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The 2009 Brownlow Medal.

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1 The Brownlow Medal

2 Chantel Raleigh set to be investigated by PETA for skinning several Pink Flamingos to create this ghastly ensemble.

3 Bryeen Gordon, fresh from a ‘Nanna’s of the Playboy Mansion’ audition, thankfully directs attention away from her face, only to leave you no choice but to focus on the 2 watermelons she swallowed earlier.

4 Stephanie ‘Leia’ Wakefield, managed to deliver her distress message to Obi Wan Kenobi in just enough time to make the blue carpet.

5 Inspired by the pasty “Twilight” look, Emily Marshall failed to consult the colour cards with this post mortem piece. Mark Le Cras looks equally as ghostly.

6 Shane Woewodin intercepted a Japanese harpoon to make sure his missus could make the event. We gave this couple the ‘Moby Dick’ award.

7 The Drag Queen award goes to Mrs. Hirdand her ‘Doily’ inspired number.

8 This is the first time an Eagle and a Swan have played nice
This is the first time an Eagle and a Swan have played nice. Hey Dean, show us your “retard” look….oh wait….never mind.

9 With so much Blue, you’d think Taylor Wilson would be dating a Carlton player, but this magpie accessory looked more like a frilled-neck lizard with a packet of ‘Twilight Zone’ stickers thrown in for good (or bad) measure.

10 “First I was afraid, I was petrified…” Daniel Rich is still blinded by the shiny human honeycomb next to him.

11 Twiggers, less revealing than usual, sporting giant hair, doing her bit for Medical Students at Melbourne Uni studying the Skeletal System.

12 Suddenly I have a craving for chocolate cake and caramel fudge
Suddenly I have a craving for chocolate cake and caramel fudge. Then again, I think I just found my bedsheets.

13 On a recent trip to a chapel in Vatican City, the aptly named Catherine Chappell sought inspiration from this window for her horrible dress.

14 The Brownlow’s aren’t usually known for attracting Hollywood stars, yet for some reason Toby Macguire and Jennifer Lopez turned up.

15 I had no idea Demtel were still stocking the ‘Stud Magic’ machine, but Hayley McCann found hers and came up with this medieval get-up. Watch out Xena!

16 “We got this dress on sale and it was 3 sizes too small, but hell, I don’t care if you can see four fifths of my right funbag, a bargain is a bargain!”

17 This is just a big, blue mistake. The other is Alex Fevola.

18 There’s always the ‘Lady in Red’, and I wonder if that keyhole can be adjusted? Alex Davis was snapped on the blue carpet just as she began her “Hokey Pokey” dance routine. Left leg is always first.

19 Brent Harvey and Shayne McClintock.

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