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Microsoft Schweiz GmbH Andre Hagmann Senior Technology Specialist

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1 Microsoft Schweiz GmbH Andre Hagmann Senior Technology Specialist

2 0 20 40 60 80 100% 2000 2005 2010 Different time, different place Same time, different place Same time, same place Working alone Work Styles Percentage of work product that willdepend on group input Source: Gartner

3 1837187619842007

4 Q. Which applications do you think will most likely drive future investment in your company's data and telephony network budget? Source: IDC and InfoWorld's Enterprise VoIP Survey, 2007

5 Instant Messaging Application Integration Team Workspaces Across Networks Across Devices E-Mail/Calendaring Conferencing VoIP Product Investment Areas Streamline Communication s for End-Users Inbox

6 Mobile Messaging E-Mail & Unified Messaging InstantMessagingEnterpriseTelephonyConferencing Windows Platform Unified Experience Common Management Common Management Vertically integrated communication silos Proprietary architecture Limited accessibility Many different databases Horizontally integrated common platform Standards-based distributed architecture Accessibility in the entire network One common database Voice Mail EnterpriseTelephonyAudioConferenceWebConferenceVideoConference E-Mail & Instant Messaging Separate Management Mobile Messaging OverallCostsDown

7 Q4 CY2008 Q1 CY2009 OCS “Wave 14” CY2010 Introduction of Microsoft UC Foundation Investments in Voice and Conferencing Company wide Enterprise Voice Infrastructure

8 Microsoft ® Office Communicator 2007 R2Microsoft ® Office Communicator Mobile Microsoft ® Office Communicator Web Access R2 Microsoft ® Office Communicator Phone Edition R2 Office Communications Server 2007 R2

9 Usability Improvements More Contact Object’s Sort, Group of Contact’s Early Media Support Early Media Support Enhanced and New Presence Status New Team Ring & Delegation New Response Group, Sign in-/Out Enhanced Voice Mail integration Audio Conferencing New Desktop Sharing (RDP Protocol) New HD VGA support (PC to PC) New Automatic Update via WSUS, MU More Control with Group Polices Rich Unified Communications client providing an intuitive, easy to use interface that brings together the communications experience

10 Collaborating users can easily use off the shelf web cams to participate in video communications Support for VGA* and HD** for peer-to-peer video on capable PCs Interop with select Polycom and Tandberg videoconferencing endpoints Resolution setting can be configured by either IT or users * Resolution 640 x 480, ratio 4:3, requires dual-core PC ** Resolution 1280 x 720, ratio 16:9, requires quad-core PC

11 User can Switch UI 38 Languages Singe Installation Package Package now available at Download Center By installing the Multilingual User Interface Package, users can switch the user interface of Office Communicator 2007 R2 from one language to another.


13 New in R2, Office Communicator Phone Edition includes enhancements that address leading customer issues: Integration with Communicator on the PC New Place a call using Communicator and use your OCPE phone as the audio device New Place a call using your OCPE phone and control it using Communicator Synchronized call controls for conference, hold and transfer New Unlocking your PC also unlocks your phone Improved call quality and reliability Redial soft button Customizable ring tones

14 Consistent experience, no training Ability to invite anonymous users Cross-platform support, zero client Multi-party instant messaging Web based desktop sharing Add audio to an existing session by OCS dial out to a preferred device Use a web-based version of Office Communicator to find people, see their presence, IM with them, desktop share, or start an audio conference

15 New JME support for Nokia S40, Motorola RAZR devices* New Single number reach Simultaneous multiple IM sessions GAL search for contacts Communicator Mobile for Java available with OCS 2007 R2 Communicator Mobile for Java available with OCS 2007 R2 Communicator Mobile for Symbian (Nokia S60) projected Communicator Mobile for Symbian (Nokia S60) projected for 6 months after OCS 2007 R2 for 6 months after OCS 2007 R2 Employees can use their mobile phone as an extension of their business phone and communicate using presence and IM

16 Extend enterprise phone number to mobile Call forward setting CDRs include cellular calls IT administrators can consolidate telephony and cellular call records for compliance and billing purposes


18 Expert Boss Admin

19 Make and receive calls to and from IP, PBX, and PSTN users Dial by name or number based on enhanced presence Hold, retrieve, transfer, roll-over Forward to and simultaneously ring additional numbers, team members, delegates, and voice mail Click to add video or desktop sharing Ad hoc and scheduled conferencing Personal and recent contacts lists Integrated corporate directory search Desktop control of Communicator Phone Edition

20 Established by team members Incoming calls ring one or more colleague’s phones with optional delay Calls from personal contacts excluded Optional ring delay Unanswered calls go to initial called party’s voice mail Team members can receive calls placed to one another, either simultaneously or after a delay


22 Single Screen UI for multi-call handling Rich presence in contact list and groups Incoming conversation queue Consultative, Safe & Blind transfers Integrated conversation history, templates & notes. Client-side Music on Hold Repeat caller notification Team assistants and front-desk receptionists using presence to manage conversations and provide fast, efficient service to callers


24 IVR, Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech Call Treatment User-configured routing rules Serial, parallel, longest Idle & round robin routing Call Queuing with Music on Hold Agent presence aggregation Call context on inbound calls Teams can set up a call workflow to answer incoming calls, route to a queue and deliver to an available team member to respond to the inquiry


26 Activity summary reports Voice, video, IM, and conferencing Media quality (QoE) reports UC to UC, PSTN, and conferencing Device reports Performance reports User reports Secure browser access to reports Access controlled by group or by user Administrators can easily understand, act on, and communicate trend, summary, usage, quality, and other information

27 PC & USB Devices PC & USB Devices Phones

28 Media resiliency in case of signaling failure Improved voice quality Suppression of typing noise* Added Comfort Noise Packet (CNP) as per RFC 3389 to improve comfort noise generation Better regulation of audio volume Improved echo detection and reduced echoing as calls begin High definition and VGA video Early Media Support Implementation of latest STUN/TURN protocols (ICE v19) * When using USB device on PC

29 Direct SIP connectivity between Mediation Server and ITSP Session Border Controller not required on customer premises Microsoft participating in SIPConnect working group MediationServerMediationServer SIP Office Communicator OCS 2007 R2 IM, Presence, Audio,Video, Conferencing ITSP: Access to PSTN and Mobile Phone Networks ITSP: Access to PSTN and Mobile Phone Networks Organizations have the potential to reduce costs and simplify management by directly connecting to the PSTN over SIP without on-premise gateways


31 Mixes VoIP and/or PSTN dial-in Scheduling via Outlook and reservationless conferencing options Support Live Meeting and Conference Call Multiple language (14) support by Conferencing Attendant Users are authenticated against Active Directory for better security Save conferencing costs by setting up an on-premise audio- conferencing bridge for both internal and external users

32 Fine grained meeting policies IP Audio IP Video PSTN dial-in Web conferencing Control meeting size Manage PIN access for dial-in

33 Globally manage access numbers Add a number Specify supported languages Assign to pool Define multiple region (location) profiles Manage access pin policy per pool



36 New 64-bit, SQL 2008 support New Virtualization support for NON Media Server Roles QoE, CDR and Archiving Server Roles Deployment and Edge Planning tool New Simplified Firewall Config. for the A/V Edge Server New Simplified Firewall Config. for the A/V Edge Server, Port Reduction Consolidated Access Edge Centralized Configuration management Monitoring Server enhancements System Center Operations Manager 2007 support New Best Practises Analyser for OCS Improvements that will simplify your infrastructure, enhance management capabilities, and take advantage of new technologies

37 Public IM Clouds Windows Live AOL Yahoo Remote Users Remote Users Edge Servers DMZ Data Audio/ Video Federated Businesses Front-End Server(s) PSTN Backend SQL server Advanced Media GW Exchange 2007 Server UM Voicemail UC endpoints Archiving Server Active Directory (Mediation Server) Workloads: IM/Presence Conferencing Voice App sharing Dev Platform Applications SIP Monitoring Server CWA

38 The planning tool application provides prescriptive guidance to facilitate the planning and deployment of R2 including enterprise voice Wizard-based Allows specification of desired features, sites, users, expected traffic Identifies server and gateway needs Identifies TCP/IP port needs Produces topology diagrams, exportable to Visio

39 Use same database for authentication and storage of access policies as Microsoft® Exchange and other corporate applications Add voice and other capabilities simply by extending user properties Single sign-in for users to remember Single unified directory for all communications Managed directly or via Office Communications Server MMC plug-in Centralized repository for user information eliminates the need for replicated user information and separate database maintenance*

40 Normalization rules convert regular expressions to E.164 format for private dial plans Call routes applied based on dialed number and the user’s phone usage policy Least cost routing Location based routing Limits on allowed calls Multiple call routes enable failover When deployed behind a PBX, dial plan may be designed to simply route all external calls to PBX via gateway Administrators easily control which dialed numbers are allowed by users, and which facilities are used to complete calls*

41 Single server for all monitoring Immediate access to CDR and QoE data Usage reporting/ROI analysis Export into billing and other systems New QoE metrics captured Audio and video quality PSTN connections Network connectivity Response Group service IT administrators can maintain logs of calls for compliance reasons and monitor quality attributes (ex: MOS scores of voice & video)

42 Server monitoring for the entire deployment including overall health model Real time alerts based on Monitoring Server QoE data provide notification of network and server problems Optional configuration of performance threshold rules for customized monitoring Manage and monitor office communications using the same tools used for other IT systems

43  64-bit Hardware Only  WS2008, WS 2003, WS2003 R2  Windows XP SP2, SP3  Windows Vista, Windows Vista SP1  IE6, IE7, IE8  Safari (Mac)  Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux) Communicator Web Access Communicator, Attendant, Group Chat Communications Server


45 Presentations TechDays: MSDN Events: MSDN Webcasts: MSDN Events MSDN Events: Save the date: TechEd 2009 Europe, 9-13 November 2009, Berlin MSDN Flash (our by weekly newsletter) Subscribe: MSDN Team Blog RSS: Developer User Groups & Communities Mobile Devices: Microsoft Solutions User Group Switzerland: Managed User Group of Switzerland: FoxPro User Group Switzerland: www.fugs.ch

46 Presentations TechDays: TechNet Events TechNet Events: Save the date: TechEd 2009 Europe, 9-13 November 2009, Berlin TechNet Flash (our by weekly newsletter) Subscribe: Schweizer IT Professional und TechNet Blog RSS: IT Professional User Groups & Communities SwissITPro User Group: NT Anwendergruppe Schweiz: PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server):

47 7. – 8. April 2010 Congress Center Basel

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