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Hannes and Annemarie Gunka Hannes, born 1944 Annemarie born 1942 Hannes graduated 1971 Married since 1971 Son Axel born 1974 Daughter Katrin, born 1975.

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1 Hannes and Annemarie Gunka Hannes, born 1944 Annemarie born 1942 Hannes graduated 1971 Married since 1971 Son Axel born 1974 Daughter Katrin, born 1975 Grandchildren Samuel, Benjamin, Julian Hannes-Profession Technical manager Retired 2008 Annemarie- Profession Bank- employee until 1974, after that houswife and mother

2 Some working with red cross Delegation-leader at the International youth camp in Eckernfoerde near Kiel – Germany 1963 Volunteering at Red Cross Vienna during studying time from 1962 to 1966

3 My studies in Vienna Technical University Studies in technical engineering and industrial management from 1922 to 1971 Graduated in 1971 as Dikplom- Ingenieur

4 Hannes was not only studying all the time …..… travelling to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Maroc, Sweden, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Greece …. Some racing trips with a Volvo 122 S Finally ended up with a severe accident and a miracle: car slid from street on icy road, turned over 2 times, I was thrown out of the car, because I was not belted, car was totally damaged but… Hannes did not have a single scratch, thanks GOD!!…

5 Starting earning money …. From 1971 as trainee in fathers factory – plastics parts production- then mainly household articles. Father died 1972: I had to take over top management functions Company failed in 1979 – insolvency followed, company was bought by another businessman, Ernst Hofmann 1979 -2003 Key manager for Hofmann Plastics 2003-2008 Key account manager for HTI AG -

6 Last professional years with HTI AG 2003 - 2008 working as key project manager for the automotive branch of HTI Ag in Austria and Slovakia Procurement of tier 1 companies, such as Plastic Omnium, Magna, Johnson Controls, Procurement of car producers like VW, Porsche, Skoda, Opel, Peugeot Projects: Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg, Skoda Superb, Peugeot 508, Opel Astra, etc..

7 My last project : new Slovakian plant, opened 2007

8 New HTI plant in Vrable, Slovakia 2007

9 And now: as a private man…… A lot to do: as acting as Husband, father, grandfather, fitness-sportsman, gardener, houseworker, home-bible-study- leader, musician (guitar), Meeting friends, joining a free christian community, sometimes preaching the word of God there, Travelling and mountain-hiking, sailing, skiing, climbing with grandson Samuel, Bicycling, swimming, etc., etc.

10 Highlight 1 during the last 50 years… My first date with Annemarie in 1968 - and our marriage in 1971 Kitzbuehel was the place where everything began – And 3 years later we were married and Annemarie moved from Muenchen to Vienna 2011 – we have been married happily for 40 years…ü…

11 highlight 2 during the last 50 years: Our children Axel, born 1974 Now father of two sons Benjamin 4 years Jonathan 9 months Married with Julia since 2003 Informatics manager Kathrin, born 1975, mother of son Samuel, 7 years Single educating, nurse with diploma, working in private hospital

12 Highlight 3 during our last 50 years: our grandchildren Samuel - attending school this autumn Born November 2004 Hobbies: Karate, soccer, swimming, climbing Benjamin – attending Kindergarten, born Feb. 2008 – his birth was a miracle and gift from God Jonathan: still having fun with his mommy – born Dec. 2010

13 Highlight 4: 1986 Jesus Christ became my Lord and Saviour For 42 years I have been a “church-christian“ – until somebody asked me, if I knew Jesus? This question led me to consider, what my belief really was about – The answer was a clear statement to start a relationship with God and Jesus based on biblical principles. The process still takes place, and it is really a challenge and an adventure each day….„„

14 Highlight 5: journey to Israel 1993 If you want to understand the Bible you will not find a better place than Israel. The “book“ comes to life there; as far as your heart and mind is open to God, He will speak to you there… These words of a good friend came true during this 3 weeks trip through fruitful land, deserts and hills…

15 Working with the International Christian Businessmen Group IVCG is a non-confessional congregation of managing people and leaders in the german-speaking area of Europe. Ist purpose is to be witness of God‘s work in everyday life – such as business life and to takl about the gospel in the secular world of business. Jesus has given His great commission to all followers of Him “go ye into the whole world and teach the gospel to all the nations…“

16 Our godchildren in Uganda We support the education of Matilda and Jonathan until they graduate and can care for themselves. We support the really great work of Maria Prean in Uganda – with Vision for Africa

17 If I would be asked some questions … What was the most important event during the last 50 years? To get saved and born again with Jesus What was the greatest loss during the last 50 years? Having missed 42 years without knowing Gods exclusive plan for my life What kind of music do you prefer? All kinds of good music, let it be classic or modern; I myself like to sing praise songs most. Which book has attracted you most? Sure, the Bible Which 3 things would you take to the lonely island? My wife, my guitar and the Bible Which are your favourite dishes? Italian cooking, salads, Styrian breaded chicken Which are your favourite beverages? Juice with water, sometimes a good glass of wine What is your big wish for the next 50 years? That more people in Austria come to know Gods plans for them and follow His ideas.

18 Thank You !

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