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Crimson and Cream, Black and Blue Youngstown State University.

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1 Crimson and Cream, Black and Blue Youngstown State University

2 Photo taken from Photo taken from 9 men, most former students, all members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., have been indicted. Two counts each of felonious assault. Two men were beaten during off- campus rituals in January and February. Pledges were beaten with fists, a paddle and a wire clothes hanger, said Breylon Stubbs, one of the victims.

3 Photo taken from Michael Charles, 28 Jason Anderson, 27 Jairus Ford, 32 Jerome Justice, 28 Lavell Sharp, 25 Trey McCune, 21 Wade Hampton, 24 Edward Robertson, 28 Raheem Satterthwaite, 22 Of the nine indicted by a Mahoning grand jury, Trey McCune, 21 the only active YSU student. Police are still looking for a ninth man — Raheem Satterthwaite, 22

4 Photo taken from Youngstown State University President Cynthia Anderson suspended the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity after allegations of hazing surfaced. "The circumstances of this case are outrageous and unconscionable and against the very fabric of everything that Youngstown State University stands for," YSU President Cynthia E. Anderson said at the time. Anderson called the case "outrageous, unconscionable and against the very fabric of everything that Youngstown State University stands for. Anderson and the university have revoked Kappa Alpha Psi's charter indefinitely pending further details


6 "After I went to the hospital the first time I was instructed to wear a red "X" on my chest. That way I wouldn't be able to get struck in my chest area," Stubbs said. "They were allowed to hit me anywhere else though." Breylon Stubbs, 22 and Resean Yancey, 20 are best friends, pledges of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., and victims of the hazing incidents at YSU. Stubbs said he and other pledges were at first made to attend study sessions to learn more about the fraternity and its history. He said the sessions progressed to nightly rituals in which he and friend and fellow pledge Resean Yancey, 20, were consistently beaten. “Some nights were worse than others. Some nights we got wood [paddled], and some nights we just got hit with fists,” said Stubbs. Stubbs said the paddling took place regularly. He said he and his friend also were subjected to full- force punches everywhere on the body and beaten with clothes hangers. Stubbs told the court he and Yancey were driving in a car shortly after one of the beatings, hit a pothole and Yancey started convulsing and foaming at the mouth. He then took Yancey to a hospital, where he was placed on a ventilator.

7 Judge Elizabeth Kobly disagreed with the assessment of the attorneys, sending each case to the Mahoning County grand jury. She also continued the $50,000 bond she earlier imposed on each of the men. Michael Charles, Jason Anderson, Jairus Ford and Jerome Justice waived their right to a preliminary hearing and were sent to the grand jury. Lavell Sharp, Trey McCune, Wade Hampton and Edward Robertson were bound over after testimony from one of the victims. Each felony count against the men carries a maximum eight-year sentence.

8 YSU President, Cynthia Anderson took immediate action The discipline "sends a clear message across campus and the community that YSU will not tolerate such behavior and will work to ensure that any student organization or individual that participates in such behavior is removed from the university," Jack Fahey, vice president for student affairs, said in a prepared statement. The definition of hazing in the campus code of student conduct: "which endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student" and makes it subject to disciplinary action. Kappa Alpha Psi will be suspended from Youngstown State University for 15 years for hazing and various other violations of the Student Code. The school's Student Judicial Board imposed a 10-year probation period after the suspension. Messages were left Friday at fraternity headquarters in Philadelphia.

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