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Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 1 1.implicit clear? 2.image combo? 3.get inventory 4.time matching routine (special time matching routines for graphics)

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1 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 1 1.implicit clear? 2.image combo? 3.get inventory 4.time matching routine (special time matching routines for graphics) inventory and preferred frame count 5.create sequence object: IRSeq (dynamic first) MAPSeq (static follow) 6.adjust frames – create three additional frame objects (one for each data time) identified by frame time 7.create IR tuple for each time (four) – also creates depictable object 8.put tuples into frames load METAR (repeat steps 1 – 8) IRSeq SAOSeq MAPSeq create two METAR tuples for 23:00 and 00:00 – also graphic depictable object Miscellaneous 23:0023:1523:3023:45VIS 23:0023:15NullTime23:45IR 21:0022:0023:000:00METAR stipple fill – transparent stipple map depictable server – instantiates depictable objects depictable does replication once zoom gets past 1:1 with data resolution ID Combo Graphic Depict Image Depict Depictable GrDPV Meta } load order list

2 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 2 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) Map Backgrounds Stored in FSL’s own format (BCD – Binary cartographic description). This consists of positions of extremes and lat/long points of vectors. Progressive disclosure number is in km. Data Acquisition Comms Router SBN Radar TCP/IP->DMQ FSL/FD Bridge RPC->DMQ Sat. Data Controller Grid Data Cont. Text Contr Radar Contr Text DB Decoder Radar Storage Sat Raob Decoder METAR Decoder CDoT Decoder Informix Notification to Workstation Data XFR. Pipes  Exec Notif   only

3 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 3 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Data Acquisition – cont. 1.acqserver receives header for Sat. image 2.written into file /data/fxa/goes/time. 3.core product is finished 4. 5. Comms Router wfo api acqserver LDM Cron LDAD Server FD CP Simpact (ethernet) sockets rpc ftp event data/event events AFOS CommSrv TermServer 9600 DB25 RS232 AFOS

4 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 4 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Satellite – Clipping, Remapping (Mapping Table) – netCDF Text Decoder – WMO ID, Cross reference with AFOS Pils, Creates AFOS 9 Char ID and stores using 9 Char ID CDOT – Own Decoder ALERT – Own Decoder Binary file MESONET – Own Decoder Profiler – Decode BUFR, profiler data, plot netCDF Lightning (bin) – Decode proprietary (stored by lat/lon, flat file). Bundled into one minute buckets by NWSTG (3 min delay from strike to display). Radar – Stored in raw format as received from RPG (flat file) in run-length encoded format. Radar graphics decoded by depictable on-fly. Paired radar products = text + graphics. RAOB – Decoding text. Compressed BUFR (decompression software from Canada), stored into netCDF and plotfile. \/\/ Data Acquisition – cont.

5 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 5 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. SHEF Encoder/Decoder – Hydro METAR – Plotfile and netCDF (for LAPS) hourly. (Plotfile is a binary file which conatins only some of the METAR fields/parameters.) Grid – GRIB decoder. Stored in netCDF by src/scale/ model type/model run. (After 3D volume is in, then grids are also converted to theta coordinates and stored in same netCDF file.) A file per model run. Redbook Graphics – Graphics decoding on-the-fly (TDL now has Redbook graphics decoder – 8 graphic types) NOTE: Data key is used to create path name (less time – which is added later) C-envelope around grid accessors Data Acquisition – cont.

6 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 6 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Purger – Runs every ½ hour by number of files (display- usable files). Raw data is stored in temp. files before stored in “usable” files, then deleted unless error. Scour – Used to delete log files and some temp. data files Archive of Informix text db daily (for backup) Notification Data Acq. Client Register (Depict Key) 1 Notification Server Depict Notification (Depict Key, Data Time) 2 Display Client Unregister (Depict Key) Data Notification (Data Key, Data Time) Data List Data Key Client List Depict Key->{IPC target} Notification List Depict Key Check notification list Update notification list

7 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 7 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Inventory Two concepts of time 1. Abs Time – Single point in time 2. Data Time – Reference Time Forecast Time Valid Period Access Time Data Key Two types of inventory 1. Data Inventory 2. Depictable Inventory Inventory Methods 1. By file name (radar, raster images, profiler, RAOBs, lightning, METAR plots, and Redbook) 2. By file inspection (RAOBs, profiler time/height, grids, local data) 3. By Informix (text) Caveats to Inventory approximate receipt time for Redbook lightning over file valid period recursive for grids (can go fairly deep) e.g. temp. advection depends on temp, u, and v

8 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 8 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Data Accessor Grid Accessor Grid Slice Accessor NetCDF Grid Accessor [ Depictable e.g. wind wind (incl. u and v) w = u + v Grid Slice Accessor Uses virtual field table (ASCII file) u, v Grid accessor gets the desired field that was asked for. In case of vectors, it is vector components.

9 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 9 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. UI Library (Class Library) 1)Hide OI 2)Pre-Defined Layouts (Geometry Layouts) PaneUI Device Menu PanePaned PaneUI Device PaneButtonGaugeText Entry Field * Menu TJ – T to B LJ – L to R Display Tuple Table – is a hash table used by (pict?)

10 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 10 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Depictable Contains data and methods for turning data into a viewable display. :: paint (graphics target*, depictor*, zoom and intensity info., extent) \ pointers / Painter Class Abstract class for drawing Painter for X, Painter for images, Painter for Postscript drawing to screen multicolor graph printer annotation color bar (character buffer?) Using stroke fonts (resizable and rotation) IGC knows whether it needs X painter or image painter Depictor Class Describes frame of reference for display and also for data Handles: 1. geographic scales; 2. thermodynamic; 3. cross-section

11 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 11 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Depictable - continued Xform Class H andles mapping from grid indexing (lat/lon) to arbitrary x,y Can go both ways Xform Functions Combines it with zoom or roam state Remapping Tables Checks memory, if not found checks disk, if not found then creates table FORTRAN Interface Used only by depictable 67 175 0 920

12 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 12 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Depictable - continued FORTRAN Graphics Module Gives FORTRAN graphics access to Xform and painter so they can do graphics similar to depictable FXA process owns menu for graphics control (magnification and density) – not owned by depictable. However, depictable performs - Magnification, density, and zoom - Interrogate, Home point (geo-reference) Process for adding new depictables is well-defined CWB has created a CGM depictable Map depictor provides CGM (Allows changing frame of reference) Do not have a time-series depictable Base class exists that contains code that is common to depictables

13 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 13 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Applications APP FXA IGC #1 IGC #5 (pipe) stdin stdout (pipe)...... Start Stop App Mgr Set Text Table App

14 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 14 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Applications - continued Table contains info on: Key | Label | Exec | Argum. | Prestart | OneOnlyAllowed | Restart | @@-Load {depictKey}e.g. 2916632 @@-LoadModeset current load mode @@-ReqUserIDwhat is user ID @@-Exportexport data into specified format Depict key between 13000 & 13999 to read an external data file

15 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 15 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Applications - continued I/A Skew-T Application (ISP) IGC FXA list of file names APP @@-export IGC::export() exported Keeps track of which application has outstanding export requests scale_changed load_modechanged exported user_id

16 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 16 9/17/96 - Technical Discussions (PRC) – cont. Extension IGC Create Extension Ext Process Object Example: Baseline Baseline extension uses a file and file accessor to make baseline available universally on workstation (shared file).

17 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 17 secload zoom 9/20/96 – WFO-Adv Timing Tests (J200) OPT2=block OPT3 for J 256MB FSL#1 IState Scale:1 FrameRadar Refl.ZV Combo IIState Scale: 8 Frames (First Frame) IIIWFO Scale: 1 Frame 1.318.96:402.718.9 0.718. 0.818.71.81.318.6 0.818.81.01.4 18.520:1520.3 1.43.1 0.81.1 0.81.3 1.42.9 1.52.0 0.91.0 1.01.9 1.5 BA A sec B zoom secpan secload zoom secpan secload zoom secpan

18 Miscellaneous (original) Sep 96 18 End Notes This document was created September 1996 by Herb Grote. The original is handwritten/drawn and is included in a spiral-bound document titled “WFO- Advanced Seminar.” The material was used for a presentation to the Taiwan CWB. It was recreated December 2005 by John Osborn, most recently edited March 2006 by Joe Wakefield.

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