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Bell Work Week 9.

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1 Bell Work Week 9

2 Monday Write the sentences correctly.
Capt stevens was one of the furst woman to flew a jumbo jet. Because Mariela and Tina enjoye dance they goes go to many performances.

3 Tuesday Write the sentences correctly.
They don’t have no idea about wear are going after school. Peggy mark and james are lerning to play simple gifts on they guitars. Circle the linking verb. You have to write the sentence. Marlene practiced her guitar everyday, so she became a really good player.

4 Wednesday Write the sentences correctly.
These is you’re books and them on the shelv are mine. Zoey doesn’t work at the pizza palace on weeknights but she does on Saturdays. Is the following sentence complete or is a fragment? That’s really cool. Write the word that best completes the sentence. Tara is ____than the other candidates for student council. Honester more honest, most honest honet

5 Thursday Write these sentences correctly.
Thomas Jefferson the third presidunt writed the decalaration of independence. even though we set by the fire we feeled two cold. Circle the best word to complete this sentence. The librarian asked us to speak ____ because we were disturbing the others. quieter more quieter more quietly most quietly

6 Friday Rewrite these sentences to correctly punctuate the dialogue.
How are we going to get all these dishes washed Martina wondered. Lou called out I’ll be waiting for you at the bus stop tomorrow! No Barbara repeated I don’t know where the hammer is. I want to take an X-Ray of your arm the doctor told his patient.

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