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What is the correct way to capitalize the words below? A.New year’s day B. New Year’s day C. New Year’s Day.

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Presentation on theme: "What is the correct way to capitalize the words below? A.New year’s day B. New Year’s day C. New Year’s Day."— Presentation transcript:

1 What is the correct way to capitalize the words below? A.New year’s day B. New Year’s day C. New Year’s Day

2 They live in the _____________ grassy valleys. A.woods, deserts, parks, and, B.woods, deserts parks, and C.woods, deserts, parks, and

3 Between which two words would plump be found? A.plow - plus B.pound - prepare C.pull - purple

4 What is the correct way to shorten the underlined words? It is very hot outside. A. Its B.It’s C.I’ts

5 Which is the correct way to write the underlined words? Some people enjoys getting up early. A.people is enjoying B.people enjoy C.people has enjoyed

6 Which could not complete the sentence? My cousin Jamie and I __________ on the same street. school in the afternoon. C.built a sandcastle at the beach.

7 Which source would have the most information about earthquakes? A.Encyclopedia B.Dictionary C.Almanac

8 Which underlined part is a verb? I decorated them with glitter. A.decorated B.them C.glitter

9 What is the correct tense for the verb? We climbed up and watch the polar bears. A.watching B.watched C.was watching

10 What is the correct way to punctuate the sentence? A.My school is in Chula, Vista California. B.My school is in Chula Vista, California. C.My school is in, Chula Vista, California.

11 Which part should be capitalized? It’s like an amazing african rain forest. A.amazing B.african C.rain forest

12 Which is not a complete sentence? A.Australia is a good place. B.There are great beaches. C.Would also like to see koalas.

13 Eric wants to learn about starfish. He would find the most information the dictionary under starfish. B.under starfish in the encyclopedia. C.under starfish in a reference book about word choices.

14 In which word does –ight sound the same as in might? A.straight B.wright C.weight D.freight

15 When fisherman find fish, they must be ___________ and stored. A.handling B.coat C.tear D.caught

16 Many people work to take ________ of airplanes on the ground. A.clean C.fishes D.splash

17 A _______ library can be an exciting place at times. A.happy B.cookie C.crossed D.quiet

18 Sylvia could not think of what her mother would ______ for her birthday. B.see C.look

19 I’m _______ I’m not in trouble since I forgot my homework. A.keep B.happy C.hopping

20 Dogs get into trouble with their ________. A.peanut B.quiet C.digging

21 Other animals eat _________ plants and meat. A.bone B.not C.both D.four

22 We saw ______ a baby brown bear. A.only B.very C.dreamed

23 Our family went to Yellowstone Park ________ summer. A.lost B.doll C.last

24 A hurricane is a kind of A.river C.plant D.storm

25 Which word does not rhyme with scratches? A.patches C.matches

26 Something expensive A.costs a lot protected C.weights a lot broken

27 Which word does not rhyme with near? A.ear B.pear C.hear

28 A giraffe is tall___ than a kangaroo. A.-ful B.-est C.-ing D.-er

29 Which word names a group that includes the other three words. A.violin B.instrument C.piano D.drum

30 Which suffix can be added to travel to mean “someone who travels”? A.-er B.-ed C.-ing

31 Which two words are antonyms?, speak B.pretend, imagine C.ocean, sea D.gentle, fierce

32 Every ______ millions of children love to fly kites. B.spring C.and

33 What is the best way to divide waterproof into syllables? A.water – proof B.wa – ter – proof C.wa – ter – pro – of D.wat – er – pr - oof

34 Which word below could be spelled differently and have a different meaning? A.there B.many C.others

35 A clay pot can be described as colorful. What does colorful mean? A.It has no color B.It is hard to tell what the color is C.It has many colors D.Its colors are faded

36 Which book could a student read to learn about making toys? A.Everything you Need to Know About Toy Collecting B.Well-Known Toymakers C.Easy-To-Build Wooden Toys

37 Which word has the same vowel sound as the underlined part of crayon? A.table B.wrapped C.wax

38 What word is a synonym for clever? B.tired C.young

39 Because her legs were _______ she was afraid she ______ fall. A.week, might B.weak, mite C.weak, might

40 Which word is an antonym for slow? A.noisy B.quick C.easy

41 Which guide words would you find on a dictionary page with the word “key”? A.keep - kick B.king - kohl C.kook - kudos

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