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The Romanticism Movement Mariah Norris W. Stiern Ms. Marshall Standard:

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1 The Romanticism Movement Mariah Norris W. Stiern Ms. Marshall Standard:

2 Romanticism Movement Concept that included different art mediums from painting to music to literature A movement in literature and art in the late that started in the 18 th and early 19 th century in Europe that focused on nature rather than civilization

3 Romanticism Focuses on emotion rather than reason Celebrates beauty and wonder of nature an exciting and mysterious quality impractical romantic ideals and attitudes

4 Art Greatest achievement was paintings Romanticism exalted individualism, irrationalism, imagination, emotions over senses or intellect

5 Literature emphasizes the imagination, emotions, and creativity of the individual artist Idea of lyrical openness of style

6 Painters and Writers Thought each person brings a unique view to the world Believed you should use emotion to guide your creative output Famous painters like turner increased the popularity of landscapes

7 Nature presented as itself a work of art, constructed by a divine imagination, in emblematic language Romantic nature poetry is essentially a poetry of meditation

8 Sculptures The 19 th century was considered the golden age of sculptures Included Romantic quality or spirit in thought, expression, or action through Many considered the 19 th century to be the materials

9 Symbolism and Myth Used from mythology and dream imagery symbols were the human aesthetic correlatives of nature's emblematic language desire to express the "inexpressible

10 Hudson River School First school of landscapes in America. Their art subjects were romantic spectacles from the Hudson River Valley Active from 1835-1870

11 Bibliography “Romanticism” A Guide to the Study of Literature: A Companion Text for Core Studies 6, Landmarks of Literature, ©English Department, Brooklyn College. Lorrie Brown The romanticism movement January 27,2008.Date accessed :April 23,2010. vement vement Romanticism Date Accessed : April 23,2010

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