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INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Company Values Hospitality Care Service Safety Your Logo.

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2 Company Values Hospitality Care Service Safety Your Logo

3 Human Trafficking: Two Types Labor Trafficking: Using force, fraud, or coercion to recruit, harbor, transport, provide, or obtain a person for labor or services. Sex Trafficking: Commercial sex act induced by force, fraud or coercion; OR in which the person induced to perform such act is under age 18.

4 Labor Trafficking Federal prosecutors indicted the staffing contractor, Giant Labor Solutions, and 12 of its owners, operators and associates on racketeering and human trafficking charges. Federal: 18 U.S.C. § 1590 Human Trafficking, § 1589 Forced Labor Washington: RCW 9A.40.100. Trafficking

5 Labor Trafficking Indicators Excessive control Excessive fear or submission Evidence of abuse Threats of harm to worker or worker’s family Employer control of travel documents (originals) Required to live in employer-controlled residence Debt or withholding fees or paycheck(s)

6 Does human trafficking require movement across borders? No. Human smuggling involves movement across borders. Trafficking is the SALE of persons through force, fraud, or coercion OR before they are old enough to consent. Victims have been trafficked in their own hometowns. Fact: Youth who are exploited for commercial sex in the U.S. are most often U.S. citizens.

7 Related Commercial Sexual Abuse of a Minor (CSAM)/Prostitution Laws Permitting CSAM/Prostitution: knows CSAM/Prostitution is taking place on their premises and fails to abate it CSAM/Patronizing a Prostitute: buyer Promoting CSAM/Prostitution: pimp or facilitator An estimated 300-500 children are prostituted on any given night in King County.


9 Sex Trafficking-Related Prosecutions Involving Hotels/Motels

10 The People Victim PimpBuyer

11 The Pimp(s): 4 Types BoyfriendGuerillaGangFemale Pimp

12 Pimp Methods of Control 1.Recruiting 2.Grooming 3.Degradation 4.Dependency 5.Other Girls

13 The Victim The Myth: Prostitution is a victimless crime Average Age of Entry: 13-15 years old History of Abuse 82% have a history of sexual abuse 75% have a history of physical abuse Ongoing Abuse 82% report being assaulted 78% have been threatened with a weapon 72% - 92% have been raped

14 “I had been going to juvenile halls, jails, psychiatric hospitals, emergency rooms, and drug treatment programs since I was 12. No one ever asked me about my life, about prostitution, being beaten, raped, or kidnapped. I was just a whore, a criminal. How could I get out? No one ever treated me like a person.” -- Norma Hotaling, sex trafficking survivor

15 The Victim Physical Appearance Gaming Prowess Rigid set of rules and regulations to cultivate pimp’s approval Use of drugs or alcohol to increase dependency on pimp or escape trauma/PTSD. A Survivor / Tough Exterior

16 Buyer Demand-focused prevention efforts Safety Risk Penalties for Buyers of Minors (CSAM) Penalties for Buyers of Prostituted Adults (Patronizing a Prostitute)

17 The Crime Buyers find “dates” on the street or online In-Call: Prostituted person has a room in a motel/hotel and buyers visit her there. Out-Call: Prostituted person visits buyers in their location (often in motels/hotels).

18 Group Activity: Create a list of trafficking indicators you may see in your area of the hotel.

19 Reporting Especially if the situation involves a minor, avoid intervening or letting a pimp or buyer know that you suspect something. Report observations to ________________. If a victim appears to be hurt, ask if s/he needs help and contact ________ immediately. If you see an employee facilitating prostitution, report observations to __________________.

20 More complex scenarios No evidence of force, fraud, coercion, or underage prostitution: -Prostituted person is certainly above age 18 -No Pimp or Controlling Party -No Physical or Verbal Abuse Apparent -No Signs of Fear or Anxiety Ex. 30 year old woman working a bar

21 Summary  Traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to compel a person into labor or prostitution. The prostitution of a minor is also considered sex trafficking.  Traffickers use hotels and motels to commit their crimes.  Our employees can make a positive impact and keep our hotel safer if they report suspicious activity to a supervisor.  Major indicators of trafficking include: Evidence of a pimp, Verbal, physical, or sexual abuse Fear or anxiety of the victim or perpetrator.

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