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2 Self Awareness Model (SAM) The Self Awareness 12-step model is for women of all races, cultures, and backgrounds. It is used as a set of guiding principles to encourage, promote, and empower women to break away from unresolved traumatic life experiences. This 12-Step Program is a set of guiding principles for recovery from addictive, compulsive behavioral problems. Will help women from all backgrounds become self aware of breaking their negative cycles and beating the odds they may face in their daily lives.

3 The 12 Steps of the SAM 1.Becoming self aware and admitting there are cycles in our life Family Generational Cycle -Intimate relationship -Friendship cycle -Environment cycle -Victim blaming cycle -Mental cycle Abuse (sexual, mental, physical, self) Education Drugs

4 Intimate Relationship Cycle Attracting the wrong/same kind of men Needy/can’t say NO Staying in a bad relationship “But, this is my baby’s daddy” Too giving “But, we have been together so long” “It’s too hard to find a man” “He will change”

5 Friendship Cycle Same old kind of friends Jealous friends Good friends/Bad friends/Childhood friends How to be a friend Choosing friends New friends

6 Environmental Cycle Product of your environment Because this is the way I was raised/taught/family tradition Relocating from your environment (drugs, violence) Better neighborhood/community housing Better opportunities (school, career, positive experiences, and quality of life)

7 Victim Blaming Cycle “Because this happened to me I can’t” “It’s your fault/ if it wasn’t for you” “Nobody loves me anyway” “Nobody has never done anything for me” “The world owes me” “The MAN got me down” “I can’t do it; why should I do it”

8 Mental Cycle Discover the traumas buried deep down inside us Be able to forgive unconditionally in order to gain closure and move on Let go of the past and everybody that is involved in it Think positive; surround yourself with positiveness Failure should be not an option

9 2.Becoming self aware of your environment If you never leave your environment you stay the same and do the same If you can not see outside of your environment you will remain stuck

10 3. Becoming self aware that you do not have to be the victim You were beaten, sexually assaulted, mistreated, or not loved You didn’t finish school, you are not smart, you can’t can’t keep up. It’s just too hard You are not as strong as someone else You have children You have no help or support

11 4.Becoming self aware that you do not have to be POOR Your entire family is poor You make minimum wages; you are struggling to make ends meet “Going to school is a waste of time; what good is a degree” “Somebody has to be poor” “I do not need to be rich”

12 5.Becoming self aware that you do not have to be what people say you are going to be “You will never be anything” “Nobody wants you, but me” “You will never change” “You will be back; you will not make it” “I failed; so will you” You are not good enough/smart enough “You are just dreaming; it’s not possible” “Nobody I know has accomplished anything”

13 6.Becoming self aware there are injustices in the world but that we can still rise above these obstacles and become successful You are a woman You are a woman of color You did not finish school You do not fit in You are poor You can not attend the best schools/universities/colleges Society says you can’t

14 7.Becoming self aware that we are women of strength who stand for survival, empowerment, motherhood, leadership, love, nurturing, beauty, respect, and courage to overcome anything You had children out of wedlock You have had children with more than one man You’re living off the “System” (welfare, food stamps/Section 8/projects/Medicaid, etc. You have been in bad/violent relationships You have been incarcerated

15 8.Becoming self aware of your worth You are are beautiful You deserve to be loved You are raising your children the best you can/ the best you know how! You don’t need a man to complete you, lay down next to you or provide for you financially You don’t need a man to define you

16 9.Becoming self aware of your fear of failing or success Because I might just be successful; then what? What good is it going to do me anyway? “I am afraid of what people will think or say about me” “I am too old; there’s no hope for me” “I am not smart enough” “I have been at my job so long; I can’t do anything else” “I have too many bills” “I don’t have the time” “I don’t need an education” “I already have enough; I am fine”

17 10.Becoming self aware of negative influences in your life Yourself Bad thinking Bad environment Bad family members Bad friends Bad relationships Bad job

18 11.Becoming self aware of change “I don’t want/need to change” “I like it just the way it is” “It’s too hard to find a good man/job” “It is easier to live off the System” Changing your attitude; your way of thinking Change is good Life brings changes “I have been like this all my life” You don’t have to face reality it will face you It’s never too late to change; you are never too old to change

19 12. Becoming self aware of your inner strength to change your past, to overcome traumatic obstacles, and to break barriers of self destruction You don’t have to continue your path of self destruction You don’t have to repeat your past cycles You don’t have to breed hate and anger You do not need to be an abuser because you were abused You don’t have to give up and die Life goes on Happiness is obtainable

20 12.Becoming self aware of your inner strength to change your past, to overcome traumatic obstacles, and to break barriers of self destruction Love is real -Forgiveness is divine Hope is alive - Success and prosperity is reachable Dreams are achievable -Believing is receiving Attitude is King in the battle to success -Life is worth living and you can live well!!!


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