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Bison Seals Bull Terra-cotta Copper/bronze.

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4 Bison Seals Bull


6 Terra-cotta Copper/bronze

7  Outpouring of science, literature, music and the visual arts  It established the iconography of Hindu and Buddhist divinities. A more unified style:  Hinduism is on the rise Sandstone statue of preaching Buddha, fifth century ad. Archaeoiogicai Museum, Sarnath.

8  Represents the god Shiva, and Vishnu, instead of Buddha Relief showing Vishnu -. Vishnu Temple. The thick and animated network of figures on a variety of levels,and the luminosity and sensuality of the high-relief sculpture are very striking.

9  India-strong and expanding (Buddhist and Hindu)  Cult of Siva dominant (Siva Nataraja Lord of the Dance- spoke of creation and destruction)  Temples are shaped to represent the mountain residence of Siva  Temples are lavishly decorated, strict rules of symbolism  Detailed, often erotic figures decorated temple  The Muslims would gain control of northern India at the end of the century and not allow the icon symbolism In Europe- the Middle Ages (dominance of the church), time of the crusades.

10 Name: Kandariya Mahadeo Temple Place: Khajuraho Time Period/Chronology: C.1000 A.D the largest and most ornate Hindu temple in the medieval temple group found at Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, India. It is considered one of the best examples of temples preserved from the medieval period in India.

11  The main spire or shikhara rises 31 m to depict Mount Meru, the holy mountain of Shiva and is surrounded by 84 miniature spires  Decorating the sides of the temple are over 646 statues -Khajuraho extended over 21 sq. km and contained about 85 temples built by multiple rulers from about 950 to 1050. -its remoteness probably saved it from the desecration that Muslim conquerors generally inflicted on Hindu monuments. They were rediscovered in 1838 -Of the 85 original temples—most constructed of hard river sandstone—about 20 are still reasonably well preserved. Both internally and externally the temples are richly carved with excellent sculptures that are frequently sensual and, at times, sexually explicit.

12 Many of the side panels depict Shiva in the presence of apsaras, consorts, and other divinities. These erotic figures do not span the whole temple and are not to be found among the 226 found inside


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