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IRB Talent Optimization Programme (TOP) Breakdown.

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1 IRB Talent Optimization Programme (TOP) Breakdown

2 Rugby is about contesting possession and continuing to play Breakdown

3 Contesting possession on the ground Defensive – System – Tackling – Tanker – Baller Attack – Ball Carrier – Support Runners – Phase play Breakdown

4 Principles of Attack Gain possession Go forward Provide support Maintain Continuity Apply pressure Score points Avoid turnovers

5 Breakdown Attack Important Detail Only one guy can have the ball at one time! There fore support lines into support clean most important aspect. The support Clean-- the most important aspect of rugby on attack?!!!

6 Breakdown Composition Of Attacking Breakdown Functional Conditioning Dominating contact Recoil Cleaning Techniques Scenarios Rules and laws

7 Breakdown Functional Conditioning Mobility-on and off the deck dexterity and explosively-getting into a position to make a clean-paddatjie etc Cleaning ability: contact worthy enough to clean in all situations-collision training

8 Breakdown Individual Physical Characteristics Explosive power Pound for pound body weight strength Stamina-endurance speed off the deck Collision worthy

9 Breakdown Attacking breakdown Sequence Dominating contact Ball carrier, support runners running so they can clean Execute good clean Awareness-heads up Assessments to win numbers game Speed of ruck

10 Breakdown Dominating Contact Hit n spin Power step Hand off Swerve Step and hand off Side step

11 Breakdown When is a Ruck formed? When 1 player form the opposition and one form your team are bound over the ball carrier lying on the deck recoiling the ball

12 Breakdown Rules and Laws No sealing off over or before ball Must clean through the gate-explain gate Must bind with your arm when clean out No rights with hands when rucks has beaten you No rights when not on your feet Can use your feet to play a ball in a ruck

13 Breakdown Attacking Breakdown Scenarios and Lingo What is Early threat-Cleaning tech for this scenario-T bag What is Same time threat-Cleaning tech for this scenario—Duck Punch What is Late threat-Cleaning tech for this scenario-Duck Clean

14 Breakdown Cleaning Techniques Duck-explanation T bag-explanation Duck punch-when there is space to duck your head through during same time arrival-you punch your head through opponents arm and torso as you duck over ball.

15 Breakdown Measuring Breakdown Quality of Cleaning Technique Decision making Aggression Turn over's lost on first arrivals clean Ruck speed Amount of players in ruck

16 Breakdown Principles of Defence Contest possession Go forward Apply Pressure Prevent territorial gain Provide support Regain possession Counter attack

17 Breakdown Defensive Breakdown Slow opposition phase play Limit opposition attacking opportunities Create turnovers by stealing opposition ball

18 Breakdown Defensive Breakdown Components Dominate collision Stealing and slowing techniques=Competing for ball Winning numbers game to dominate defensively Defensive assessment-when to stop competition and return to defensive line

19 Breakdown Functional/Collision Conditioning Collision Conditioning Tackle technique Mobility exercises focusing on being able to pounce onto ball after hit Increase anaerobic capacity to be able to repeat competition for ball throughout match

20 Breakdown Laws and Rules Tackler must show daylight-chicken wing Mustn't tri pod Must support own body for competition of ball Must know when beaten by ruck Must cease competition for ball once beaten by ruck-can only counter ruck after ruck formed.

21 Breakdown Scenarios for competing for ball A positive hit is made and the techniques used to slow and compete after daylight is made A neutral hit is made-the technique to compete changes here A negative hit- a totally different agility and mobility component exist to slow and compete here.

22 Breakdown Defensive Breakdown Lingo Early arrival Same time arrival Late arrival Tanker-tackler competing for ball Baller-2 nd player in after tackler trying to steal ball

23 Breakdown Defence Individual skills Contesting Poss: picking up ball from deck or ripping ball from opponent standing.. collision skills Go forward: tracking skills Applying pressure: tackling and ball recovery Prevent territory: tackling Support of team mates: Double hits-tackle completion; contesting possession Regain possession & CA: ball recovery, passing, kicking and catching

24 Breakdown Measuring Def Breakdown Quality and type of tackle Tanker effectiveness-decision making Baller effectiveness-decision making Amount of ball turned or slowed Over all Work rate of tackler

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