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As-Built Deficit Syndrome : Replacing 40 years of Negligence with Innovative Drawing data © 2011 Autodesk George Crowe Asset Management Coordinator (Colonial.

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1 As-Built Deficit Syndrome : Replacing 40 years of Negligence with Innovative Drawing data © 2011 Autodesk George Crowe Asset Management Coordinator (Colonial Pipeline Company) David Ellerbeck Senior GIS Analyst (Global Information Systems, LLC)

2 Class Summary This class will chronicle a pipeline company's struggle to maintain current engineering and design data without the use of archetypal in-house personnel and by reaching out to the industry at large to define and refine its best management practices. © 2011 Autodesk

3 At the end of this class, you will be able to: Identify risks associated with mismanaged data. Recognize the importance of CAD & Document Management standards. Create GIS-ready data within AutoCAD MAP 3D. Manipulate CAD and GIS in either application. Exploit the knowledge found in various User Groups. Participate in the next generation of industry solutions. Key Learning Objectives

4 Colonial Pipeline – Business Overview Interstate common carrier of refined petroleum products Over 5,500 miles of pipeline stretching from Houston to New York harbor Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA ~680 employees Transports approximately 100 million gallons per day: Gasoline Home heating oil Diesel fuel Commercial jet fuel Military fuels © 2011 Autodesk

5 As-Built Data … How Bad Can It Get? © 2011 Autodesk

6 Construction 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Expansion CAD Out-Sourcing Assimilation Integration © 2011 Autodesk Drafting Lifecycle

7 Data Standardization © 2011 Autodesk

8 Colonial Pipeline – Systems Overview ArcSDE, v. 10.0 SP1 ArcGIS Desktop v. 10.0 SP1 ArcGIS Server v. 10.0 SP1 Primary Usage: Engineering Design for all Pipeline Segments Risk Based Analysis Regulatory Compliance Initiatives AutoCAD MAP 3D v.2011 Autodesk Inventor v.2011 Primary Usage: Engineering Design Data for all Facilities Regulatory Compliance Initiatives WebSphere Application Server 6.0 MAXIMO Application Server 6.2.6 Primary Usage: Asset Management, Maintenance Planning, Inventory Control, Regulatory Compliance Tracking Adept v. Primary Usage: Engineering Document Control © 2011 Autodesk

9 CAD GIS DMSEAM AutoCAD LT AutoCAD Map 3D Inventor As-Built Data Processing ArcSDE ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS Server G-Forms Engineering Data CAD/Mapping Files CUI Priority Focus Priority © 2011 Autodesk

10 Data Ownership & Systems Integration © 2011 Autodesk

11 Common User Interface for the Masses © 2011 Autodesk

12 3D Facility Model Assessment © 2011 Autodesk

13 Regardless of the DMS chosen it should provide as a minimum: Strict controls of the use of native CAD data (drawings). Field availability to all drawings in an innocuous state (i.e.,.PDF,.DWF,.TIF, etc.). Redlining tools. Data submission processes. Workflow processes for accountability of data. Complement existing MOC processes. Document Management © 2011 Autodesk

14 Automated Data Links CAD EAM Every attempt should be made to automate CAD data with pertinent applications to ensure consistent and relative drawings are represented. © 2011 Autodesk

15 Drafting Standards Revisited © 2011 Autodesk

16 Drafting Protocols CAD DMS A comprehensive Drafting Standard is essential to ensure consistent and compliant data! If a Drawing Management System is utilized then its use and intent should be detailed in the Drafting Standard. Defined roles and responsibilities of anyone accessing the data. Auditing controls to maintain compliance with standards. CAD techniques kept to a minimum. © 2011 Autodesk

17 A full scale, geo-referenced, piping model of a given facility created in Model Space, and include some, or all, of the following: All petroleum piping andrelated products regardless of pressurization Foundations & permanent structures Property boundaries Contour lines Fencing All roads All permanent buildings All water features Fixed Electrical structures Fixed Cathodic Protection assets Fixed Environmental Assets Other assets directly related to the design and operation of the facility Master Station Layout Drawings © 2011 Autodesk

18 One (1) Master Station Drawing as a full scale, geo-referenced, piping model of a given facility. eXternally REFerenced File Use © 2011 Autodesk

19 Utilize pre-built templates forcing the use of the Page Setup Manager to depict the appropriate page size dependent for the format needed. Settings: “Full bleed” to eliminate page margins. Default plotter is DWF6 ePlot w/ no plot style table specified. The figure shown depicts a typical page offering. Paper Space Management © 2011 Autodesk

20 Plot parameters may need to be defined for all drawings housed in a DMS. However, external contractors may utilize various types of plotters requiring unique plot settings. Thus, plot settings should be reset prior to inclusion into the DMS. What to plot must be set to Extents. Center the plot must be selected. Scale: must be 1:1. Standard Plot Settings/Styles © 2011 Autodesk

21 Drawings with multiple sheets are housed in one file making it easier to ensure compliance during edits whether a Master Station Drawing is externally referenced or not. Maintain the sheet order by renaming the Layout Tabs accordingly Multiple Sheets (Layouts) © 2011 Autodesk

22 Creating GIS-Ready CAD Data © 2011 Autodesk

23 Integration Ingredients: 1.GIS Data 2.Geo-Referenced Photography 3.Geo-Referenced CAD Data Geo-Referenced Datasets © 2011 Autodesk

24 Integrating the Graphical Components © 2011 Autodesk

25 Process Demonstration … © 2011 Autodesk

26 “Nature Abhors a Vacuum” …and so should we. © 2011 Autodesk

27 Your feedback is very important to Autodesk. You can complete the session survey on your mobile device, PC, or at a survey station. Each completed session survey enters you in that day’s drawing for a free AU 2012 pass. You can help make AU 2012 better! Complete the AU Conference Survey at a survey station and receive an AU 2011 T-Shirt. © 2011 Autodesk Autodesk University Session Feedback

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