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Bio- Gregory Penner Soy 20/20 Project May 27 th, 2005 mass to Chemistry toCars.

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2 Bio- Gregory Penner Soy 20/20 Project May 27 th, 2005 mass to Chemistry toCars

3 Overview How did petroleum win? Targets where biomass could be competitive A glimpse of the future What do we need to do?

4 The 20 th century belonged to petroleum. Most intermediate chemicals are made from petroleum. An average car contains 275 lbs of plastic. 2,250 Ontario plastics companies, shipped $14.7 B in products in 2003.

5 How did we get here? Petroleum was discovered in Ontario in 1858.

6 Oil has always beaten agricultural biomass on price.

7 Specific targets 1.) Automotive coatings

8 Dupont SuperSolids TM Paint Reduce VOC emissions 25% Works with existing equipment. Based on vinyl monomer with branched glutaric acid.

9 Vinyl Polymer Automotive coatings Vinyl Monomer Branched Glutaric Acid Acrylic Acid Esters C5H7O4C5H7O4 C3H4O2C3H4O2 $0.65/lb

10 A bio-based source? Soybean 20% oil $0.22/lb Canola 40% oil $0.25/lb

11 A bio-based source? Vegetable oil is composed of fatty acids. Stearic acid 18:0

12 Double bonds provide an opportunity. Stearic becomes Oleic C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-COOH-= Ozone

13 Fatty acids occurring in nature.

14 A new engineering opportunity Design fatty acid desaturases for targeted molecules C-C-C-C-C=C-C-C-C-C=C-C-C-C-C=C-C-C-C-COOH 20:4 divided in four  4 x Glutaric Acid

15 Summary An opportunity exists to make carboxylic acids from vegetable oil. Modification of plants is required. –Modification of specificity of desaturases –Modification of fatty acid composition Time will be required to create these modifications Concerns exist over the presence of industrial components in food crops

16 Specific Target #2 Bio-catalysis of useful chemicals

17 Corn Starch Corn $2.00/bushel $0.04/lb 70% Starch Starch $0.05/lb

18 What is corn starch anyway? Glucose polymer Glucose

19 Cargill/Dow Corn Biorefinery Polylactic acid

20 Future product aims Starch Glucose Lactic acid Propionic acid Acrylic acid H+H+ Lactobacillus Codexis

21 Summary Agricultural products Enzyme Evolution Competitive Chemical Costs

22 A glimpse of the future

23 Crops tailored for specific industrial markets Glutaric acid Adipic acid

24 Grain Elevators Bio-refineries Biomass  Monomers

25 Supply to existing chemical infrastructure. Dow Imperial Oil Sunoco Nova Lanxess Ethyl PetroCanada Invista Kosa Monomers  Polymers

26 Automotive parts clusters Polymers  Cars

27 We need to compete globally We need to be innovative We need to build on our strengths We need to build our own value chains

28 How do we make this happen?

29 An opportunity exists

30 Automotive Assembly Automotive Parts To lead we must be able to innovate. Petroleum Intermediate Chemicals Polymers Plastics

31 Automotive Assembly Automotive Parts The driver is reduced cost and increased value Biomass Intermediate Chemicals Polymers Plastics

32 We need to work together Automotive Industry Agriculture Enzyme Chemistry Process Engineers

33 Thank you

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