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The Moral Principle Text I Cor. 10:11 Ii Tim 3:16-17.

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1 The Moral Principle Text I Cor. 10:11 Ii Tim 3:16-17

2 Definition The principle which the interpretation of a verse or group of verses is determined by discerning the moral it contains Scripture has but one meaning but can have more than one application. (love thy neighbor, many ways to apply this)

3 Search the Scripture Proverbs 25:2 John 5:39 Scripture saith The Bible has passages that tell us what we should be and not be. It tells us how we are to act and not act. So we must search the scripture to locate and apply to our life.

4 Ark of the Covenant I Chron. 13:7-14; 15:1-3, 13-15 There is a clear moral teaching found in this event God’s work must be conducted God’s way to receive God’s blessings

5 Guidelines The interpretations must be kept in harmony with the entire Bible Not all scripture is meant to be moralized

6 The Parabolic Principle Matt 4:11-13

7 Definition That principle spoken in mystery with only one meaning or theme Parable is taken from the Greek word “parabole” Something thrown or placed alongside something else for purposes of comparison

8 Purpose To reveal truth to those who are opened hearted (hungry and thirsty) To conceal truth from those who are closed hearted II Thess 2:11 Matt. 28:19 (example)

9 Major Sources The area of Creation Seed, wheat, tares, fish, leaven, pearls, sheep, goats, wind and ect. The area of Human Relationships Father, mother, son, daughter, servant, master, bride, groom, friends, ect

10 Guidelines It is a parable The rich man and Lazarus is not a parable (It is a true story) Parable do not name specific people The prodigal son is a parable because the people are spoken of in non specific term A parable is a comparison between a general theme and a spiritual truth

11 Remember Every parable conceals and reveals one (only one) fundamental spiritual truth Doctrine should not be established solely upon parabolic teaching

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