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The chrysalids Unit introduction.

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1 The chrysalids Unit introduction

2 The chrysalids What is a Chrysalid? Why the title?
Chrysalids refers to chrysalisis, which is the transformation of a caterpiller to a butterfly Why the title?

3 The chrysalids The Setting
Waknuk – David’s home town and name of father’s farm Labrador – Christian civilization following the “Tribulation.” Society matches the 1700s-1800s. Capital of Rigo, Island of Newf Wild Country Fringes – Lawless land full of danger and mutations Badlands – Dangerous area Black Coasts – Dangerous area affected by radiation Sealand – Technology exists here. Universal telepathy

4 The chrysalids The Setting Society is based on farming and agriculture
People are controlled by rigid beliefs about morals and religion Religious beliefs are cruel and OPPRESSIVE People believe TRIBULATION caused world to be this way as a punishment from God “OLD PEOPLE” refers to us – the current readers Radiation has caused mutations Chrysalids is a novel set in the future with a setting of the past

5 The Chrysalids Social Life Purpose in life is dealing with Tribulation
Need to follow ETHICS to climb back into God’s grace Church is the ultimate authority “Rules” found in Nicholson’s Repentances Anything not normal must be destroyed Anything not normal is an insult to God Mankind’s greatest duty is to see that the human form is kept true and proper Nicholson’s Repentances describes true human form

6 The chrysalids Chapters 2-4 CHAPTER 2
History of David’s family and household Background: Religious family – Focus on “Repentances” and Bible David’s father (JOSEPH) – Strict religious leader. Grandfather (ELIAS) – Founder of Waknuk Individuals responsible to watch for BLASPHEMIES and OFFENSES – Including killing animals Information about Blasphemies and their relationship with the Pure People (Raiding farms)

7 The chrysalids Chapters 2-4 CHAPTER 3
David spending more time with Sophie Steam Engine: Technology of Old People Tension between Sophie’s Dad and David David remembers getting a splinter and nobody helps him at home so he wishes to his father for a third arm. Gets punished – pray to God, received beating David dreams of Sophie being killed by Joseph David wants Sophie’s Dad to trust him

8 The chrysalids Chapters 2-4 CHAPTER 4 Telepathy with cousin Rosalind
Uncle Axel finds out but keeps it a secret David’s telepathy = Sophie’s toe Group of telepathic people get together to keep secret: David and Rosalind, Michael, Rachel and Anne, Sally and Katherine, and Mark. Fringe people planning on invading Waknuk. Some are captured and appear normal One guy looks like David’s father but has long arms and legs: Spider-Man Uncle Angus: loves to annoy Joseph. Argument about selective breeding: Giant horses and tail-less cat David spends more time with Sophie and starts teaching her school stuff

9 The Chrysalids Theme THEME:
Theme is the main topic, lesson, or idea that is the focus of a story/narrative Novels often explore more than one theme What THEMES have been introduced? Comment on Our Society Genocide Religion CONFLICT: Conflict is the tension or problem between different forces or characters in a story. You should already know conflict from short stories. Conflict includes: Character vs. Character Character vs. Nature Character vs. Society Character vs. Self Change What types of CONFLICT have you seen in The Chrysalids so far? David vs. Waknuk Beliefs Joseph vs. Blasphemies Fringe People vs. Waknuk

10 The Chrysalids Character CHARACTER SKETCH:
A character sketch is a description of the different TRAITS of a character, including their personality, relationships, emotions, and actions based on events in the story. Character’s ACTIONS lead to TRAITS, which are words that describe the character. Relationships Personality Family: Mom and Dad Protective Sophie Loving Uncle Axel David Curious Other telepathic kids Energetic Emotions Actions Anger Dishonouring Father Guilt Befriends Sophie Curiosity Wants to Run Away Sadness Defends friends

11 The Chrysalids Chapters 5-6 CHAPTER 5
Spring proves to be free of Deviations Waknuk wins “Purity Record” – All good! David and Sophie sneak off together While fishing barefoot, they meet Allan, who finds a “peculiar footprint” – says he will tell everyone David attacks Allan and he’s knocked unconscious Sophie and David tell Sophie’s parents. Family forced to disappear David returns home and finds Inspector at house David lies about knowing Sophie. Receives beating David worried about telling/holding secrets (THEME)

12 The Chrysalids Chapters 5-6 CHAPTER 6
David uses telepathy to talk to friends about Sophie David has vivid dreams about Big City Inspector continues to question David David begins doubting his culture/beliefs Joseph announces that Sophie’s family has been captured Uncle Axel and David discuss the world beyond Waknuk Rigo (Capital); Black Coasts; “Unspeakable monstrosities” David learns of different races outside of Waknuk – and that each believes they are the “true image of God” (Comment on different religions / THEME) Axel and David talk about telepathy. Eight people other than David, though eighth person hasn’t answered Axel will find out what happened to this person

13 The Chrysalids Dystopia
Why is the world such a dark, bad place in the future in so many novels and films? Challenge Leadership/ Governemnt Warning Social Commentary What THEMES are you seeing in the novel so far? MAKING CONNECTIONS: -text to text -text to world -text to self How does The Chrysalids compare to other novels/films that explore similar ideas?

14 The Chrysalids Chapters 7-9 CHAPTER 7
David’s mother gives birth. Child must be certified “normal” before it is allowed to exist Tension between Joseph Strorm and Inspector Petra Strorm certified as normal David’s Aunt Harriet comes with new baby – uncertified because not normal Harriet wants to borrow Petra for certification. Answer is no. Harriet chased out of house by Joseph Harriet found dead next day by a river. Baby is not there.

15 The Chrysalids Chapters 7-9 CHAPTER 8
Harriet is wiped from knowledge/existence after her death Suggestion that her death was a suicide David prays to lose his ability – just wants to be normal Axel helps David calm down Missing Telepathic boy died in a wood-cutting accident Reader is introduced to other telepathic children. Michael teaches rest of kids new information (he lives in a different area) Chapter ends with a new Telepathic person revealed

16 The Chrysalids Chapters 7-9 CHAPTER 9
Big jump in time. Now six years later. David gets urge to run – runs to river and finds Petra about to drown Rosalind comes, too. People suspicious of how they knew to help David fears that Petra will be killed. Tries to telepathically warn her. Last year was a bad year for Deviations. Lots of “purgings” Old-Timers blame Deviations on “corruption in government and carelessness in youth” (SOCIAL COMMENTARY HERE?) Society getting paranoid – fearing new Tribulation (More COMMENTARY) Everything calming down until Anne (telepathic person) announces she is going to get married

17 The Chrysalids Chapters 10-12 CHAPTER 10
Anne marrying “normal” son of man who discovered Sophie’s secret Telepathic group uneasy and warn against marriage. Anne blocks them out Uncle Axel suggests considering killing Anne to protect secret of group Anne marries and cuts off connections with group David falls in love with Rosalind but this is kept secret as their bond forms Anne’s husband found dead six months after marriage Anne is found in her house dead, a victim of suicide Letter Anne left found by an illiterate neighbour. Letter calls out telepathic group. Letter is destroyed. All tension relaxes.

18 The Chrysalids Chapters 10-12 CHAPTER 11
Next Spring is very quiet. Few Deviations (none beloning to family of Allan (the Mortons) or Joseph Strorm Petra is growing up. Takes off into a forbidden forest on her pony. David feels urge to run. Calls Michael and Rosalind to join her. They find a freaky Deviation eating Petra’s pony. Deviation killed and Petra rescued. All other Telepathic People also meet in forest Group agrees on how to deal with Petra’s calls as David tries to teach his sister about what’s going on with her mind. Petra reveals she hears people from far away Uncle Axel suggests people are becoming suspicious of David. Axel killed Allan because he was telling people about the Group. Group ready to leave if people come after them.

19 The Chrysalids Chapters 10-12 CHAPTER 12
David receives a messages that some of the telepathic kids – the Chrysalids – have been captured. He calls Petra and Rosalind and with a horse, the three leave Waknuk. Group is followed and kills a man who threatens them. Secrecy and stealth are key. Find out Katherine being tortured by Inspector and is revealing information. Inspector issues reward for capture of David, Rosalind, and Petra so he can learn about the Chrysalids and prevent the Deviations from happening again. David decides to head to Fringes. Michael plans to fake their deaths to protect them. Petra starts communicating with a mystery girl. The group head towards her. David realizes this is a girl from his dreams.

20 The Chrysalids Chapters 13-15 CHAPTER 13
David, Petra, and Rosalind continue their journey to and through Fringes Group meets a man – they attack him but do not kill him Petra continues to talk with girl from David’s dreams Petra must be protected at all costs. Girl communicates that help is on the way Michael tells group that they are being pursued by Waknuk forces Group hides in woods from pursuers Something falls on David knocking him unconscious

21 The Chrysalids Chapters 13-15 CHAPTER 14
David awakens to realize they have been captured by Fringe people David and Rosalind now able to communicate with girl from dreams. She is from Sealand. David meets up with Spider Man. Readers learn that this is David’s uncle Background: David’s uncle’s deformity was discovered four years after his birth. His mother saved him from death but the man – Gordon – still vows revenge on the people of Waknuk – especially his brother. Fringe people decide to keep the two girls for “breeding purposes” David forced to accept this and is taken out of the village and beaten until unconcious.

22 The Chrysalids Chapters 13-15 CHAPTER 15
David wakes up to being dragged along ground – by his old friend…Sophie! Sophie explains that she is in love with Gordon (Spider Man) but she was rendered infertile because of her deformity upon her banishment from Waknuk. Sophie is jealous of Rosalind and Petra because of their ability to bear children Sophie and David form a plan to rescue Rosalind and Petra. Michael is contacted and informs them that the pursuers are making slow progress tracking the three fugitives because of Fringe people attacks. Sophie explains her plan to rescue the girls from Gordon’s tent As girls are rescued, Sophie is seen leaving Gordon’s tent cleaning blood from her hands

23 The Chrysalids Chapters 16-17 CHAPTER 16
Sophie joins David, Rosalind and Petra but warns them to lay low as Fringe people will miss their “breedable women” Jealousy between Rosalind and Sophie Michael and Waknuk people approaching. Girl from Sealand coming, too Fight between Waknuk people and Fringe people. David considers confronting his father Sealand girl convinces David to let go of his father and the way of life he represents – dying views of society (discrimination, etc.) Joseph Strorm killed by his brother, Gordon. Spider Man then dies, too. Sophie pummeled by several arrows and dies Random ship shows up and shoots a spider web-like substance on everyone, paralyzing them.

24 The Chrysalids Chapters 16-17 DUEX EX MACHINA
An unexpected (and sometimes unrealistic) intervention that rescues the story’s protagonist(s) to resolve the story’s conflict. PROTAGONIST: The HERO of the story. The person trying to solve the main conflict or ANTAGONIST of the story. WHAT IS THE MAIN CONFLICT? Society: Accepting differences Waknuk people vs. Fringe people Everyone is dying… Gordon, Joseph, Sophie And then a spaceship comes out of nowhere and saves our main characters, taking them away from the main fight.

25 The Chrysalids Chapters 16-17 CHAPTER 17
David cannot move. He talks to Michael, wondering if they should have run away from the space craft Random woman calms their fears as doors open and removes main characters from the webs. Figure dressed in white from head to toe. Woman talks about training and teaching Petra Woman explains that the ship has limited fuel so can’t save anyone else – and that everyone else caught in the web is dead “Unfortunate but necessary price to pay for the survival of their species” Petra communicates to other Chrysalids that the group is safe and they will return to rescue them in the future Group heads to Sealand. David recognizes it from his dreams. They hear conversation of entire society speaking telepathically.

26 The Chrysalids Plot Review 4. 7. 2. 6. 1. 5. 3.
Fight between Waknuk and Fringes 4. PLOT GRAPH Introduction Inciting Incident Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Conclusion 3. Capture of Sophie and family Conflict between Strorms Suspicion of Chrysalids Group runs from Waknuk 5. David abandons father Many deaths Arrive at city. All happy 7. 2. David begins to question rules 6. Sealand woman rescue 1. Intro to Waknuk society -David, Sophie, Joseph

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