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From Ernst Marti By Andrew Linnell

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1 From Ernst Marti By Andrew Linnell
The Four Ethers From Ernst Marti By Andrew Linnell

2 Planetary Lifecycles Planetary Conditions = Solar “Incarnations”
Etheric First - Physical Beings at the Human Stage Element Thrones Will Warmth Archai Fire Second – Etheric Archangel Kyriotetes Wisdom Light Air Third – Astral Angel Dynamis Movement Tone Water Fourth – Ego Man Exusia Form Life From Living Spirit to the lifeless From formless life to the formed Earth

3 Air & Light Element Etheric Fire Warmth Air Light Water Tone Earth
Life Element Etheric Comparison Air Light How Perceived Between things On things Activity on things Connects Separates Self activity Passive Raying Borders Cares less about Creates Space Passively fills Actively creates Direction Chaos Structured, straight Elasticity Compress, expand Brittle Cohesiveness Inner Tension Outer Intensity Forces Pressure to point Peripheral Suction

4 Water & Tone Element Etheric Fire Warmth Air Light Water Tone Earth
Life Element Etheric Comparison Water Tone Consistency Continuous Discrete, intervals Activity on things Joining into whole Separating, dividing Cellular Fertilization Division Crete Concrete Discrete Soul Sympathy Antipathy Structure Fluid Holds fast, bonds Waves Passive, external Active, internal Weight Heavy Buoyant Entities Dissolves Harmonizes, orders Grasping In the instance In the whole

5 Earth & Life Element Etheric Fire Warmth Air Light Water Tone Earth
Comparison Earth Life How Perceived Solidity Inner mobility Activity on things Impermeable Self-permeation Occupying space Cannot share Assimilates Asserting itself Outward direction Inner self-assertion Surface Form from outer & related to material Creates skin as expression of inner Divide-ability Into parts Individual entities members of whole Form Arises from forces outside itself Whole gives form to itself Creates Lifeless bodies Living bodies

6 Space and Dimensions Old Saturn No space, no dimensions
Remnant: Time. Warmth ether as birth of time, fire its dying away Old Sun Origin of space, one dimension A 1-D entity cannot touch itself, e.g. line (from center to periphery) Remnant: plant limb growth is linear, light & air (tension) Old Moon Two dimensions A 2-D entity that can touch itself, e.g. circle Remnant: leaf form – working of water & tone Right & Left – ability to touch self Effect of water: growing together, folds form spinal cord Effect of tone ether: separating, movement, prevents uniformity Earth Three dimensions A 3-D entity – Man! x, y, & z; r/l, a/b, f/r; 3 centers of Man: head, thorax, lumbar Only Man has skin (others have fur, feathers, scales, plates) – inner express

7 Forces Centric: one point of origin, mathematical
Elements, physical, lifeless Universal: escape mathematics because of infinity, origin at periphery Ethers, etheric, alive (and they dissolve form) Lift substance from earthly to cosmic - dissolution Mutually interpenetrate Universal forces are not the same as formative Formative force NOT from periphery but from specific locations: e.g. sun, moon, Cancer, …

8 Double Cross from Middle Ages
Taught to Alexander Man & Nature Healing arts Differentiating degrees Over-extension led to rejection by science See elements through secondary qualities – collaboration of two North cold warmth South East dry West Moist earth fire water air Life ether Warmth ether Tone ether Light ether

9 Double Cross from Middle Ages
Combinations Warmth & Light Light: expanding, space Warmth: ripening, time = plant growth, size Light & Chemical/tone Segmentation, structure Life & Warmth Whole in time, age in life Warmth & Tone Processes Light & Life Building of form organs size age parts Life ether Warmth ether Tone ether Light ether The ethers in their fourfold joint activity are the actual life forces

10 Etheric Body Consists of the four ethers
Is the life principle of all living beings Life forces act generally within an etheric body Four ethers act on: size, members, formation, processes Formative forces are superior to etheric Guide ethers to create a leaf, flower, plant, animal Species specific forces All of this comprises the etheric body of an organism Body of formative forces

11 U-Forces (Fallen Etheric)
Forces of electricity, magnetism, and 3rd force Opposites of the ethers Not peripheral forces; rather centric Ethers: from above – U-forces: from below Cosmic – Earthly Foundation for World includes U-forces with elements and ethers

12 Remaining slides are from other sources

13 Fields Magnetic Field Etheric Field Iron filings to make visible
Water drops or crystallization

14 Ahriman’s Incarnation
Super- and Sub-Nature Sub-Nature as “mirror” of Super-Nature Light  Electricity Tone  Magnetism Life  Nuclear Relationship of sub to super? Light/Photon to Electron Astral World Etheric World Life Tone/Chemical (forming) Light Warmth Elements Fire Air Water Earth Fallen Ethers Fallen Astral(?) combine March 25, 2007 Ahriman’s Incarnation

15 7 Planetary Conditions Saturn - Physical Vulcan – Atman Sun – Venus –
Elements Etheric Hierarchy = 12 Saturn - Physical Warmth Vulcan – Atman Fire Sun – Etheric Venus – Buddhi Light Air Moon – Astral Tone Jupiter – Manas, Super- Nature Earth – Ego Water Life Jupiter – Sub-Nature Venus – 2nd depth Earth Vulcan – 3rd depth ? ? ?

16 Planetary Influences Inner Planets: Venus, Mercury, Moon Sun
Work through atmosphere directly Sun Outer Planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Work through earth indirectly Need 29.7 Saturn Nourishment Warmth Perennial Silica 11.9 Jupiter 29.7 Mars Earth Annual Reproductive Water 1.1 Moon Calcium Limestone 29.7 Mercury 29.7 Venus

17 Diagrams 2-5

18 Planetary Influences Above Earth: Venus, Mercury, Moon
Need Warmth Above Earth: Venus, Mercury, Moon Beneath Earth: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Nov & Dec what is beneath the surface becomes effective for plant growth Then Jan.15 – Feb.15: strongest formative crystallization forces Seed must go through Chaos to be imprinted with a cosmic constellation Blue Saturn Color influence on flower from root Dead Warmth Perennial Perennial Yellow Jupiter Red Mars Sun: Green Earth surface Annual Water 1 Moon Living Warmth Calcium Limestone 0.67 Venus 0.25 Mercury

19 Cosmic and Earthly Forces
Equisetum: Draws the cosmic nature to itself Permeates itself with the silicious nature (silica) 90% silicic acid Cosmic is present in great excess, yet in such a way that it does not go upward and reveal itself in the flower but betrays its presence in the growth of the lower parts Potatoes: Grow in silicious soil to keep cosmic used for blossoming and stemming below the surface Apple: draw the cosmic up for taste Eating Jupiter (Plum is Saturn) Earthly Cosmic in color silica Sun limestone Cosmic in single form, e.g. beet Earthly in ramified roots

20 Alchemy of BD: Sulphur Nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, & sulphur
People only recognize the last excrescence of nitrogen’s activities Sulphur in protein is the very element which acts as mediator between the Spiritual that is spread throughout the Universe and the physical. Along the paths of sulphur the Spiritual works into the physical domain of Nature Sulphur is the carrier of the Spiritual, hence the ancient name, “sulphur” is closely akin to the name “phosphorus” The name is due to the fact that in olden time they recognized in the out-spreading, sun-filled light, the Spiritual itself thus they named “light-bearers” these substances — like sulphur and phosphorus — which work light into matter

21 Alchemy of BD: Carbon Carbon: The Philosopher’s Stone, the great plastician Bearer of the creative formative processes in Nature Bears the Cosmic Imaginations out of which all that is formed in Nature must ultimately proceed Man is not plant – excretes carbonic acid which is sign man is destroying these forms – otherwise stiff Ego lives via the sulphur in the carbon as it forms itself and ever again dissolves the form In the limestone form of the skeleton he has the solid Earth within him – like a scaffolding

22 Alchemy of BD: Oxygen Oxygen: Bearer of the ethereal into the physical body With the help of sulphur, carries the influences of life out of the universal ether into the physical Oxygen must be killed in us or it would stun us, benumb us – it is combined with carbon – breathing Living oxygen within us and within the soil

23 Alchemy of BD: Nitrogen
Nitrogen: Guides the life (oxygen) into the carbon-form, Astral Mediates between the life and the spiritual essence which to begin with is in the carbon-nature The bridge between carbon and oxygen is built by nitrogen The ethereal principle of life would flow away everywhere like a cloud, it would take no account of the carbon-framework were it not for the nitrogen The nitrogen has an immense power of attraction for the carbon-framework – wherever the lines are traced and the paths mapped out in the carbon, thither the nitrogen carries the oxygen — thither the astral in the nitrogen drags the ethereal The nitrogen-man imitates to perfection whatever is there in the solid human framework, while on the other hand it flows perpetually into the element of life In man, nitrogen is so essential to the life of the soul – for the soul itself is the mediator between the Spirit and the mere principle of life A “nitrogen-man” actually exists like a ghost in the body – the nitrogen-man imitates to perfection whatever is there in the solid human framework

24 Breathing Through it man receives into himself oxygen, the ethereal life The internal nitrogen carries the oxygen everywhere — wherever there is carbon – wherever there is something formed and figured Thither the nitrogen carries the oxygen, so that it may fetch the carbon and get rid of it Nitrogen as mediator: oxygen → to carbonic acid and then exhaled Around us is only a small proportion of oxygen, which is the bearer of life, and a far larger proportion of nitrogen—the bearer of the astral spirit Day & night we have great need of oxygen in our environment Do we need nitrogen in the air we breathe? What ratio? It is precisely the nitrogen which has a spiritual relation to us Plant has no soul within it but it could not flower if not touched by the astral without it – the astral is everywhere with the nitrogen In the air, the nitrogen is dead but in the soil it is alive – as it is nitrogen in our senses, nitrogen is the bearer of sensation even of the mysterious sensitiveness which is poured out over the whole life of the Earth

25 Hydrogen The substance which is so near to the Spiritual on the one hand and to the substantial on the other, is hydrogen Hydrogen carries out again into the far spaces of the Universe all that is formed, and alive, and astral Hydrogen carries it upward and outward, till it becomes of such a nature that it can be received out of the Universe once more, as we described above It is hydrogen which dissolves everything away

26 Plant Principles Carbon Principle: forms the scaffolding
Oxygen Principle: fills it with life Nitrogen Principle: permeates it with inner life making it sentient Sulphur Principle: “moistens” substance so it can take its leave of all structure and definition Hydrogen Principle: dissolves, returns to cosmos All combine to make protein. Wherever carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen occur — in leaf or flower, calyx or root — everywhere they are bound to other substances in one form or another They are dependent on other substances – they are not independent Hydrogen drives these fundamental substances of protein into the tiny seed-formation and makes them independent there Chaos in the seed must interact with chaos in the farthest circles of the Universe – then the new being arises

27 Principles in Animal and Human Deep-seated Framework
Earthly Nature Cosmic Formative Bony skeletal nature – limestone Carbon seeks support in limestone’s formative activities Carbonaceous formative activity rays out from the circulatory process into the calcium and silicon in man Kind of vision we must unfold when we look out over the surface of the Earth, covered as it is with plants and having beneath it the limestone and the silica We cannot look inside the human being; we must evolve the same knowledge by looking out over the Earth Silicious element Carbon seeks support in silicon’s formative activities In Nature we behold the oxygen-nature caught up by the nitrogen and carried down into the carbon-nature. That which is living in our environment — kindled to life in the oxygen — must be carried into the depths of the Earth, there to find support in the silica, working formatively in the calcium or limestone Limestone depends on an in-breathing of N fulfilled by legumes and papilionaceae which tend to fruit even before they flower, retaining N-nature near Earth

28 Legumes and Papilionaceae
Everything that belongs to nitrogen lives far more inclined to the Earth than in the other plants, where it evolves at a greater distance from Earth Observe their leaf color: not the ordinary green, but a darker shade Observe the fruit: tends to be stunted Observe the seeds: retain their germinating power only for a short time, after which they lose it Organized so as to bring to expression, most of all, what the plant-world receives from the winter — not what it has from the summer Tendency in these plants to wait for the winter Their growth is retarded when they find a sufficiency of what they need — i.e., of the nitrogen of the air, which they can carry downward In such ways as these we can look into the life and growth of all that goes on in and above the surface of the soil

29 Meditation Retain in ourselves a little more carbon dioxide than we do in the normal process of waking consciousness You grow into a conscious living experience of the nitrogen all around you – all becomes knowledge and perception —even that which is living in the nitrogen Nitrogen can inform you of what Mercury and Venus and the rest are doing – all kinds of secrets that prevail in farm and farmyard, we suddenly begin to know them

30 Balance in the Soil Limestone Silicon Cravings for
Active to obtain, absorb Kernel of desire Resistance to carbon Desires nothing for itself Comes to rest in itself Contrives to tear away what must be torn away from limestone Carbon Nitrogen Once it could easily form as long as it had water below Now limestone below disrupts carbon’s forming It now allies with silica - clay Mediates: lime-clay-silicious Acts like astral between ego and etheric body

31 Silicon – Sodium Healthy plant life has an equilibrium of these two
Silicious substances:quartz (silicon + oxygen) Insoluble in water Nearly 50% of earth’s surface is silica Equisetum is 90% silica Silicic acid for “pains” of the senses, medicines If earth lacked silicon, then plants would have pyramid forms or look like cacti – fleshy thick stems Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn Sodium substances: potash, limestone Creepers, twining stems, thin stems, useless spread flowers Moon, Mercury, Venus

32 Nourishment – Reproduction
Reproduction: Moon/Mercury/Venus, limestone Can influence of M/M/V or M/J/S be restrained or aided? Sow seeds in or following rain just before full moon Foodstuffs for animal and humanity: Mars/Jupiter/Saturn, Silicious nature opens plant-being to universe, awakens its “senses” to M/J/S Silica related to warmth Saturn visible only for 14+ years, not seen for same period Moon period is 28 days, Jupiter is 12 years Periods of Mars important for planting oak trees (Oak “belongs” to Mars) Forces “visible” in the bark and rind of trees and all perennials Health value of fire depends on when the tree was planted Nourishing value of plants diminishes as the cosmic rhythms are ignored

33 Earth as Organism Connection to cosmos Body of Earth: head down
Receives from cosmos Rays it upward Sand, silica – life ether Chemical influence of soil Maybe at depth from surface Role of clay Carries the cosmic upward Body of Earth: head down Belly – digestion – plant growth Limestone carries digestion below surface Outer warmth drawn to inner warmth by limestone, gives it vitality Above: more oxygen, below: more carbonic acid. Why? Air permeated vitality when absorbed and drawn into the Earth Limbs Sun Mercury Venus Moon Belly Dead Warmth Diaphragm Earth’s Surface Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn Living Warmth Head

34 Mineral influenced by what works immediately above the surface but it emancipates itself to be exposed to cosmic January 15 – February 15 minerals exposed to cosmic Formative forces, crystallization strongest 1/15 – 2/15 Longing by minerals to be crystal stronger the deeper one goes Plant growth nearly ceases, but just before and just after strong plant growth

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