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嘉興英語研習營 English Service Club, National Chiayi University 指導老師:廖招治教授 February 18-22, 2008.

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1 嘉興英語研習營 English Service Club, National Chiayi University 指導老師:廖招治教授 February 18-22, 2008

2 be was, were been 是 bear bore born / borne 出生 beat beat beaten / beat 打 become became become 變成

3 be was/were been 是 I will be in Taipei tomorrow. I was at home yesterday. You will be in Taipei tomorrow. Will you be in Taipei tomorrow? I have been in Pingtung for five days. Have you been to Pingtong? You were at home yesterday.

4 beat beat beaten 打 My brother beats me every day. I don’t like him. My mother beat me yesterday because I did something wrong. I was beaten by my mother yesterday.

5 bear bore born / borne 出生 I was born in Yunlin County. My mother will give birth to a baby next month. I hope the baby to be a boy/girl.

6 become became become 變成 I hope to become humorous. The prince became a frog. The frog became a prince. He has become my boy-friend. She has become my girl-friend.

7 begin began begun 開始 bend bent bent 彎曲 bet bet bet 打賭 bind bound bound 綑綁

8 begin began begun 開始 The school begins at 8:00 every day. It began to rain an hour ago.

9 bend bent bent 彎曲 The wood stick bends because of the sun. He bent the steel stick yesterday. He was strong because he ate some special drug. The steel stick was bent by him. The steel stick was light and thin.

10 bet bet bet 打賭 I bet you can do it. He bet me 50 dollars that the horse would win.

11 bind bound bound 綑綁 They bound him to a tree with a strong rope.

12 bite bit bitten 咬 bleed bled bled 流血 blow blew blown 吹

13 bite bit bitten 咬 My sister's dog bit me yesterday. I have been bitten by three dogs in this life. I am afraid of dogs. What are you afraid of?

14 bleed bled bled 流血 He was bleeding badly. Mary was bitten by a dog and is still bleeding now.

15 blow blew blown 吹 A breeze blows here every day. A breeze blew over the garden. The flags were blowing. The wind blew her hair. The storm blew down several large trees.

16 break broke broken 打破 He fell down and broke his ankle. She broke the world record for the broad jump. I determine that I will break the world record in golfing.

17 breed bred bred 孵 bring brought brought 帶 broadcast broadcast broadcast 廣播 build built built 建造

18 breed bred bred 孵 、繁殖 Rabbits breed quickly. They used to breed fish in the reservoir.

19 bring brought brought 帶 The waitress brought us a pitcher of lemonade. Please don't forget to bring your grammar books next time.

20 broadcast broadcast broadcast 廣播 The program is broadcast every Monday evening. The news was broadcast yesterday on TTV. I want to become a broadcaster.

21 build built built 建造 The house is built of wood. They are building a house.

22 Wedding Banquet

23 In a wedding banquet, Photo No. 22 is sure to find. It is called ‘Satisfaction’. There are white and red rice balls in the plate. Red is a lucky color. Round is a symbol of satisfaction.

24 This dish is raw fishes. It is Japanese food, called Sashimi. I like it. (I don’t like it.) Do you like Sashimi?

25 This dish has squid, crab legs, asparagus and corn in it.

26 No. 26 is a pot of soup. It has tofu in it. It has tofu and mushroom in it.

27 No. 27 is crab meat. It is delicious. The green spots are made of spinage. Spinage and spinach are the same thing.

28 Dish No. 28 is mutton. It is not beef or pork. When they are alive, they are sheep, goat, ox, cow, cattle, pig and piglet.

29 No. 29 is fish. I don’t know the name of the fish. If I know it next time, I’ll tell you.

30 No. 30 is a pot of fish soup.

31 No. 31 is a lotus. It is delicious. It is nice. It is good to eat.

32 No. 32 is a lotus, a piece of fish meat, and a date. It is a dried date.

33 No. 33 is called Sushi. I often eat Sushi as breakfast.

34 No. 34 has green vegetable in it.

35 I see an orchid in Dish No. 35.

36 I see grape, watermelon, orange, and fire dragon fruit in Dish No. 36. When we see the fruit dish, it means the wedding banquet is almost the end.

37 Which is your favorite dish? I like each dish. I like each dish in a wedding banquet.

38 It’s your turn. (Your turn.) It’s my turn. (My turn.) It’s his turn. It’s her turn. Whose turn is it now?

39 Let’s play UNO Blue Red Yellow Green 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

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