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1 Getting PowerPoint Right. 2 The Views Normal Slide Sorter Slide Show.

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1 1 Getting PowerPoint Right

2 2 The Views Normal Slide Sorter Slide Show

3 3 Toolbars & Commands You Need: Picture Toolbar Group/Ungroup/Regroup Order Duplicate Shadows Arial Font

4 4 Reasons to hate PowerPoint 1.The corny clip art that never quite says what you want 2.The same tasteless design templates that everyone else uses 3.The predictable slide layouts 4.The endless sequences of bullet points 5.The distracting animations and transitions 6.The confusing charts full of chart junk 7.The patronizing visualization of simple concepts 8.The logos, headers and footers on every slide 9.The monotonous uniformity 10.The excessive use of text

5 5 Do you need a slide show? If you don’t need visual aids to make your point, don’t bother. Use visual aids where they enhance your presentation. Use PowerPoint for your audience’s benefit, not yours.

6 6 Why do you need a slide show? To inform. To teach. To sell. To entertain.

7 7 Nothing When interacting with the audience. When visuals would not aid understanding.

8 8 Text When quoting someone. When making a precise statement. When making a reference that the audience might like to note down.

9 9 Five Ways to Fix this Quote "We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it - and stop there; lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove-lid. She will never sit down on a hot stove-lid again - and that is well; but also she will never sit down on a cold one anymore." -Mark Twain

10 10 Bullets When stepping through a number of related points (as bullets). When stepping through a sequence (as a numbered list).

11 11

12 12 Table When presenting two-dimensional data. When summarizing a procedure.

13 13

14 14 Chart To explain relationships between numbers (comparisons, trends, etc.).

15 15

16 16 Diagram To depict layouts and structures. To depict the relationship between concepts.

17 17 Reproduce this Drawing (Hard Way) The Eclipse of Mars

18 18 Reproduce this Drawing (Easy Way)

19 19 Picture As a simple representation or facsimile (photographs and illustrations).

20 20 Ten Ways to Change this Picture:

21 21 Advanced Picture Stuff

22 22 Animation When depicting abstract relationships over time (processes, how things work, etc.). To attract attention or entertain. To simulate reality (as with 3D graphics).

23 23 Animations 1.Text- Wipe from Left 2.Cylinder- Stretch from Bottom 3.Heart- Zoom in 4.Head- Bounce

24 24 Advanced Animation Stuff

25 25 Audio To add music or sound effects. When presenting to users what someone or something sounds like.

26 26 A Cinderella Story

27 27 Video When presenting real-life events.

28 28

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