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We’re serious, are you?

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1 We’re serious, are you?

2 KalpaWare, Inc Company profile Created September, 2006 Name: Kalpa - eon, a long period of time Ware - an immaterial asset or benefit Team Pawel Czarnota Sunny Khairi Reda Web Presence:

3 Dimenxian Screenshots (C) Tabula Digital

4 Dimenxian Overview Title by Tabula Digital Released in 2006 Available for PC and Mac Demo available for download “Learn Math or Die Trying” Designed to specifications required by educators Cut scene

5 Dimenxian Overview Game Focus: math Audience: students Game plot in fictional island Two modes: 1st person shooter, 3rd person shooter Shoot down bad guys while solving fairly simple math problems Demo features the coordinate systems and graph plotting Cut scene 1st person shooter

6 Dimenxian Game play Coordinates system Weather station Download utility Objective

7 Dimenxian Game play Bad guy Stunner

8 Dimenxian Game play 3rd person shooter mode You have been stunned!

9 Dimenxian Screenshots



12 Dimenxian Pros Interesting cut scene Good graphics Very good help screens Explains problems by solving a demo Informative voice instructions

13 Dimenxian Cons Game fairly predictable You can run through most of the obstacles It’s pretty hard to stun the bad guys! It’s easy to get lost on the island Repeats same math concepts numerous times (which might be a good thing)

14 Food Force Screenshots (C) United Nations World Food Programme

15 Food Force Overview Designed and produced by Deepend with game programming by PlayerTree.Deepend Focus: Concentrates on the Food Distribution on a drought-War affected Island - Sheylan! Audience: children (version for adults under development) Issues addressed: - How the Food is distributed - How the Food is prepared - What are the possible obstacles involved in food distribution New mission pack released (competition challenge with prices): BOWL 2006 “Earn a top-league score with the hunger-fighting team on Food Force and you’re in with a chance to win a football fan’s dream: tickets to Super Bowl XL.”

16 Food Force Overview 4 million users worldwide! Available for PC and MAC Full version available for download Game Plot: 6 missions (and additional missions in BOWL 2006 pack) Online scoring system – compare your score with other players worldwide Making of the game Mission Pack

17 Food Force Screenshots – The Team NutritionistLogistics Officer

18 Food Force Screenshots – The Team Food Purchasing DirectorAppeals Officer

19 Food Force Screenshots – The Team A.L.I.T.E. OfficerTeam Rookie

20 Food Force Screenshots – Mission 1: Air Surveillance

21 Food Force Screenshots – Mission 2: Energy Packs

22 Food Force Screenshots – Mission 3: Air Drop

23 Food Force Screenshots – Mission 4: Locate & Dispatch

24 Food Force Screenshots – Mission 5: Food Run

25 Food Force Screenshots – Mission 6: Future Farming

26 Food Force Pros Great graphics and sound Good details of the characters Introduction and other videos informative and stimulative Great introductions to characters Comments by characters in the game give an idea of real world problems Online scoring system and mission pack(s) Great Web site with information on making the game Full game available for free

27 Food Force Cons Graphics in videos get worse in the last 2 missions No increase in difficulty level Some players had problems playing the last level – need to be good at playing strategic games to pass this level Mission briefings are too long Game play feels rushed. After each mission, user has a choice of re-playing or continuing, but if nothing is clicked for 5 seconds, the game just continues with videos and next level

28 KalpaWare References games_x.htm games_x.htm

29 KalpaWare Questions?

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