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Presstimator Estimating Software Star*Key Software.

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1 Presstimator Estimating Software Star*Key Software

2 Why Presstimator? superior to using spreadsheets, pricing tables, or sheet-fed programs to estimate fast, accurate, reliable calculations enables multiple papers stocks, multiple page counts and multiple quantities in a single quote fast turnaround time enables competitive bids determine costs, set profit targets, track profits multiple users access single set of standards customizable reports sent to MS Word, Excel you own the software and data (not leased or cloud based)

3 What makes the Presstimator Software Unique? standalone: requires PC only portable: salesman + laptop = instant quote database: easy to find, retrieve, modify old quotes, costs/standards easily updated newspaper terminology: many other estimating programs are developed for sheet-fed user friendly: easy to use, self installation affordable: $3,000 vs. $30,000+ competitors, no on-site setup or training required

4 Overview of Presstimator Shop Settings store all costs/standards in one place (can handle multiple plants) Quote/Job History can be filtered and used for Summary reports (billing, commissions, profit & estimate analyses) Reports utilize customizable templates and are generated as Word or Excel files that can be printed, emailed, stored, etc. Customer list can be searched, imported, exported

5 Presstimator – Getting Started Enter your shop’s costs and standards (paper costs, press rates, etc.) in Shop Settings (one-time, single location) Enter Job Specs as required by the customer. The Presstimator matches the Job Specs with your Shop Settings to calculate a complete and accurate quote – in seconds! Know your costs and select a Markup to determine your Profits. Easy!

6 Presstimator Shop Settings Paper stocks Ink (& usage) Color Ink Composition Film Proofing Press Plates Plate Changes Packaging Skids/Cartons Folding Inserting Binding Finishing Mailing Delivery Mark-up

7 Shop Settings: Paper Stocks Summary of Paper Stocks (type, color, basis weight, cost/lb., waste %) useful calculators throughout Defaults = Quick & Easy

8 Shop Settings: Press Flexible: Unlimited number of press configurations Defaults: Each press is linked to a specified plate/ink

9 Creating a Quote: Quote Specs New Quote begins by entering Job Specs (can use Web Form) Enter No. Copies*, No. Pages*, Web Width, Cutoff, Job Format (Standard, Tab, Book, Double-Parallel, Flexi, Sheet) Specify number of sections and pages per section *Multiple Quantities & Multiple Page Counts can be entered Handles multiple plants and/or pressrooms (Location) Complex, transparent calculations (straight vs. collect)

10 Quote Specs: Paper Enter paper stock(s) required for each section Handles multiple paper stocks & web widths for gate and spadea folds

11 Main Quote – Paper Defaults enable fast and easy quoting Overrides allow “what-if” scenarios Job Specs are carried throughout Quote Estimator moves through tabs and makes selections Pounds of paper are calculated (including waste); cost is determined oooooo

12 Presstimator Profit & Mark-up unlimited number of customizable mark-up schemes can be created and stored Examples: 10% Profit 20% Mark-up on Paper only 15% Mark-up on Materials Unique to a given customer, rush jobs each Customer can be assigned a Default mark-up scheme enables “what-if” scenarios

13 Quote Summary: Markup Quote Summary features include Auditor (checks for costly oversights), Markup, Additional M’s calculation, Analysis tools (including Estimates vs. Actuals), Invoicing Markup Scheme is selected (or Default used); Selling Price and Profit are calculated OR Estimator can simply indicate desired Markup, Selling Price or % Profit Each line item can be marked up separately Each Customer is linked to a Markup Scheme of your choice

14 Quote/Job History Apply filters to display and generate reports on sets of Quotes Quotes are stored in a database (Jobs = accepted/printed Quotes) Open a Quote to view, analyze, generate reports, modify, update with new prices, “Save As” to create a new Quote, etc. Import/Export Quotes to share with other Presstimator databases

15 Presstimator Reports Estimate for Customer (can include subtotals, cover letter) Summary of multiple pages, multiple quantities Job Ticket Invoice Skid Tags Shipping Manifest Time report Materials report Estimate vs. Actuals Estimate Analysis* Cost/Profit Analysis* Billing report* Customer Trends* Total Usage* * based on selected set of quotes Generated directly from data so no need to re-key information in another system. All reports are generated in Word or Excel.

16 Multiple Page Count/Quantities Single quote handles multiple page options Additional pages can include Process or Spot color Single quote provides cost for Additional M’s and calculates multiple Quantities

17 Profit Reports Billing Summary invoice amounts for a given time period with a cost vs. profit data breakdown for each job.

18 Customer Trends Reports Trending charts illustrate how specific customers have performed over a given time period, based on invoice amounts (broken down by cost and profit) or by profit percentage.

19 Customer Trends Reports Invoice Totals by Customer charts give you an overview of the total billing for a given period, broken down by customer and sorted by total invoice amounts.

20 Customer Trends Reports Cost & Profit Totals by Customer charts, you can determine which customers are the most profitable.

21 Total Usage Reports The Presstimator includes a variety of Usage reports to detail all of the materials and time required (and wasted) to produce a set of selected jobs. For example, you can create a Total Usage Report for a particular customer for a certain year, or for a selected plant over a month-long period.

22 Total Usage Charts

23 Presstimator Modules: Pressroom Application enables data collection on pressroom floor start/stop times, run counters are stored directly in Presstimator database post-production analysis includes: Estimated vs. Actual Profit Estimates vs. Actuals (time, materials)

24 Pressroom Production App For each Section, enter start/stop times for press Make-Ready and Running time with a simple click of the mouse Users with permission can access the Production application and enter Job Actuals “Apply” saves to the database and all Presstimator users have instant access Enter press counter numbers to calculate actual paper usage

25 Estimate vs. Actuals Analysis Comparison of estimates to production data enables fine-tuning of Shop Settings for more accurate quotes in the future.

26 Estimated vs. Actual Profits Comparison of estimated profit with actual profit for a selected set of Quotes enables analysis of the bottom line.

27 Presstimator Modules: Web Form customizable “Request-a-Quote” form for the printer’s website so potential customers can directly enter job specifications submitted form is emailed to the Estimator form data is imported to Presstimator as a New Quote Estimator applies Defaults to generate a quote within minutes

28 “Request-a-Quote” Web Form Browser-based form is completely customizable Job specs are emailed to estimator, imported into Presstimator as a New Quote Ideal for Printer’s website or can be used internally by sales staff No estimating knowledge is required; no Presstimator training is needed

29 Presstimator Modules: Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) BHR helps ensure that jobs are profitable by determining accurate machine and labor costs BHR cost analysis assigns a portion of all manufacturing and overhead costs to individual cost centers both Standard and Power Editions are available

30 Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR) BHR users can establish multiple Cost Centers (e.g., pre-press, presses, bindery, platemaking) and take into account various expenses such as: Employees (wages, benefits) Factory overhead (rent, insurance, taxes, utilities) Administrative overhead (advertising, phone, travel, rent, insurance, commissions, etc.) Use BHR to determine hourly rates for press time and other Cost Centers

31 Presstimator Pricing modular pricing = affordable for all size shops Feature (add-ons are OPTIONAL) Presstimator (1 seat) each additional user upgrade to Server version Pressroom production app (w/Actuals Analysis) Web form (Request-a-Quote) Budgeted Hourly Rates module [or BHR Power Edition] Accounting link (Quickbooks) Service Contract (includes free upgrades) Price (USD) 3,000 500 500 [1,000] 200 15% of total

32 Presstimator – Star*Key Software Contact Information Mike Starkey Star*Key Software P.O. Box 156 Brea, CA 92822 email: phone: 714.255.1685 website: http://www.presstimator.com

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