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Billing Introduction 2 Role of Billing Department Treat the Agent as a customer!

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2 Billing Introduction

3 2 Role of Billing Department Treat the Agent as a customer!

4 3 Evan’s exclusive fuel discount saves our Drivers more than $150,000 each quarter

5 4 Role of Billing Department

6 5 All Settlements can be viewed on PitStop every Wednesday at 5pm. Each Driver is paid every Friday through Direct Deposit or via Comdata Card.

7 6 Role of Billing Department

8 7

9 8

10 9 Issue resolution

11 10 Role of Agent Bill Customers Accurately!

12 11 Role of Agent Pay Drivers Accurately!

13 12 Role of Agent Meet Cutoffs!

14 13 Role of Agent Scan Documents Correctly

15 14 Role of Agent Unrated Bills

16 15 Driver Settlement Report Pay date Tractor owner information Tractor number Income type description Quantity of items paid Line item total Total income Deductions same as income Check amount Cover Page Fuel Discount Information

17 16 Driver Settlement Report Evans internal reference # Pro number Billed or entered date Income or deduction type code Income or deduction detail Billed amount Paid or deducted amount Income or deductions total Detail Page

18 17 Driver Settlement Report Billed amount now blank Detail Page with No Revenue Shown

19 18 Driver Settlement Report Deductions Fuel billed one week delay $1.65 - $1.90 fee Escrow $50 deducted weekly until $1,500 OCACC deducted weekly or monthly Bobtail deducted weekly or monthly Physical damage deducted weekly or monthly Comcheks deducted next check Min $15 fee Placard / Fed Ex Fee deducted when issued

20 19 Driver Settlement Report Hold items summary Hold items not included in check amount Hold Items Cover Page

21 20 Driver Settlement Report Hold items detail Hold Items Detail Page

22 21 View Driver Settlement Report from Agent Portal. Driver Settlement Report

23 22 Driver Settlement Report Summarized by tractor Order number Container number Bill-to from & to Driver freight pay Driver fuel pay All other pay items summarized Total driver pay on single order Total driver pay for period selected Web Prelim Report Report shows gross pay before deductions!

24 23 Print Agent Commission Report from Agent Portal. Agent Commission Report

25 24 Agent Commission Report Order Number Bill-to, from & to Pay Type Billed Revenue Driver Pay Agent commission Agent Commission Detail Page

26 25 Agent Commission Report Total revenue by category Total driver pay by category Total commission by category Total commission Agent Commission Summary Page

27 26 Cutoff for Billing Billing must be completed by Tuesday 6:00 AM!

28 27 Cutoff for Billing 1,500+ Trucks 100+ Agents Bank cutoff Wednesday!

29 28 Cutoff for Billing Angry drivers!

30 29 Cutoff for Billing No commission check!

31 30 Comchecks Must be requested by agent Agent assumes credit risk During business hours contact AAR After business hours, contact West After 4:30 hit 0 for Operator

32 What Questions Do You Have?

33 End of Billing Training Module

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