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Gupta Dynasty Re-Unites India (Classical India) CE

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1 Gupta Dynasty Re-Unites India (Classical India) 375-550 CE
OVERVIEW: Chandra Gupta founded it Peaceful great traders strong art, science and mathematics Hinduism dominated The Gupta have strong central govt which allowed a degree of local control


3 Politics Chandra Gupta (320-335 AD)‏ Samudra Gupta (335-375 AD)‏
Alliances & Conquest Consolidated Power & Territory Drove out the Kushans Samudra Gupta ( AD)‏ Chandra Gupta II ( AD)‏ Decentralization Peace & Prosperity (Faxian)‏ 3


5 Chandra Gupta I (reigned AD 320-c. 330),
Pataliputra : Mauryan capital: magnificent palaces, temples, parks Path to Power Increased the power and territory of his regional kingdom by marrying Princess Kumaradevi whose family controlled northern India/Nepal. Other N. Indian territories joined this alliance for protection and trade as his power grew Kumardevi and Chandragupta I ce Gold Dinar

6 Samudra Gupta (son of Chandra)
launched wars of conquest across N. India Built a larger Gupta empire Wealth came from many mines owned by govt

7 Gupta Economy owned gold mines, silver mines, and vast lands.
rent money from farmers funded government (govt owned the land) Silk Road served Gupta, Han, Rome and Persia Dynasties Indian merchants shipped ivory, jewels, and textiles, salt and iron The Romans traded glass, jewels, and clothes. Chinese merchants traded silk, spices, tea, and porcelain. The Gupta Empire profited greatly from religious trade and religious pilgrims. 7


9 Gupta social life VERY wealthy civilization
enjoyed gardens, music, and daily bathing ate lots of variety; rice, bread, fish, milk, fruits and juices. slave labor Hinduism became more organized & temples became more important. Women lost rights compared to under Buddhism Child marriage became common for girls HINDUSIM returns as dominant religion

10 Gupta Math/Science Invented numbers 1-9, decimal system, pi
Zero invented by Aryabata Charted planets and star movements recognized the Earth is round and rotates on its axis and revolves around sun. Indian physicians excelled in medicines, caesarean section, bone setting, and skin grafting, smallpox vaccination

11 Gupta Buddhist Art AJANTA CAVES
depict the stories of Buddhism spanning from the period from 200 bce to 650 ce.

12 12

13 AJANTA CAVES During the 4th century c.e.
Buddhist monasteries and prayer halls. twenty-nine caves adorned with elaborate painting and sculptures 13

14 Ajanta Caves The Ajanta caves depict the stories of Buddhism spanning from the period from 200 bce to 650 ce. The 29 caves were built by Buddhist monks using simple tools like hammer & chisel. The elaborate and exquisite sculptures and paintings depict stories from Jataka tales. The caves also house images of nymphs and princesses. 14

15 the Sarnath Buddha

16 Gupta Decline Later Gupta rulers lived extravagantly, which weakened the people’s loyalty. Guptas weakened by the expense of the War with White Huns and competing India kingdoms 16

17 White Huns c. 500ce invade through Kyber Pass and Ganges Valley
destroyed cities and reduced Hindu temples to rubble. Feudal provinces declare independence when Gupta are destroyed India seperates into independent kingdoms. not unified again until the Muslims in the 11th century

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