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WELCOME Program Overview Welcome Video. WELCOME BACK! “The smallest indivisible human unit is two people, not one; one is a fiction. From such nets of.

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1 WELCOME Program Overview Welcome Video

2 WELCOME BACK! “The smallest indivisible human unit is two people, not one; one is a fiction. From such nets of souls societies, the social world, human life springs.” Tony Kushner

3 GOOD NEWS! “You can’t have a positive life with a negative mind.” Bob Moward, Basketball Coach and Motivational Speaker

4 OVERVIEW  Welcome Back!  Good News!  Reflect on Reentry  Alignment  Practicum Expectations  Practicum Experience  Program Overview  Reflection


6 Finalize Your PAP and IPDP Engage in Reflective Practice Journal Your Experiences Select a Mentor Select a Program Partner (Optional) Stay Connected  Academy Liaison  Academy Coach  LinkedIn Submit Reflection Reports Apply for Grad Credit (Optional) PRACTICUM PROGRAM COMPONENTS

7 BUILD AND SUSTAIN ALIGNMENT PlanResponses Core Purpose/MissionWhy do you exist? What is your essential purpose? IdentityWho do you claim to be? How do others see you? Values/BeliefsWhat values and/or beliefs are closest to your heart? Capabilities/StrengthsWhat are your signature talents and strengths? Behaviors/DiSC StyleWhat is your behavioral style? ConstraintsWhat is limiting your progress or potential? Hopes/Dreams/ Expectations What do you hope to achieve as the leader in your life and/or the life of others? MeasuresWhat does success look like? Will you know it when you see it?

8 REFLECTION Reflection is an active process whereby the professional can gain an understanding of how historical, social, cultural and personal experiences have contributed to professional knowledge and practice (Wilkinson, 1996 ).

9 LinkedIn Group Social Connection Focused Issues/Topics Informational Updates Program Announcements Moderated Discussion Academy Tips and Tools Program Buddy Facilitator Coaching Personal Mentor

10 FIND YOUR VOICE As leaders we may have many voices, but our signature voice is found at the intersection between our inner voice that connects us with purpose, mission, and values to our outer voice that allows us to align with key stakeholders. SIGNATURE VOICE ZONE Voice for Self Voice for Others Ability to connect with core values. Ability to connect/ align with stakeholders

11 Character Choices define the person you are - values! Action choices do something, do nothing! Investment choices people you spend time with. David Cottrell, 2007 Your day, your month, your year are defined by the choices you make.

12 PRACTICUM Keys to success:  Sense of Purpose  Desire, Will  Focus  Resources  Resilience  Persistence  Other????

13 YEAR IN REVIEW Group Activity  15 minutes  Depict your “Collective” Journey  Use Available Materials  Display Results  Be Creative  Share Your Results

14 PROGRAM GOAL Provide relevant, learner-centered training and professional development for organizational leaders that is engaging, meaningful, useful, and which results in positive change and professional growth.

15 OPERATIONAL GUIDE 1.Appreciate, value, and respect differences. 2.Maintain confidentiality; no rank in the room. 3.Everyone participates; no one dominates. 4.Help us stay on track, be on time, stay engaged. 5.Give freely of your experience. 6.Keep an open mind. 7.Maintain a positive and appreciative group dynamic. 8.One speaker at a time; avoid interruptions. 9.Be an active and objective listener. 10.Have fun!

16 PROGRAM PRINCIPLES AND VALUES 1.Build and sustain a learning community of leaders. 2.Develop effective, inspired, transformational leadership skills. 3.Develop leadership communication and coaching skills. 4.Appreciate, value, respect, and celebrate diversity. 5.Recognize, value, and capitalize on strengths. 6.Examine relevant and cutting-edge theory and research. 7.Seek results in personal and professional growth. 8.Engage in dialogue and discovery, journaling, and reflective practice. 9.Seek to understand self and relationships; facilitate communication. 10.Make a difference in the lives of others.

17 PROGRAM TOPIC AREAS First session in residence Welcome and Overview Complex Role of Organizational Leaders Integrating and Celebrating Strengths Learning Leadership - Finding Your Voice Understanding Self and Others: Work Behavioral Styles Strategic Thinking and Acting Building Global Awareness and Cultural Intelligence Leading Effective Teams Effective Communication The Leadership Practicum Program Review and Closing

18 PROGRAM TOPIC AREAS Second session in residence Welcome and Practicum Reflection Strengths-Based Leadership Adaptive Leadership Leading and Managing Change Organizational Culture and Cultivating Followership Leader as Manager Leadership Assessment (MLQ) Managing the Enterprise Planning and Resourcing - Organizing and Staffing Assessing and Evaluating - Managing Conflict Coaching - Crisis Management - Developing Others The Leader’s Ethical Compass Celebrating Excellence, Closing, and Graduation

19 CONTINUING PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN Claim the Objects of Your Desire Great Leaders Grow Gain Knowledge Reach Out to Others Open Your World Walk Toward Wisdom Build Your Skill Set Add to Your Tool Box Refine Your Approach Master Your Style

20 ISSUE BANK The Issue Bank is a blank sheet of paper that is posted and used to record important issues. Items to include in the Issue Bank: Topics that will be addressed later Questions that should be deferred until the end of the current agenda Items that should be the subject of future agendas Announcements ANYONE MAY POST AN ISSUE!

21 SCHEDULE OVERVIEW TimeDAY 1DAY 2DAY 3DAY 4DAY 5 8-8:30 AMWelcome/Overview 8:30-10 AM Reconnect Webinar (one week before Academy) 9:30-10 AM REGISTRATION Leading & Managing Change Organizational Culture & Communication Managing the Education Enterprise Coaching & Talent Development Case Study 10:15-12 PM Welcome, Overview Week 2, Practicum Reflections 12-1 PMLunch 1-3 PM Strengths-Based Leadership 34 Themes Report Leader as Manager MLQ & LSPS Bring Results Decision Making and The Leader’s Ethical Compass Encouraging the Heart 3:15-5 PM Adaptive Leadership 3:00 PM  Reflection  Networking Case Study 3:00 PM  Program Close Reflect/ Journal/ CPDP Group Dinner

22 CLASS PARTY  Thursday at 5:30  Need volunteers to organize  YOU pick the theme and MC the exchange of gifts  Details to follow

23 SUMMARY  Glad You’re Back!  Plan on a good week.  Work together to ensure success.  Keep an eye on the schedule.  Have fun!


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