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MeshCentral Technical Presentation

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1 MeshCentral Technical Presentation

2 Based on a local peer-to-peer mesh of agents, this secure and scalable architecture solves the outside-in problem with no network setup Meshcentral Peer-to-peer network

3 Microsoft Windows (32bit & 64bit) Apple Mac OSX (x86)
Mesh Agent runs on: Microsoft Windows (32bit & 64bit) Apple Mac OSX (x86) Linux (x86, 64bit, MIPS, ARMv6) Raspberry Pi & PogoPlug (ARMv6) Xen (x86) Google Android (x86, ARM) Agent is open source. All Mesh Code is 100% Intel. Visual Studio Mesh Agent Source Code GCC Cross-Compile Android SDK

4 - Agent Design WebRTC Data Channel Location WiFi reporting TLS Client
Web Browser TLS Client R-Wake Intel® Remote Wake Mesh Server Intel® Smart Connect Agent S-UDP Server / Multicast MESH P2P Module TCP 10 Relay Sockets Intel® Remote Wake TCP Forward Intel® AMT Forward UDP 16990 Wake-on-LAN Support HTTPS Server WMI Management TCP 16990 STUN Client LMS/MEI Intel® AMT Intel® AMT Intel® Active Management Technology UDP 16991 SR-UDP Firewall Buster Desktop Remoting Guardpost Management Module TLS Server Files Remote Access TCP 16991 Terminal Command Shell Applications can be built on top of MeshCentral, and taking advantage of the MeshCentral Connectivity, security, and control. Serial COM Port TCP 5 Relay Sockets Intel® AMT Serial-over-LAN TCP Forward Support Libraries AES Acceleration (AES-NI) Microstack OpenSSL SQLite CryptoAPI Intel® Identity Protection Technology Digital Random Generator (RDRAND) Trusted Platform Module

5 Over 100 agents updates have been this way.
Mesh Agents are signed and self-updating from the server and from other agents. Scalable update and agents. Over 100 agents updates have been this way. Meshcentral

6 In both cases, the message will “hop” from node-to-node.
Mesh agents have their own messaging API application can use to unicast to a single agent, or multicast in the P2P network. In both cases, the message will “hop” from node-to-node. Hopping Unicast Message Hopping Multicast Message

7 Web based remote desktop encodes the desktop as JPEG images and sends them to a web or C# client. The web client uses an HTML5 canvas to display the decoded output and capture input. JPEG Images Input Commands Keyboard, Mouse, Touch Windows, Linux, OSX Mesh Agent HTML5 Browser

8 Secure Direct Connections Behind NAT’s
Agents have STUN support and a WebRTC data channel stack. Management traffic can flow directly from a console to a relay agent within a network. Use direct tunnel for any TCP traffic: KVM, Files, Intel® vPro… Meshcentral STUN Server Router NAT Barrier Web Socket WebRTC / STUN WebRTC / TURN TURN Server

9 Mesh Server Direct Connections
If the Mesh server is installed in an intranet environment, a the server direct mode can be enabled. Nodes are checked to see if they are directly routable. Server initiates TCP connects to routable nodes. No relay agents needed. Server and some clients are the same network Meshcentral Mesh Server initiates TCP connections

10 Monitors Intel® vPro computers in sleep states
Intel® vPro support Monitors Intel® vPro computers in sleep states Solves four big deployment problems with Intel® vPro: Discovery, Credentials, Remote Access & Provisioning Remote access to BIOS, boot repair OS… Meshcentral Intel® vPro P2P Monitoring Out-of-band Communication

11 Routing Cookie & Redirect
Remote access to private web pages. A routing cookie is sent to the browser along with a redirection to a different web port. Each HTTP request is forwarded over the P2P network. Routing Cookie & Redirect Meshcentral Relay Agent HTTP Traffic Target HTTP Server

12 Intel® vPro Fast Call for Help (CIRA) support
Built-in support for Intel® AMT remote access connections. Traffic automatically routed to CIRA when possible. All applications API’s stay the same, identical security model. Meshcentral Out-of-band Communication Intel® AMT 4.0+ Javascript WSMAN Stack (Used for Web Applications)

13 Intel® vPro traffic is routed 3 ways - Agent Relay, CIRA and Direct.
CIRA Routing NAT Meshcentral Proxy / NAT Agent Relay Direct Routing

14 Intel® vPro events - Correctly routed when coming over a CIRA channel
Meshcentral NAT CIRA Routing

15 The Meshcentral multi-display feature uses both Websockets and WebRTC for more efficient traffic handling. Efficient use of a single Web Socket to relay all of the desktop thru Meshcentral Meshcentral new Multi-Desktop feature. Monitor many computer’s screens at once. If the browser supports it, create many WebRTC connections to the target computer for even more efficiency & speed

16 Developer API’s are available for writing new usages on top of the mesh infrastructure. Web, agent and control API’s provide developers with flexibility. Meshcentral Online web API Enumerate devices Remote power control Remote messaging Remote TCP streaming Agent API Inter-agent messaging Broadcast messaging Capability search Local Control API Enumerate devices Local power control Local messaging

17 Main site


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