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By Nai Saelee Mr. Brown’s Fourth Quarter Project

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1 By Nai Saelee Mr. Brown’s Fourth Quarter Project
The Donner Party By Nai Saelee Mr. Brown’s Fourth Quarter Project

2 Original Journey The original journey to California or Oregon was to last 2,000 mile. If traveling by oxen and or horses at 15 miles per day you would reach California or Oregon in about 5 months.That was the expected traveling time. Many emigrants traveled west because of good farmlands and good weather conditions. The emigrants were to follow 2 recently established wagon trails, but a lawyer by the name of Lansford W. Hasting had published a book called, “The Emigrants’ Guide To Oregon and California.” It spoke of a shorter route to California and Oregon. Thus beginning the Donner Trail.

3 Lansford Hastings Lansford Hastings published a books called, “The Emigrants' Guide to Oregon and California.” He wrote about the journey to Oregon and California saying that his cutoff would save them, the emigrants, 300 miles. It truth it lasted 250 more miles than the original.

4 James Reed Was leader of Donner Party Along With George Donner and Jacob Donner Was a wealthy man Wife was named Margaret Had 2 daughters and 1 son Was later banned for killing Snyder Brought relief party to help the emigrants that were trapped in the Mountains

5 Margaret Reed Wife of James Reed
Was left with the emigrants when her husband was banned from the group Had to help her children survive Was rescued with the first relief party

6 Captain John Sutter Founder of Sutter’s Fort. He helped Reed to make the relief party to help rescue the emigrants from the snow.

7 What It Would Have Been Like To Be A Member Of Donner Party
If I was to be a member of the Donner Party, I think that I would have to go through a lot of ordeals. I would probably starve and have to eat human meat. I would also be dead or maybe half alive. To be a member of the Donner party I would have had to suffer a tremendous amount. I would see the death of people that I knew or even people that I didn’t even know. I would not have liked to be a part of the Donner party.



10 Differences Between The Cutoff And Other Trails
Took longer than the other trails Traveled through the desert longer Went under the lake Traveled almost a straight route From Fort Bridger they went straight then down Not enough water and food around terrains Other Trails Went over the lake Did not travel straight From Fort Bridger they went up Had a lot of food and water around terrains Did not have muddy places to go through

11 Similarities Between The Cutoff And The Other Trails
The similarity of the other trails and the cutoff that led to California is that they both crossed the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the desert. Another similarity is that they had to cross the Deserts near the Great Salt Lake.

12 Major Decisions They Had To Face
Most of the major decisions that the Donner party had to face were whether or not they should continue or rest their tired oxen and horses. It is because if they did rest their horses and not hurry through they could get behind the schedule. Which is what they did on October 31, They were only one day behind schedule. Another obstacle they had to face was whether or not they should take Hastings’ Cutoff. The eventually did take Hastings’ Cutoff which was a huge mistake. The choose this option because they had believed in Lansford Hastings. Their last option they had to choose was to eat human meat to survive or to starve to death. As you can see in the outcome they chose to eat human meat.

13 First Signs Of Troubles
Virginia Reed’s Letter There was a swamp that they could not go through had to make a raft. Took a lot of time. As the river remained high and there was no prospect of fording it, the men went to work cutting down trees, hollowing out logs and making rafts on which to take the wagons over. Took more time than they though. Tried to cross the river was very dangerous, took longer time Crossing the Great Salt Lake took a month instead of week as they thought.

14 Donner Lake This is Donner Lake as seen from the pass. It was were the Donners camped at when they were trapped in the snow. It is surrounded by lots of mountains.

15 The Monument This monument has an inscription on it which says, “Virile to risk and find; kindly withal and a ready help. Facing the brunt of fate; Indomitable, -- unafraid.” It was said that the monument’s height represents the height of the snow when the Donner Party rested in the Summit. It is 22 feet tall.

16 The Great Rock The Great Rock is a rock that used to be a part of the Murphy Cabin. It served as one side of their cabin wall during the time of The rock now contains a plaque that has all the members of the Donner Party.

17 Links Diary Entries Are From The Hyperlink Below
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