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Reasons for Art. Wearable Art Worn for spiritual worship.

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1 Reasons for Art

2 Wearable Art Worn for spiritual worship

3 Subali/Sugriwi – Balinese Mask

4 Idols to Worship Objects wish become fetishized

5 Spiritual Figure / Idol Nkisi Nkonde African Power Figure

6 To Tell A Story from the Past

7 The Story Teller 1964 Helen Cordero

8 To Communicate An Opinion or Point of View Very common today: Post Modernism

9 Ben Shahn Liberation1945

10 Visualize Dreams Surrealists Dada

11 Salvador DaliThe Broken Bridge and The Dream1945

12 Document the feeling of a Place Impressionists

13 Georges Seurat A Sunday Afternoon at the Island of La Grande Jatte 1884-1885

14 Depict the Beauty of Nature

15 Georgia O’Keefe Black Iris 1926

16 Political Commentary Murals Public Art

17 David Alvaro Siquerios For the Complete Safety of All Mexicans (detail of Mural)

18 Personal Identity (self-portraits) Not only images of the person Self- exploration Psychological Cross-over with surrealism

19 Frida Kahlo The Frame 1938

20 Illustrate a Story (Myth) Educate the viewer about a particular culture

21 Marc Chagall Then the Daughter of the Pharoh Opened the Arke and Sawe it was a Childe, From the Story of Exodus 1966

22 Marc Chagall La Chute d’lcare 1974-1977

23 Metaphor “juxtaposition” of two elements to create what is called a “third term” Also called a “poetic image”

24 Winslow HomerThe Gulf Stream1899


26 Environmental Conservation Attention to the environment

27 Christo & Jeanne-Claude The Umbrellas, Japan & USA 1984-91

28 Document of an Actual Place Photo realism Photograph

29 Richard EstesWoolworth’s1974

30 Richard EstesWaverly Place1980

31 To Depict Everyday life

32 George SegalThree People on Four Benches1979

33 Question Artworld Conventions Usually establish an art historical turning point or “movement”

34 Marcel DuChamp Nude Descending a Staircase 1912

35 Others Reasons To Make Art?

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