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MOBILES OFF PLEASE Tonight Team attack principles (Mike) Team defence principles (Bailey)

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3 Tonight Team attack principles (Mike) Team defence principles (Bailey)

4 Attack Fundamentals

5 Attack Main objective-to create a high percentage shot Good offences shoot LOTS! How do you create a ‘good’ shot? -Creating an opportunity where you have an extra man -Via dodge, cut, drawing a penalty

6 Attack 2-3-1 2-2-2 1-4-1 1-3-2 3-3 ???????????

7 Essentially it is a formation 2-2-22-3-1

8 Different offences have different purposes Dodging / cut & feed Also of note: -inverting (simply short stick on short stick from ‘X’)

9 2-2-2 (World) Everybody on the outside Moving the ball around (shorten the passes) Idea is the settle into the attack/work out potential match-ups for a dodge Pass and pick opposite Switch Give and Go Maintain shape

10 2-3-1 Dodge from up top and behind Cut Back-up shots Everyone a threat Still can: -Pass and pick opposite -Switch -Give and Go

11 Defensive Fundamentals

12 Basic Principles No shots = no goals, low % shots = less goals 7 v 6 not 1 v1 Communication Positioning Sliding

13 Communication “I’ve got ball/man” “Left/Right” “I’m one/hot” “I’m two/I’ve got you” Goalkeeper communication

14 Positioning Stay the same distance apart – on a string Honour the ball carrier Collapse off ball Furthest man away form the ball, least threat

15 Positioning (2) Remember individual defensive positioning Do not overplay your man – will cause the whole defence problems Listen to the goalie

16 Sliding This is the reaction to the attack dodge Combination of individual and team fundamentals to prevent the attack from scoring Individual principles must be done well for team principles to be effective

17 Principles Defender 1 has ball/man Defender 3 is first slide Defender 4 is second slide Defender 2 has got left Defender 5 has got right Defender 6 is watching both man and ball EVERYONE is communicating

18 Principles (2) Defender 1 forces his man ‘down the alley’ As soon as the attacker has a step on defender 1, defender 3 slides to where the attacker WILL BE Defender 4 must cover the crease attacker whilst defender 3 slides Defender 1 must get to the crease to find a man All other defender must watch for their men cutting

19 Sliding where there is no crease man Slide round the outside Slide the opposite direction to the ball movement Defender 6 would be first slide if defender 1 was beaten down the alley Once defender 6 has slid he ‘pulls’ all the defenders with him

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