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Administrative Forum Year End Planning John Ives Disbursements Manager April 17, 2014.

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1 Administrative Forum Year End Planning John Ives Disbursements Manager April 17, 2014

2 Agenda Disbursements staff Year end reminders Receipt required procedures Invoice submission Disbursement cutoff dates Questions

3 Accounts Payable Staff Accounts Payable Supervisor – Jerri Painter Administrative Support Specialists: Deb Westley -Manages vendor direct deposit, ImageNow Melanie Sischo - Manages vendors A-C Debbie Killian - Manages vendors D-K Sherry Callaway - Manages vendors L-Q Carolyn Thomas - Manages vendors R-Z Lucy Mullens - Manages Capital Payments, Bookstore, Library, UPS, Interdepartmental Invoices, Telecom, Receiving & Stores, and Chartwells

4 Travel & Complex Payments Staff Travel & Complex Payments Supervisor – Julie Hughes Administrative Support Specialists: Wendy Haigler -Manages vendor setup, travel advances Jane Hawes - Manages vendors A-E Sandra Melton - Manages vendors F-L Chris Maynard - Manages vendors M-R Cathy Galleno - Manages vendors S-Z

5 Purchasing Card Staff and Information Purchasing Card Administrator – Annette Heller Email general questions  Purchasing card payments  Charges posted in the Bank of America Works system  Must be posted by designated cutoff date

6 Year End Reminders Contact Information Accounts Payable invoices  Email invoices to  General questions Travel & Complex Payments  General questions Vendor Setup  Vendor Information Form fax 704-687-1450

7 Year-End Reminders Purchase Order Payments 49er Mart requires a three way match in order for payments to be made:  Purchase Order  Confirmed receipt  Vendor invoice Completion of purchase orders after designated cutoff dates will be applied against next year’s budget

8 Year-End Reminders Receipt of Goods All goods and services should be received the day they are delivered to the individual department Requestors receive an automated email when receiving is required 49er Mart receiving instructions  Posted in Moodle https://moodle2.uncc.edu Items must be fully received before the designated cutoff dates in order to be paid

9 Year-End Reminders Payment Exceptions A payment exception is a payment made after the designated cutoff date Payment exceptions may be reduced by:  Proper planning  Accurate delivery of items  Timely receipt  Correct submission of invoices

10 Disbursement Cutoff Dates Cutoff dates are assigned for the following categories:  Interdepartmental Expenses  Direct Pay Requests  Purchase Order Payments  Travel Prepayments and Reimbursements  Purchasing Card Charges  Journal Entries Current fiscal year cutoff dates are posted on the Financial Services website at

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