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ELA MS/HS Collaborative gQLqv9f4o&feature=youtube_gdata_player gQLqv9f4o&feature=youtube_gdata_player.

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1 ELA MS/HS Collaborative gQLqv9f4o&feature=youtube_gdata_player gQLqv9f4o&feature=youtube_gdata_player April 18, 2013 12:30-3:30

2  Think about recent successes and challenges that you have experienced in your classroom.  Record any successes you would like to share on the Stars poster.  Record anything you wish to have help with on the Wishes poster Stars/Wishes


4 Sentence/Phrase/Word Claims activity MAISA units Resources/materials SBAC information 10 Things book Teaching strategies Gots/Needs Feedback

5 More time Materials to supplement MAISA units Assessment ideas Full day collaboratives Mentor/exemplar texts for writing types Additional SBAC examples Open discussion time Standards Based Assessment Common Core Assessments (create) Needs

6 ents/tri-state-ela-rubric.pdf read-text-6-12.pdf Informational Text Resources

7   and-the-common-core-standards-reading-strategies-for- informational-text/?nl=learning&emc=learninga1 and-the-common-core-standards-reading-strategies-for- informational-text/?nl=learning&emc=learninga1  core-practice-college-basketball-defining-bullying-and- water-in-india/?nl=learning&emc=edit_ln_20130321 core-practice-college-basketball-defining-bullying-and- water-in-india/?nl=learning&emc=edit_ln_20130321 

8 Chapter 6: Frames

9 1.In small table groups, choose a book with a lead that catches your attention. 2.Write the lead on a sentence strip and begin to categorize them on chart paper. Stacks of Leads

10 Chapter 7: Cohesion

11  Automatic Transitions ideas-using-transition-words-phrases-and-clauses  Manual Transitions

12 Like humans, African elephants are usually born singly. Elephants weigh 200 pounds or more at birth, but even a youngster this size isn’t safe from lions and other predators. If a baby elephant wanders away from its herd, an older sister will often act as a babysitter and guide it back to safety. A typical elephant herd includes twelve to fifteen family members led by an older female. Young elephants are well cared for until they are about twelve years old. At this age, males leave the group to live on their own. Females, however, stay with the herd and help take care of the younger siblings, bathing them, feeding them, and keeping them safe. -Sisters and Brothers: Sibling Relationships in the Animal World

13 Sum It Up!

14  See writing as performance.  Play with sentence patterns and length.  Punctuate your style.  Read a variety of texts with an eye (and ear) for energy.  Make it personal.  Read your writing aloud to find rhythm and fluency. Chapter 8: Energy

15 Chapter 9: Words

16 Verb Sorts

17 vocabulary?utm_campaign=digest&utm_medium=email &utm_source=digest 1.Skim through pages 214-222. 2.How could you use paint chips with your students? 3.Whip around Vocabulary Paint Chips 5. Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.

18 Chapter 10: Clutter

19 D elete unnecessary and repeated words. R earrange sentence parts/chunks. A dd connector words. F orm new verb endings. T alk it out. DRAFT sentence combinations

20 “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” Charles Mingus

21   y/TasksUnitsStudentWork/default.htm y/TasksUnitsStudentWork/default.htm Common Core Resources

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