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Test Review. During his first night at Birkenau, Elie Witnessed an airplane crash Saw a boy who hung himself Watched a man escape from a prison Saw children.

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1 Test Review

2 During his first night at Birkenau, Elie Witnessed an airplane crash Saw a boy who hung himself Watched a man escape from a prison Saw children burning in flames

3 The job Elie was assigned in Buna was… Cutting wood for the camp lumberyard Serving food in the cafeteria Washing clothes in the camp laundry Working in an electrical warehouse

4 At Gliewitz, the SS officers laughed at the men eating snow because…. The snow contained several types of poison The officers knew where there was a water well There was real food available in the bunks The men were eating off each other’s backs

5 Moshe the Beadle returned to the town of Sighet… To find his hidden treasures To find a good job To retrieve his family To warn the townspeople

6 What advice did Stein give Elie and his father at Auschwitz? He asked them to plan a secret escape route He suggested giving half their food to the guards He advised them not to eat the soup He told them to eat all that they could

7 When Elie and his father arrived at Birkenau, an SS officer…. Put the families together in clay huts. Shot all the children Killed all the women Separated the men from the women

8 After he saw Elie praying, Moshe the Beadle… Discussed mathematics and history with him Asked him how to sing Jewish songs Showed him how to hunt for deer Taught him the mysteries of the cabbala

9 At Birkenau, an officer _________________ to run the furnaces. Selected Elie’s uncle Did not need anyone Selected Elie’s father Chose strong men

10 Why didn’t Elie’s father agree to move to Palestine with the housekeeper? His worst enemy lived there He hated the climate Elie did not want to move He said he was too old to run away

11 The dentist who is eventually hanged does not pull Elie’s gold tooth because Elie… Punches him in the nose Pulls it himself Gives it to the foreman before the dentist has a chance to pull it Pretends to be sick

12 After the Hungarian police came to Sighet, Elie’s father….. Destroyed his book of secret plans Gathered a supply of weapons Hid Eliezer’s dog in a shed Buried the family’s valuables

13 When the American planes bombed Buna… Elie felt upset Elie tried to escape Elie’s father was injured Elie was delighted

14 In Sighet, the Jews were forced… To farm for the German officers To build new houses for Hungarian police To clean the street gutters To wear yellow stars

15 Eliezer went to the hospital because… He had a horrible rash He had pneumonia He was stabbed by a guard His foot was swollen

16 What did the prisoners do as soon as they were free? They looked for their families They traveled to America They killed an SS officer They ate bread

17 In the railroad car, Madame Schachter…. Thought her baby was sick. Accused a man of stealing her jewelry Worried about the train crashing Screamed about a terrible fire

18 When his number was selected, Elie’s father… Told Elie to try to save him Told Elie to contact his uncle Gave Elie some gold coins Gave Elie a knife and spoon

19 When arriving at Birkenau, when Dr. Mengele asked Elie his age and occupation…. He could not speak He told the truth about his job He started to sob He lied about his age

20 The dentist at Buna… Gave secret information to the Jews Was not really a dentist Helped some prisoners escape Looked for gold teeth

21 When the train stopped at Birkenau, the Jews… Ran to a small airport Looked for a church steeple Discovered an American tank Saw a tall chimney

22 Elie was beaten with a whip after… He tried to protect his father from being beaten He was caught sneaking out of the barracks He attempted to steal food from the cafeteria He walked in on Idek and a young Polish girl

23 The only time Elie weeps during a hanging is when the victim is…. Elie’s younger sister A woman A rabbi from Elie’s village A young boy

24 Elie’s father and Meir Katz save Elie from being… Shot by a guard Thrown from the train Beaten by a Kapo Strangled by a prisoner

25 When the German officer struck Elie’s father for asking where the bathrooms are, Elie Screamed at him Began to vomit Attacked him Did nothing

26 TRUE or FALSE? After Moshe the Beadle escapes from the Germans, most people ignore his warnings.

27 TRUE or FALSE? Soup always tastes good to Elie, even after the Oberkapo’s pipel is hanged.

28 TRUE or FALSE? Elie’s decision not to remain in the hospital while the camp is being evacuated is a wise one.

29 TRUE or FALSE? When entering a concentration camp, the prisoners must take showers.

30 TRUE or FALSE? Elie lies when he tells Stein that he recently has seen Stein’s family.

31 TRUE or FALSE? The evacuation plans for Buna include those in the hospital.

32 TRUE or FALSE? Through the selection and the evacuation, Elie’s principal goal is not to be separated from his father.

33 TRUE or FALSE? Dr. Mengele conducts the selection.

34 TRUE or FALSE? Elie’s father is chosen in the selection.

35 TRUE or FALSE? In the hospital, Elie has his foot amputated.

36 petrified console condemned indifferent devoid Completely lacking sentenced to a punishment Stun or paralyze with terror Soothe, comfort Having no interest or concern Match each vocabulary word on the left with its definition on the right

37 reassurance perilous emaciated manacle crucible Container for cooking at high heat Abnormal thinness caused by starvation or disease Restoration of confidence dangerous To handcuff

38 ghetto revelation wizened queue bestial Behaving like an animal Dry, shrunken, wrinkled A section of the city where Jews were forced to live Making known or communicating a divine truth Waiting line

39 How old is Elie at the beginning of the book? At the end?

40 Describe Elie’s reaction to the hanging of the pipel. How did they differ from the reaction to the hanging of the adult prisoners?

41 When the prisoners celebrate Yom Kippur, what does Elie choose not to do? Why does he make this decision?

42 How does Elie’s father die?

43 How long did the train ride to Buchenwald take?

44 How have Elie’s feelings about God changed since his captivity began?

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