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USCG Drug & Alcohol Program

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1 USCG Drug & Alcohol Program
The Things You Need To Know LTJG Amalec Perez D8 DAPI


3 Enhanced Drug Test Panel
What Are The Changes? Enhanced Drug Test Panel Effective Oct. 1st Testing for Ecstasy and it’s chemical analogs (MDMA; MDA and MDEA) . Part of the Amphetamine test panel. Lower cutoffs for marijuana, cocaine and amphetamines

4 49 CFR 40 Changes (Con’t) Old Drug Testing Cutoff Levels
New Drug Testing Cutoff Levels Drug ng/ml Marijuana 50 Cocaine 150 Opiate 2000 Phencyclidine (PCP) 25 Amphetamines 500 Drug ng/ml Marijuana 15 Cocaine 100 Opiates Morphine 2000 Codeine 6-acetylmorphine 10 Phencyclidine (PCP) 25 Amphetamines 250 Includes Methamphetamine, MDMA, MDA, & MDEA

5 49 CFR 40 Changes (Con’t) Standardized definitions with US Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS) Requires Medical Review Officers (MROs) to be re-qualified every 5 years w/ exam Eliminated requirement for 12hr MRO continuing education that occurred every 3 years

6 Old CCFs good until Sept. 30, 2011
Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form (CCF) Technical Amendment

7 Common Deficiencies

8 Random Testing Employer must meet 50% annual testing requirement
All personnel filling “Safety-Sensitive Positions” must be eligible for selection each time. Random tests must be spread out evenly throughout the year. Statistically Based method – not names in a hat or Kleenex box!

9 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Marine Employer shall provide drug abuse education/training for employee in safety sensitive position. Display informational material. Display Hotline Number. Display Company Drug and Alcohol Policy. Supervisors must receive 60 minutes of Supervisor training.

10 Serious Marine Incident Testing
Testing required after a casualty resulting in: 1. Death 2. Injury needing medical treatment beyond first aid 3. Damage in excess of $100,000 4. Actual /constructive total loss of any vessel subject to inspection 5. Actual /constructive total loss of any self-propelled vessel, not subject to inspection, of 100 gross tons or more 6. 10,000 gallons oil spill or more 7. Hazmat spill of a reportable quantity

11 Serious Marine Incident Testing (Con’t)
Must test all persons directly involved Alcohol testing to be completed within 2 hours Drug testing within 32 hours after occurrence Use form CG 2692 & 2692-B

12 Management Information System (MIS) Report
Required of all marine employers. Submit to: Robert Schoening Drug & Alcohol Program Manager Due by March 15, 20--

13 MIS Report (Con’t)

14 What may happen if I do not comply?
Sector’s may be given 30 day grace period to comply Letter of Warning Captain of the Port Order to stop operation Suspension/Revocation of license NOV Civil Penalty


16 Questions? Marine Employers Drug Testing Guidance Manual

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