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The sad rubbish bag The sad rubbish bag an imaginary story.

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1 The sad rubbish bag The sad rubbish bag an imaginary story

2 Once there was a sad bag in the street which was complaining of people’s bad behaviours. “I always look ugly and smell bad because I’m thrown in streets, rivers, seas and gardens.”

3 “I’m hated because I cause diseases and make the streets look dirty.” “In spite of all of that, I could be useful to humanity” said the bag of rubbish

4 From this imaginary story we may ask ourselves : Could rubbish be useful to humanity ? “Yes, because we can recycle used materials into new products to save energy, reduce air pollution and water pollution”

5 “What …..?, How could rubbish save energy ?” “Rubbish is a cheap source of energy. In most towns nowadays, rubbish is collected and delivered to a power station. It is taken and converted into energy.”

6 Your project Your role will be very important. You should show the surrounding community the bad effects of throwing rubbish away using posters. At the same time, they should know that our energy is running out and we should save it by using other alternatives as recycling using newsletters or wikis.

7 Step 1 – Research Your Subject  Use the Internet and library for research about energy, its sourses and why it is running out.  Other information will be about recycling and its benefit to energy.

8 Step 2 : broadcast for the project  You will be creating: ☺ posters showing the ugliness of rubbish ☺ And either A newsletter with brief articles and graphs about recycling and saving energy ☺ OR A wiki about the same topic, including and effects  Review Project Rubric and Checklists and self-assess your work as you go  meetings to check on progress will be held every week

9 Step 3 :get to the targert You will be divided into three groups : ☺ the collectors You’ll collect rubbish from your school and the surrounding streets. ☺ the separators You’ll put rubbish in three baskets with their labels on ( paper – cans – food scraps ). ☺ the handlers You’ll deliver the separated rubbish to the nearest power station to convert it into useful energy.

10 Smile.. You’ll be an ideal model to all your friends

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