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Session D 11/14/2013 Scientific Notebook (SNB) Duxbury Brl Translator +(DBT) Some Nemeth Lee Speer.

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1 Session D 11/14/2013 Scientific Notebook (SNB) Duxbury Brl Translator +(DBT) Some Nemeth Lee Speer

2 Some Nemeth SNB: Linear is it’s specialty Spatial is not – whether a vertical problem or a graph

3 Scientific Notebook MacKichan Software, Inc. • th Avenue, Suite C • Poulsbo, WA Phone: • Toll-free: • Fax:

4 Trial Copies SNB has a 30 day trial period
When I taught SNB in my Access Technology class, they had an unlimited number of copies for a 10 day period.

5 There is no Ctrl + s - save command in SNB Ctrl + z is very “iffy”
Say it isn’t so! There is no Ctrl + s - save command in SNB Ctrl + z is very “iffy” Does not work with JAWS

6 Why use SNB? You can create a regular print file.
You can create a large print file. You can create a braille file?. ALL AT THE SAME TIME

7 Print Document Font = Tag

8 Tag = Font 2 In Tag Properties Click on: Font Modify


10 Toolbars SNB opens normally with one tool bar, and I would suggest starting with the following toolbars: Standard Math Templates Symbols Cache

11 Where do I add Toolbars? Go to the VIEW menu Go to TOOLBARS
Check or uncheck the toolbars you want PS: At the bottom of this, I personally check LARGE BUTTONS

12 Customize Toolbar You can only customize the SYMBOLS CACHE toolbar.
Right mouse click on the toolbar and select “customize.” Your choices are on the left side - and what is on the toolbar is on the right side. The add/remove button is in the center.

13 Add to theToolbar Dot operator (multiplication bullet)
I would recommend you add the following basic operands to your symbols cache toolbar: Dot operator (multiplication bullet) Multiplication sign (multiplication x) Division sign degree Cent sign You will decide what to add later as the need arises

14 Keyboard Characters The following is a list of characters that you can use, in SNB, from the keyboard

15 Plus: + Minus: - Dollar: $ Greater than: > Less than: < Parenthesis: ( and ) SNB Brackets: [ and ] SNB

16 Decimal point: . Percent sign: % Equals: = Comma: , Divided into: o Absolute value: | and

17 All other operands have to come from the toolbar buttons.

18 Math and Text mode There are two modes in SNB, math and text.
You can use the M or T toolbar to change or CTRL + t or CTRL + m. You can designate the mode prior to typing or highlight and change. Math/text is not as important as it used to be, but it is still a consideration.

19 End of the sentence If a word problem ends in math mode, ie. What percent is ¾? The punctuation at the end of the sentence, has to be in Text mode in order for that punctuation to translate properly.

20 Text within an equation
Text within an equation has to be in TEXT mode (Color black) or it will not translate into contracted brl.

21 Math Templates Toolbar
Once you click or start (ie. fraction) a mode, you have to exit that (ie. fraction) mode You exit the (ie. fraction) mode, by: Pressing the spacebar Using the right arrow key Left mouse click

22 Horizontal Fractions Choose fraction button and put in your digits

23 4,5,6 (keyboard underscore: _ )
Fraction 2 In SNB, there is no method, that I have found to create this fraction correctly. ?1_/2# I use the fraction button and add the dots before the fraction line in the DBT brl file 4,5,6 (keyboard underscore: _ )

24 What difference does it make?
What difference does it make if I do not use the correct fraction division line? Properly prepare our students Standardized testing SAT/ACT Testing

25 Next Create your document and save it. The extender will be .tex
You have to open the file in Duxbury, you cannot copy and paste. The importer mode will show .tex or LaTeX.

26 Translate and then check
Translate the file and then check it to be sure it is correct. The yellow translation line at the bottom of Duxbury will not help since DBT is a literary brl translation program.

27 Duxbury (DBT) You can edit a brl file in DBT just as you can a print file (even find/replace) You can find/replace codes much the same as text If a SNB imported file has extra lines or is indented.

28 DBT In a print file do 4 dashes ---- and it will translate into ____ (4 dots 3,6’s) for a fill-in the blank for brl. A print file from a teacher will have fill-in-the-blanks like ___________ this which translates into dots 4,6; dots 4,6; dots 4,6; etc. You can make one set of ---- dashes & copy, then select the print file dashes (by clicking on them) and pasting.

29 DBT 6-key entry Go to File, New and choose Braille
You are now in 6-key entry mode FDS (1,2,3) JKL (4,5,6) You can edit and word process just as if you were in print mode This is grt for spacial equations

30 Spatial Equations In SNB, they do not write correctly as each number will have a number sign with it, which you do not use with spatial equations, they do not “line up” correctly and the separator line (Dots 2,5) would be a number 3 with a # prior to each cell. I recommend producing in DBT as a brl doc. I can demonstrate that after we finish the .ppt.

31 Print for Braille in DBT
In DBT, in 6-key entry, you can use the following to enter the braille. With a number sign, nemeth numbers are the numbers on the keyboard 1 is a nemeth 1 2 is a nemeth 2…

32 Print for Braille 2 in DBT
This section does not take into account UEB 0 = up-next to a word is "by" or was by itself 2 = be or bb 3 = con 4 = “dis, dd or a period 5 = en or enough 6 = to 7 = by itself is "were" or literary ( ) 8 = his 9 = in

33 Print for Braille 3 in DBT
AND = & (shift 7) FOR = = (equals sign) OF = ( (shift 9) THE = ! (shift 1) WITH = ) (shift 0)

34 Print for Braille 4 in DBT
AR = > GH = < No. sign,BLE = # ING = + CH = * (shift 8) OU = \ COM = - (dash) OW = [ CON - _ (underscore) SH = % (shift 5) ED = $ (shift 4) ST = / ER = ] TH = ? WH = :

35 Print for Braille 5 in DBT
Apostrophe: is the apostrophe double quotes: 8 Comma: 1 Period: 4 Underscore: dash Semicolon: 2 Bullet: _4 _4 Open/close parenthesis: 7 Colon: 3

36 Let somebody else do it? We have two high schools where the math teacher(s) use SNB to create all of their classwork materials. Once they have created the materials, they the assignment, you check it and then emboss it.

37 Questions?

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