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Space exploration By Leanna Dejonghe and Maggie Duke.

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2 Space exploration By Leanna Dejonghe and Maggie Duke

3 Space exploration is the discovery of outer space. Space exploration all begin in the early 1950’s with an act called the “space race”. The space race was a battle between the United States and the Soviet Union on who could get a space craft into space the quickest. President Kennedy was determined to conquer the Russians in this battle and become the first country to launch themselves through the atmosphere and into space. President JFK speaking about the space race to the media

4 This continued for about 7 years with plenty of hard work and determination. Unfortunately on October 4th 1957 the Russians completed their goal and sent “sputnik” into orbit of earth for 98 min. With a feeling of being beaten and defeated we continued what we thought was impossible, before we become to explore the possibilities and options of traveling to space, people believed the thought of it was impossible. No one knew what was beyond our world and still at some points we still don’t. Russians space craft “Sputnik”

5 In July 1969, Neil Armstrong, Edwin “buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins were sent into space on mission “Apollo 11”. In 8 days they traveled to the moon and back. On the fourth day, they landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped foot on the surface of the moon. Being the first human beings to step foot on something in space besides earth it became a very big achievement for the United States and an even larger one for the world. “One small step for man, one large leap for mankind”. Neil Armstrong placing the USA flag on the moon

6 The qualification for a spacecraft to travel into space is very definite. It’s a vast infinite space with no air or atmosphere. Space is a vacuum. Things have to be completely and utterly perfect, one mess up and you could die. Space is HUGE

7 You also need very specific training to learn what to do when in space and how to operate the controls. The suits also has to be very detailed, used properly and correctly maintained to be perfect for its journey into the universe. Above, is a cockpit, it controls most of the things that happen while your in space, it takes over a month to learn every control

8 NASA’s science foundation was roughly one-fourth of NASA's full funds: $101.5 billion, or $2 billion a year. cost of project Apollo was between $20 and $25.4 billion in 1969 ($136 billion in 2007). The costs for Apollo 11 cost $28-billion (command module $17- billion; lunar module $11- billion) As you can see, in the late 1960’s the budget for NASA sky rocketed because of mission Apollo 11.

9 The reason we travel to outer space and learn about it and explore it is because of several things. The main one is the earth in which we live is the only planet we know that has oxygen and water to where we can survive. We search and learn about the universe to see if there is any other place that we would be able to live in case something bad was to happen to the earth and we would have to leave. Although, we have found ice particles on mars making us believe that there was once water on mars. Mars’ Ice Caps

10 People believe that to travel space and to explore it is extremely unnecessary and a waste of time and especially money put into funding it. They think that there is nothing out there because space is an empty hole of nothing and/or if there is we will never find it because of its size. Some also believe that to learn about it is not important to our well beings because it will benefit of us no way possible.

11 Others believe that we are meant to know about what is out there. People think that everything put into the study of the universe is completely needed. As well as money supplied to it. NASA (national aeronautics and space administration) has a space program that studies space and sends space crafts out of the atmosphere. In 2004 George bush discontinued funding’s for NASA’s space program. President Bush discontinuing funds

12 Leanna and I believe that everything put into space is 100% necessary and worth it. Space surrounds us. It’s filled with infinite amounts of questions and mysteries. Black holes and galaxies we have never heard of and 100 year old stars are only little things that compare to all the things we don’t know. Space is important we have to know things about it. It has to do with the life we live on and how we live. We are only the little things compared to all the things that inhabit space. We have to learn about the universe and what it’s all about. We can’t be clueless about what is out there, it isn’t an option.

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