy Hitler had no political opposition Began rearming German Army for expansion of the Reich The German Army was called the Wehrmacht Made military swear allegiance to HIM, not to Germany Why would he do this? Germany was only allowed 100,000 soldiers. Rebuilding the army violated the Treaty of Versailles. France and England were the strongest countries in Europe at this point, and they did nothing to stop him. Adolf Hitler is Victory

11 One People, One Empire, One Leader
Dictator In 1933, all parties were outlawed except the Nazi party People’s civil rights were suspended This was a slow, step-by-step process. Gestapo – German secret police Got rid of rights in small steps. People didn’t realize what they were giving up until it was too late. They were blinded by pride. One People, One Empire, One Leader

12 If only 34 % of Germans voted for Hitler, why did he seem so popular?

13 Kristallnacht November 9-10, 1938 “Night of broken glass”
Jewish businesses throughout Germany and Austria destroyed. Thousands of Jews beaten and killed. More and more restrictions placed on Jews: Curfews, business restrictions, ID badges required. Many sent to concentration camps Nuremberg Laws,

14 Nazi outside a Jewish-owned shop with message to encourage Germans to boycott the store.

15 Life in the Third Reich Rights were taken away so slowly, by the time people realized what was happening, Hitler was firmly in power. You either supported Hitler, or you were dead!

16 Otto Bauer Otto Bauer was a 56 year old business man. In June 1942 he was on a train when he said that Germans only had two alternatives: to kill Hitler or be killed by him. He was overheard by a married couple who reported him. He was beheaded on September 16, 1943 for causing discontent and unrest.

17 Erich Deibel On August 29, 1940 he drew a Communist symbol on the wall of a bathroom in his factory, adding the words, “Hail Freedom!” and “Workers! Help Russia! Strike! Up with the Communist Party!”. Accused of sabotage and treason, he was executed on August 15, 1942 Criticism of Hitler and the State was banned, and those who broke this ban faced interrogation, torture, prison, and sometimes death. Germans snooped on each other, informing the Gestapo of any suspicious people. If suspected, your family and friends could also expect investigation – not just you! Using this policy of fear, the Nazis managed to stop freedom of speech and expression. Everyone had to go along with Nazi policy – or face the consequences.

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