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Highlands Campus Code of Conduct 1.Identify R.O.A.R. expectations. 2.Discuss appropriate behaviors. 3.Identify privileges associated with positive behaviors.

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2 Highlands Campus Code of Conduct

3 1.Identify R.O.A.R. expectations. 2.Discuss appropriate behaviors. 3.Identify privileges associated with positive behaviors. 4.Show what clothing is unacceptable (Dress Code). 5.Identify unacceptable behaviors and their consequences.

4 You Can Expect Us To … l Educate and inspire you l Nurture your dreams l Help you to learn continually and think critically l Help you to pursue your aspirations so you can contribute to a diverse and dynamic world.

5 We expect you to … Follow school rules. Obey those in authority. Conduct yourself in a manner that promotes a positive learning environment.

6 Respectful Organized Accepting Responsible R O A R

7  Greet friends and adults with a smile; say “Good morning/afternoon”.  Use appropriate tone, volume and language.  Keep hands and feet to yourself.  Listen to others when they are speaking.

8  Come to school with planner, pens, and paper.  Walk to the right in halls and stairways.  Remain quiet and listen for instruction during fire drills.

9  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Celebrate others’ differences and individuality.  Be open to “new” ideas.

10  Take ownership of your actions.  Follow the rules of the school.  Use time wisely.  Wear appropriate clothing.

11  All students are expected to dress appropriately for school and for school-related functions.  A student’s dress (including jewelry) should be safe and not interfere with the educational process.  Suggestive or revealing clothing is not permitted.

12 Tanks or tops that:  Are cut too low in the front or the back.  Are cut too low under the arms.  Have straps that are too narrow.  Reveal undergarments.





17 Low-riding pants that expose underwear or the upper buttocks

18 Cropped/Midriff Tops

19 Shorts, Skirts or Dresses of Inappropriate Length


21 HEAD COVERINGS (except for medical or religious reasons)

22 Clothing with messages that…  Are vulgar or obscene.  Have insulting language or pictures.  Promote or endorse violent / gang activities.  Promote or endorse illegal activities.

23 Clothing that Promotes and/or Endorses Alcohol, Tobacco, or Illegal Drugs

24  Disruptive or disorderly conduct.  Violent or threatening behavior.  Behavior that endangers the safety, morals, health, or welfare of self or others.  Academic misconduct.

25  Language or gestures that are inappropriate.  Cutting class, being late for class, or leaving school without permission.  Misbehavior on school buses.  Throwing objects in school, inside a building or out a window or door.  Using cell phones or electronic devices.  Students are not permitted in any school building or grounds, other than the one they regularly attend, without permission.  Distributing or posting of any written material, pamphlets, or posters without approval.

26  Using physical force of any type.  Possessing any type of weapon.  Displaying what appears to be a weapon.  Threatening to cause physical injury or death.  Intentionally damaging or destroying property.

27 A weapon, which includes, but is not limited to, any firearm or other gun, BB gun, pistol, revolver, shotgun, rifle, machine gun, disguised gun, any knife, dagger, dirk, razor, stiletto, switchblade knife, gravity knife, brass knuckles, sling shot, metal knuckle knife, box cutter, cane sword, electronic dart gun, Kung Fu star, electronic stun gun, pepper spray, aerosol cans or sprays or other noxious spray, or explosive or incendiary bomb. Other Items may include: Airsoft guns, poppers, kitchen knives

28  Bullying and intimidation  Harassment  Hazing  Gang-related activities  Creating a false report, such as a fire or bomb threat, or misuse of 911.  Withholding information from a responsible adult about anypotentially harmful or dangerous situation.  Lying  Stealing  Discriminating  Gambling  Indecent exposure  Public displays of affection; including sexual behavior  Selling, using, or possessing obscene material  Making false statements that harm a person’s reputation, or falsely accusing another person  Smoking, or using smokeless tobacco.  Using, selling, or sharing prescription or over-the-counter drugs.  Possessing drug paraphernalia.  Possessing, consuming, selling, distributing alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or being under their influence.  Engaging in cyber-bullying including using the internet or other technology to intimidate, harass, or embarrass others.  Failure to identify self to staff  Engaging in bullying or inappropriate persistent behavior that includes threats or intimidation, treating other cruelly, terrorizing.

29 Possession or use of e-cigarettes

30  Misusing computer/electronic communications, including any unauthorized use of computers, software, or internet/intranet accounts.  Hacking and other destructive acts that can damage our network.  Any other violation of the district’s Internet User’s Agreement.  Plagiarism  Cheating  Forgery  Altering records  Assisting another student in any of the above actions.

31  Oral warning.  Short-term “time out” in classroom or in an alternate setting.  Disciplinary conference in administrator’s office.  Detention during the school day or after.  Principal’s conference.  Teacher removal of student from the classroom.  Suspension from the bus.  Suspension from athletic participation, social/extra-curricular activities, or other privileges (field trips and computer access.)  In-school suspension.  Short-term out-of-school suspension (five days or less).  Central Office Review or Superintendent’s Hearing.  Long-term out-of-school suspension (more than five days).  Permanent suspension from school.

32 SStudents behave in a civil, safe, and orderly manner. SStudents demonstrate respect and tolerance towards each other and towards adults. SStudents act truthfully, honestly, and honorably. SStudents dress in ways that are appropriate for a learning environment.

33  Refer to the Summary of the Code of Conduct for other topics that might affect you.  Copies of the full Code of Conduct are available in our school office.

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