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Bluff!!!. What is a codex? An illustrated book.

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1 Bluff!!!

2 What is a codex?

3 An illustrated book.

4 This is a page from the _________ Codex.

5 This is a page from the Borgia Codex.

6 Why do so few Maya books exist today?

7 The Spaniards burned them.

8 Does this depict royalty or deities?

9 Deities

10 Is Quetzalcoatl one of the deities depicted?

11 Yes, on the right.

12 What is the meaning of the symbols in the left and right margins?

13 They have to do with the calendar; they mark days.

14 What is the name of this structure?

15 The Great Temple.

16 Was it built to honor Gods or Kings?

17 Gods.

18 Was one of the gods Quetzalcoatl?

19 No, it was for Huitzilopochtili and Tlaloc.

20 Superimposition is a common trait in Mesoamerican architecture. What is superimposition?

21 Building newer structures on top of older structures.

22 What is this place called?

23 Machu Picchu

24 Where is Machu Picchu?

25 Peru.

26 The first non- native to come to Machu Picchu was from what country?

27 Hiram Bingham was American.

28 Why is this place so rare and important?

29 It was found undisturbed for centuries, unlike other similar Inka towns.

30 It is built on a pagan temple and/or the temple ruins serve as a foundation.

31 What is the name of the Native American tribe who made this katsina figure?

32 The Hopi.

33 What does this katsina depict?

34 A rain deity.

35 The geometric symbols on the deity’s mask represent?

36 Water and/or agricultural fertility.

37 What is the purpose of this vessel?

38 It is strictly decorative.

39 This style of pottery is called ____ on ____ ware.

40 This style of pottery is called black on black ware.

41 Maria Montoya Martinez coiled (formed), burnished and slipped the pots. So who painted them?

42 Her husband Julian.

43 The dancer who wears this mask could magically do what with this mask?

44 Turn himself into an eagle, and then back to a human.

45 What is this type of mask called?

46 A transformation mask.

47 What part of North America is this mask frrom?

48 The Northwest Coast.

49 What does one of the forms on a totem pole represent?

50 A crest, an animal, or a supernatural being.

51 In the 19 th century, what made it possible for totem poles to be made faster and larger than ever before in Haida history?

52 The arrival of metal tools.

53 What type of weaving is this called?

54 Chilkat blanket

55 Were men or women involved in the creation of Chilkat blankets?

56 Both men and women: men would make the design and the women would weave them.

57 What does this Yupik Eskimo mask represent?

58 The spirit of the north wind.

59 In the 19 th century what threatened to completely eradicated the traditional arts of the Northwest Coast and the Eskimos?

60 Any of these: Epidemics Government oppression Missionary oppression

61 What once covered the Inkas’ temple walls?

62 Gold, silver and emeralds.

63 The city of Cuzco, it is believed, was shaped like a puma in ancient times. What did the puma symbolize to the Inka?

64 Royal power.

65 Did the Inka build the temple walls with stone and concrete?

66 No, they ground the stones edges to fit perfectly together.

67 Which is true: a.The temple was destroyed by earthquakes on several ocasions, but the pious Inka people kept rebuilding it. b.The structure resists earthquakes.

68 How is the foundation of the church of Santo Domingo very similar to many other old churches across southern Europe?

69 Whose murdered, chopped-up body is depicted here?

70 The moon godess a.k.a. Coyolxuahqui.

71 True or false: the Aztecs used three calendars.

72 False: they had two, one sacred, one solar/agricultural.

73 True or false: the class of the most highly educated priests were the cleanest and best- dressed Aztecs the Spanish encountered.

74 False. They were filthy from ritual bloodletting.

75 When the Aztecs sacrificed a foe, they would tumble them down the stairs of the great temple. Onto what did they land?

76 Onto this large stone disk depicting Coyolxauhqui or the moon godess.

77 Time to draw.

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