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The Adventures of Sir Bors de Gannis Created by Bailey Taylor and Ned Feininger.

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1 The Adventures of Sir Bors de Gannis Created by Bailey Taylor and Ned Feininger

2 Character List Sir Bors de Gannis: a noble knight who is a member of the round table, cousin of Sir Launcelot who is on a adventure for the holy grail. Naciens the Hermit of Carbonek: helps Sir Bors along his journey, invites him to live in his hermitage for days and taught him to only drink water and eat bread on his adventure. Sir Lionel: Brother of Sir Bors, seen by Sir Bors being beaten with thorns until he was bleeding Sir Bors saved a damsel instead of coming to his rescue. Sir Lionel

3 Character List 2 Maiden and Knight: Sir Bors must rescue a damsel that is being taken by a knight by force. He kills the knight and saves the damsel. Maiden's in the tower: they threaten to kill themselves if he did not start paying attention to them. He prays to god and everything disappears. Old Monk : when Sir Lionel was about to strike down Sir Bors for leaving him to die, the monk asked that he died instead of Sir Bors. Lionel strikes the head clean off of the monk.

4 Scene from chapter A scene from the adventures of Sir Bors de Gannis when he is about to engaged in battle and god stops them. In the book the old hermit stops them.

5 Chapter Summary Part 1 Sir Bors De Gannis, a knight in search of the Holy Grail comes upon a hermit. The hermit says Sir Bors will find the Grail, even if he is not that well known around Lorges, he is pure of heart and shows no pride. The Hermit blesses him and sends him on his way telling Bors to only drink water and eat bread for Jesus did the same thing. As Sir Bors rides along he sees a maiden trouble and his brother. The Maiden being attacked by a robber and his brother named Sir Lionel being robbed and beaten almost to death.

6 Chapter Summary Part 2 Sir Bors helps the maiden after praying to God that his brother does not die before Sir Bors can save him. Sir Bors saves the maiden and watches his brother dragged away and robbed in the distance. After saving the damsel Bors comes to a clearing where an Abbey is located. His brother stands in full armour in an angry rage. Sir Bors reaches out to him but Sir Lionel is overcome with evil and tries to kill Bors. A Monk comes outside and tells Sir Lionel to kill him, for he would die to serve a knight of the Lord, therefore dying for the Lord.

7 Chapter Summary Part 3 Naciens the Hermit runs up onto the scene and saves Bors and removes the devil from Lionel. Lionel now stays in the Abbey to pray for an entire year only drinking water and eating bread to serve penance. Sir Bors wastes no time to ride again into the forest and there he finds the enchanted ship where he meets Sir Percivale and sails on to find Sir Galahad and find the Holy Grail.

8 Puzzle! Across Words- 5. Where Sir Lionel stays for a year because of what he did 6. tells Sir Bors to only drink water and eat bread on his journey Down Words- 1. brother to Sir Bors and kills a Monk 2. this is what Sir Bors and Sir Percivale ride on to find the Grail 3. the castle where the holy grail is 4. cousin of Sir Launcelot and on a quest for the holy grail 5 23 1 4 6

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