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Step Three: Note Cards The Research Paper. Mutant Frog Cat!

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1 Step Three: Note Cards The Research Paper

2 Mutant Frog Cat!

3 Requirements (Turned in twice) 1 card with name and period 3 bibliography cards 20 note cards Must be connected with rubber band or other connecting power.


5 What are Bibliography Cards? Bibliography Cards have the information on your actual sources. ◦ Author, title of publication, article title, date, all that good stuff. You will use your bibliography cards to complete your “Works Cited” page. ◦ Without a Works Cited page, your paper would be plagiarized.

6 Writing Bibliography Cards You will be citing using the MLA Humanities Style. Different types of sources (books, edited books, magazine articles, news articles, websites) are cited in different formats. ◦ The Research Paper, pages 86-99, gives you instructions and examples for many types.

7 Example Bibliography Card Sorenson, Sharon. The Research Paper: A Contemporary Approach. 2 nd ed. New York: AMSCO School Publications, Inc., 2006.


9 Two Different Types! Bibliography CardsNote Cards Information about Sources Each Due Date requires 3. Information from Sources Each Due Date requires 20.

10 Why do Note Cards? Learn essential research paper technique  (The small size of index cards reflects the small size of the information bits you’re collecting.) ◦ Therefore, each index card will only have ONE piece of information. ◦ And only reference one source. Also, it helps you organize your paper in a dynamic way. Just take small pieces of information from your sources!

11 What to Include on Note Cards 1. The Slug ◦ This 2-3 word title categorizes the information on your card ◦ Base it on your Working Outline  It will help you figure out what section of your paper to put information in. 2. The Author’s Last Name 3. The Page Number ◦ When applicable  If from a website, type n.p. 4. The Piece of Information Essential to avoid plagiarism!

12 2 nd Requirement in Detail Plan A: Author’s Last Name ◦ If you have this, you don’t need title Plan B: If no listed author, use Title ◦ Title is not url  NOT  “BMHS – Bishop Montgomery High School”

13 2 nd Requirement in Detail Plan B: If no author, write Title (cont.) ◦ Punctuate  “Article or Webpage Title”  Book Title ◦ Use keywords  “William Shakespeare’s Early Life: Growing up in Stratford upon Avon”   “Stratford upon Avon”  “Shakespeare’s Early Life”  “Early Life”

14 A Sample Note Card When John Turner was captured by Chinese pirates, he witnessed the torture of a man from the Chinese navy, who “was nailed to the deck through his feet with large nails, ‘then beaten with four rattans twisted together, till he vomited blood.’” Violence of Historical Pirates (Cordingly 14) Slug Piece of Information (Partial Quotation) Author’s Last Name Page Number

15 Ways to Record Information Direct Quotation Partial Quotation ◦ Some your words, some theirs. Précis ◦ Brief summary ◦ Much shorter than original ◦ ALL your own words Paraphrase ◦ Be careful! ◦ Each and every word must be your own.  If having trouble with a part of it, make it a partial quotation. Outline ◦ Good for lists

16 Remember! Anytime you use an author’s exact words (even if it is a phrase or a key word), it must be in quotation marks and cited. Anytime you use an author’s ideas, but your own words, you do not use quotation marks, but you still cite it.

17 A Side Note on Plagiarism Plagiarism Plagiarism: presenting someone’s words or ideas as your own. Three Ways to Avoid Plagiarism: 1.Do NOT use exact words from a source without putting them inside quotation marks. 2.Do NOT reword a passage without crediting the source. 3.Do NOT summarize a passage without crediting the source.

18 Research!!! EBSCOhost ◦ ◦ User ID: bmhs ◦ Password: bishmont WorldBook ◦ ◦ User ID: knights999 ◦ Password: bmhs999

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