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Challenges & Opportunities for Job Portals in the DACH Region.

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1 Challenges & Opportunities for Job Portals in the DACH Region

2 Agenda 1.The role of job portals 2.Germany’s Top 10 job boards (new jobs) 3.The Top 5 job boards in DACH (audience) 4.Specific traits of the 3 markets 5.Opportunities 6.Challenges 7.Discussion

3 Who’s talking? Eva Zils Founder of International Consultancy A native German, Eva is a trilingual Job Portal Expert and HR Tech Analyst. She has been consulting in the online recruitment industry in and from France since 2004. Her focus lies on global market developments, trends and strategies of online recruitment classified players and HR Tech. She depicts some of her reasonings and comments on what's going on in the markets in her HR blog. For more information, please visit +33 (0) 684 88 98 33

4 Talking about numbers ●Launch: ○July 2007 and 2011 ●Stats: ○more than 1,000 Posts, 70 pages ○Monthly and weekly Newsletters ○Social Media Channels ●Target readership: ○Modern recruiters, job portals & posting / HR communications agencies ●Media data (avg. per month): ○UV: 6,000 - 8,000 ○Page Views: 25.000 - 30.000 ○Bounce rate: 13-14% ○Google Page Rank: 5

5 Who, what and where are job portals supposed to be? Let’s find out!

6 Always moving to the top

7 Still very much alive & kicking … despite the presumed, inevitable death of job boards

8 Germany’s Top Job Boards % of all new jobs posted in August in the Top 10 (acc. to Jobfeed)

9 Germany’s Top 5 (JobScout24, Job Boards only - audience

10 Switzerland’s Top 5 Job Boards only - audience

11 Austria’s Top 5 / Job Boards only - audience

12 What’s so specific in the DACH region Prices Usage and importance of job portals Display Ads - Corporate Direct employers vs. recruitment agencies The role of job posting agencies

13 Always cycle along

14 Basically, what you must keep in mind is Recruiters are work-overloaded

15 Always handling a lot

16 Opportunities - Jobs official authorities state – 400,000 - 500,000 vacancies per month – 180,000 - 200,000 added per month Jobfeed data – 60,000 - 80,000 unique jobs posted per month

17 Google Search Trends

18 Google Keyword Planner

19 Google Search Trends 2

20 Opportunities & Potential Increase number of job postings Mobile Recruitment Hidden job market “Educate” recruiters Improve job board image Content Strategy Social Media

21 Social Media activities

22 Challenges “Bad Karma” image Aggregators Social Media Startups Language barriers Market knowledge

23 Go, harvest

24 Eva Zils M@il: Phone: +33 (0) 684 88 98 33 Contacts

25 Pics Credits Mountainbike © amygdala imagery – (000025949251) Tandem © adrenalinapura – (56857418) MonoCycle © Rawpixel – shutterstock (179786234)

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