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Lise-Meitner-Str. 2 24941 Flensburg Germany Tel: +49 (0) 461 9041 4440 PESQ|SERVER.

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1 Lise-Meitner-Str. 2 24941 Flensburg Germany Tel: +49 (0) 461 9041 4440 PESQ|SERVER

2 Who is Nextragen? 2  Provider of software-based measurement solutions to test and ensure the quality of Next Generation Networks  VoIP  Video  IPTV  Modular portfolio  Continuous and flexible end-to- end quality testing in networks  Testing, Monitoring and Analysing the network quality from the  technician's point of view − Quality of Service (QoS)  user‘s point of view − Quality of Experience (QoE)  100 per cent “Made in Germany“  Global sales through a network of certified partners

3 NEXTRAGEN Solutions Secure NGN Investments! 3 Monitoring  Monitoring of NGN infrastructures for constant testing, reporting and securing of SLA quality  Proactive detection and notification of network errors  Active alert in case of network problems to avoid failures at user level Avoid follow-up costs Testing  Readiness checks to prepare and secure investments into NGN  Testing and analysis of NGN infrastructures after implementation Plan and secure network quality Analysing  Quick analysis of errors und quality shortcomings during operation  Precise identification and localisation of network problems  Immediate restoration of QoS Secure network performance

4 PESQ|Server – Active Traffic Emulation in NGN and VoIP PESQ|Server runs PESQ-based measurements during field service using  Nextragen’s eVT  hand-held testers (certified by Nextragen) PESQ|Server tests and analyses the end-to- end voice quality of  hybrid VoIP infrastructures  NGN connections 4

5 PESQ|Server – Next Generation Network Test Solution  PESQ│Server provides valuable insights into the network capacity of existing networks  Software licences are provided centrally via the PESQ│Server. All devices connected to the network under test run on the same license.  PESQ-based measurements using eVT or hand-held testers certified by Nextragen  Remote station for end-to-end voice quality testing via PESQ  Easy and intuitive user interface  Storage, documentation and reporting of all measured connections 5

6 PESQ|Server – Visibility into Network Performance Optimization  PESQ│Server stores, documents and illustrates all test results using  Tables  Graphics  Evaluation of RTP sessions via R-factor/MOS in accordance with the E- model (ITU-T Rec. G.107)  Testing of network performance based on PESQ (ITU-T Rec. P.862)  PESQ│Server sends PESQ values directly to the testing device. All information is mirrored back to the centralised PESQ│Server for support, planning and analysis.  PESQ│Server’s ReportingTool  Output of measuring results in PDF  Creating of user-specific reports Technical data Service-related data for the management 6

7 PESQ|Server Features VoIP codecs  G.711 a-/µ-law  G.721  G.723.1  G.726 16/24/32/40  G.729a  GSM  iLBC Measured network parameter  DeltaT (min/avg/max)  Jitter (min/avg/max)  Packetloss  Delay Evaluation models  E-model (ITU-T Rec. G.107) R-factor / MOS-CQE  PESQ (ITU-T Rec. P.862)* PESQ / MOS-LQO VoIP protocols  RTP  RTCP  SIP  SDP  STUN Static jitter buffer 7 * Optional in connection with PESQ|Server

8 PESQ|Server in a Nutshell 8  Centralised PESQ-lisence via the PESQ|Server  Individual testing devices (eVT or hand-held tester) use centrally provided licence  Possible to use alternative testing devices for end-to-end voice-quality testing of network connections PESQ|Server is ideal to control and remotely manage Nextragen’s eVT or hand-held testers including configuration, monitoring, data collection, processing test results and report generation

9 Products by Nextragen 9 TraceSim  Simulation of real UC traffic  Proactive measuring of tend-to-end quality of VoIP and video services  Automated tests and alert functions  Clear and concise reporting Trace View  Clear and structured representation of VoIP and IPTV traffic  Testing and evaluation of quality at network nodes  Function allowing the tapping of RTP streams can be deactivated to comply with data protection rights eVT  Software-based VoIP tester  Use of service notebooks instead of proprietary hand-held testers to measure end-to-end quality PESQ|Server  Allows eVT to carry out PESQ-based tests to measure the end-to- end QoE  PESQ licences are not required during measurement carried out at outdoor locations Trafficlyser NTG|Small  Remote station of TraceSim for active measuring of end-to-end quality  Remotely configurable  Ideal for field-service applications Call generator for VoIP and video VoIP tester suitable for field service VoIP and IPTV analyser PESQ-based testing during field service Hardware remote station of TraceSim

10 Weitere Informationen bei: NEXTRAGEN GmbH Lise-Meitner-Str. 2 24941 Flensburg Germany Tel: +49 (0) 461 9041 4440

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