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Spring 2011 Orientation Don’t be afraid to ask questions you think sound dumb! That’s half the point of these orientations anyway.

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1 Spring 2011 Orientation Don’t be afraid to ask questions you think sound dumb! That’s half the point of these orientations anyway.

2 Introductions Lead Administrator Alex Daise (Murphy McManus): 610-909-4254 (Texts encouraged) Assistant Admins Nolan Galbraith (Alaunos): 724-831-8398 Francis Fisher (Phantom): 412-334-7424 Stephen Hite (NotRealButter): 610-914-6368 Lee Moore (BobMcAwesome): 610-761-3673 Eric Turcovski (Turc): 814-215-8838 HvZ Admin Hotline : 814-808-5UGC (5842) Use the HvZ support forum on the website -

3 The Three Rules  Don’t Die No jumping off ledges, getting hit by cars, etc  Don’t be a Dick Respect other players and administrators  Don’t get our club kicked off campus Don’t ruin it for the rest of us, okay?

4 Basics From Monday, March 21 st through Saturday, April 2 nd 24/7, all over the globe (North Korea is a safe zone) 2 Teams - Humans and Zombies (more on that now!) “It’s basically a giant game of tag” -John Mortara


6 NEW ADDITION – Pay attention!  HUMAN FACTIONS There are 2 factions Introduces an additional armband to be worn by the player (on opposite arm) Represents that player’s faction Will be provided at the end of orientation (Humans are encouraged to wear faction armbands once zombified)

7 Faction Loyalty  You are a part of your faction, and working for your faction instead of the other faction may* yield you better awards.  While the two factions are in competition, they are both still human. You cannot stun another human.  You still work for the humans and cannot help zombies, and vice versa.  * it does

8 What to do Survive at all costs Wear your green armband on your left arm, above the elbow (+ faction armband on opposite arm) Don’t get tagged! Run! Hide! Stun zombies with approved weapons Attend missions. Doing the previous two things drastically increases your chances of not being eaten

9 What is a tag? Any physical contact where a Zombie touches a Human is a tag Head tags and blaster tags do not count Clothing and backpacks are extensions of the body, they do count (holstered blasters as well) Same-time tags rule in favor of zombie Human is zombified, Zombie is stunned There are relevant things we’ll cover later Safe zones Stun timers

10 More on Tags  You may only tag one person at a time.  After you tag a human, you must collect their card before you can tag another human.

11 Incubation  After you are tagged your incubation period begins.  You have 15 minutes after you are tagged until you turn into a zombie.  After these 15 minutes are up, you MUST put on your orange headband immediately and you are a zombie.  During this time, you may do whatever you want within the rules of the game

12 How do I stun? Use an approved Nerf™ or other brand foam blaster. If modified, it must be approved by the game director. Don’t use these in residence halls. Socks - can only be filled with more socks Marshmallows - must be large sized, no minis May not be thrown indoors No hardened marshmallows, please! Fresh out of the bag is best, Peeps, Big Mallows

13 Human Missions Humans (as individuals) must complete 3 missions per week. If you don’t you’ll be assumed dead and be made into a zombie! Missions usually take place in the late afternoon or early evening If you can’t attend the minimum, make a post in the support forum to beg for forgiveness. Humans and Zombies will switch their armband to their right arm during missions

14 Day Objectives  Humans will be periodically given objectives to complete during the day, but before the regular missions  Humans will receive rewards for completing these optional objectives  Humans will be given half of a mission credit for completing a day mission.  Zombies should not skip out on hunting during the day. (Free food guys!)

15 Guide to Humans Tobias is a human (Or it’s pregame) Now he’s in a mission Now he’s on safe time


17 Zombies Wear your green armband on your left arm and your orange headband on your head Headband must be clearly visible from all angles; hair, hoods, etc. shouldn’t cover it Feed on humans, don’t let your feed timer run out Don’t get stunned! Zombies are encouraged to wear their factions bandanas

18 Feed Timers You start out with 50 hours Each feed is worth 50 hours Your maximum feed timer is 50 hours If you run out of hours on your timer, you starve! Hunt humans to stay alive. If you have to be away from campus for an extended period of time (funeral etc.), contact the admins

19 Stun Timers If you get stunned by a human, you can’t tag or follow humans for 10 minutes You can follow and tag (for assists) recently- turned, incubating humans When you are stunned put your headband around your neck You can’t get feeds but you can get assists Stun timers are reset to maximum if you are re- stunned by humans

20 Faction Territory  Each faction will have it’s own section of campus within a few days of the beginning of the game  Factions receive an additional 5 minutes added to the stun timer for stunning a zombie in their respective territory ○ If a zombie is in Red territory, and is stunned by a Blue human standing in blue territory, it still counts as the additional +5 minutes  Territory not labeled as faction territory is still 10 minute stun timers (this includes roads on the dividing lines)

21 Assists Each human gives out 1 feed and at most 2 assists when tagged To get an assist you must physically tag the human while he/she is incubating IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER YOU ARE STUNNED OR NOT TO GET AN ASSIST The first two zombies to touch the incubating human get the credit

22 Guide to Zombies Uh-oh! Tobias is a zombie Now he’s in a mission He’s stunned or stunned in a mission He’s a zombie but it’s during pregame


24 Pregame Starts Monday, March 21 st at 8:00am Everyone wears their green armband, and respective faction armband Socks and marshmallows are the only allowed weapons Anyone may be a zombie! Zombies can lie about their status! TRUST NO ONE! Zombies may carry socks and marshmallows, but may not throw them. Lasts until you arrive at the first mission briefing If unable to attend the first mission, pregame ends at 6:00 PM

25 Normal Game Starts Tuesday, March 22 nd at the first mission briefing Feed timers for zombies begin at 50 hours at 6pm on Tuesday, check the website Zombies don headbands when they arrive at the first mission briefing Zombies can no longer lie about their status Humans may use foam dart blasters Missions begin

26 Mission Briefings  You are not safe when you arrive at the briefing.  You are safe whenever the admin there declares it a safe zone.  Humans and zombies are not in the mission until the admin says for them to switch their armbands.

27 Safe Zones - 24/7 All commons buildings Bathrooms Any library, lab, bookstore, classroom building, studio, bar, gym, hospital or airport Religious events/ceremonies Eisenhower Auditorium Dorm Rooms/Residences (more info later) Any other hazardous place (shooting range, etc.) You can’t get stunned, tagged, or use weapons in these locations at any time You must have at least 1 foot in the safe zone to be safe

28 Other Safe Zones HUB 10am - 2pm Every Day Athletic Fields/Arenas during an officially sanctioned game or practice University-sanctioned Club Meeting Player’s workplace during their work hours Any location where a player is working on a scheduled group project

29 Safe Zones Place of Residence Safe in your Dorm room Safe in your Apartment/House Not safe in hallways of Dorms/Apartment Buildings Only need to touch your doorframe to be safe You may fire blasters out of an apartment/house May throw socks out of your dorm room You may declare your apartment/dorm/house as a safe zone and the game will not be played there However : Once declared a safe zone by a member of the residence, it can not be declared otherwise.

30 Following Rules for Safe Zones  If a player is in a location that is safe, only one Zombie per Human may follow the Human around.  This rule does not apply in buildings that are no longer safe or were never safe Dorm Buildings/Hallways (Escort rules must be followed) Also, does not apply for Buses

31 Safe Zones Mobile Apparatuses Bikes Skateboards Cars, etc. Buses, and for 30 seconds after exiting Safe while using up until leaving the apparatus Can’t use one just to be safe, you need a legitimate reason (distance/time issues) “We will find you.”

32 Bikes, Skateboards, etc.  Don’t use on campus unless on safe time.  You may ride them into campus, but once you arrive park it and walk to your destination.  You may not ride a bike, skateboard, etc into or out of a safe zone.

33 Rules for Vehicles  Zombies may not pursue humans who are in cars  All local, state, and federal laws must be followed.  When players are exiting a vehicle, the vehicle must be in Park and in a parking lot or driveway.  If the driver is exiting the vehicle, it must be parked legally.

34 Something to expect!  E.M.P. Electro-Magnetic-Pulse During an event where an E.M.P. is activated, notice will be provided on the forums During an E.M.P. period, cars and all other mobile apparatus are prohibited on campus Cars may be used off campus, but must be parked off of core campus when coming to missions or rescues on campus Note: Exceptions may be granted in the support forums You can use busses in order to get to campus.

35 Safe Time All humans may apply for safe time for various reasons, the admin will decide whether or not to grant it (be advised, we’re cracking down on this, expect less safe time) If you are handling expensive, heavy equipment If you have little time to get to a required event (work, exam, classes) If approved, your safe time will be posted on the website for other players to see Humans must wear their green armband around their necks Zombies may not follow humans during their safe time

36 Escorts You must be escorted in a dorm building you don’t live in Maximum of 6 followers per escort Escorts must have visual contact with each follower every 5 minutes or explicit permission from the RA on duty

37 Non-players and Dead Non-players and Zombies who have starved (Dead) may: escort players share static information about players participate in certain missions (admins will contact you) may not: be a shield reveal the exact location of players/ other immediate information

38 Identification Keep your ID card with you at all times! It is prohibited to show it to any players except those who tagged you When tagged, hand over the card IMMEDIATELY If you lose your card, contact an admin via the support forum or make your own using the dashboard.

39 Antidotes Earned by Humans in certain missions Protects Human from turning when tagged (100% of the time) Antidotes are faction-specific, even if factions merge Zombies still get feeds/assists on it (same number as a tag) Must be used during incubation timers Using an antidote will remove you from the mission Now with 50% less working!™

40 Stay Safe If told to leave a location by a higher authority, do so and inform an administrator that you were contacted No missions in “core campus” will be held after civil twilight Use common sense when running and jumping (no climbing something taller than you) There is no usage of nerf items after civil twilight on core campus

41 Don’t Complain  It’s just a game  If you have feedback, keep it to yourself and discuss it after the game ends.  If you feel you have been wronged, you haven’t.  We are nice Administrators, so listen to us, and everything will be fine.  “Have some fun dude, the game is about feeling alive, not staying it.”

42 (If you are a veteran and ask stupid questions, we will ignore/kick you out) It’s 68 degrees and I’d love to not be in this room.


44 Notes : Extra things  NPCS will usually be denoted by a green headband  Humans and Zombies in mission, are on a different plane of existence from Humans and Zombies out of mission.  They can not affect each other in any way, or tell the other plane of existence information  If a zombie is stunned for 10 minutes, and then gets stunned by a human who gets his 5 minute bonus, his stun timer goes up to 15 minutes

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