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Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd. SafetyNet Social Media Monitoring Results.

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1 Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd. SafetyNet Social Media Monitoring Results

2 Sample Media Monitoring Results To best illustrate how the SafetyNet program works, Ann Michaels & Associates prepared a sample case study. The results and analytical data are enclosed in this presentation. Social media monitoring is becoming increasingly important as social media becomes a dominant force in consumer opinion and an influence on where consumers choose to spend their money. Companies can use SafetyNet as a proactive means to monitor their brand online.

3 Results The following slides depict examples of weekly reports that are available with SafetyNet. Each result provides you with a link to the original source of the information, a brief snippet of the post/information, as well as the popularity rating. This rating determines the strength of the source – the more stars, the more popular and prominent this source is online. More readers are attached to stronger sources, so word of mouth may travel quicker through these venues. In the actual reports you receive, which are received via email, you would be able to click on the link to pull up and read the entire posting.

4 Results

5 Results

6 Quarterly Analytical Reports Analytical Reports are also available to provide you with further detail and analysis into the information collected. Quarterly reports are generated and prepared in a Power Point presentation on a quarterly basis, which is submitted via email to key staff within your organization. On the following slides you will see examples of the analytical data compiled during this review.

7 Strength of Information This report provides an overview of the strength of the sources that have been collected, which correlates with the stars assigned to each entry in your weekly report. With a large volume of information coming from high rated sources (9’s and 10’s), it shows the importance of monitoring what information is being discussed, as this information will typically see a strong reader base. Lower rated sources typically generate a lower readership, with the information being shared not widely read among your consumers.

8 Share of Voice This report will show you the sources of information where consumers are talking about you online. At a glance, you can see what forms of social media produce higher traffic regarding your concepts and brand. Additionally, if you want to compare share of voice among your locations, or compare your company’s share of voice with that of your competitors, this report would allow to do so.

9 Demographics Demographic information, including the age and gender of the author, can be collected to learn more about consumer demographics. This information is collected when possible, but is not available from all sources collected. You will see the number of unknown results at the bottom of each report.

10 Tone of Content The system will generate a report showing a snapshot of the tone of the information collected. One quick glance will show you how well your company and competitors are perceived and being discussed online.

11 MapOverlay Where are the conversations coming from? The larger the pushpin, the more data that is collected from that area. Hovering over the pushpins will show the exact number of posts/pieces of information from that geographical area.

12 Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. For more information, or to start the SafetyNet Program, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience. Kathy Doering Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd. 630-922-7804 ext.102

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